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Top 8 Best Power Bank for 2017 and Where To Buy Them

With the advancement in the technology the chargers have also become portable, just like the devices are portable such as Laptops, mobile phones, tablets and many more. These portable chargers are also called Power banks. There are variety of Power banks available in the market and choosing the best one among them is a challenge. But we can surely choose the best power bank on the basis of capacity, portability, price and performance.
best power banks
Here are some best Power Banks available in the year 2017:

1. Anker Astro 79AN7904-BA
It is the second-generation Power bank and one of the best one available in the market. It carries the powerful capacity of 12000 mAh. It is comfortable to carry along while going outdoors as it is highly portable and light in weight, it weighs only 299 grams and comes in the specifications of 110 mm x 83 mm x 26 mm. This power bank is very safe to use as it carries in-built function which determines the speed of the device connected to it and regulates the charging current accordingly. It also has a 10-section indicator. It also has a unique feature in which the user has to just shake the power bank and the LED will turn on. Once it is fully charged, it can charge the device 6 to 7 times. It is compatible will almost all the device which support USB port.

2. ADATA PT100 Power bank
ADATA is a very stylish and attractively designed Power bank. It is equipped with dual USB ports, which means that it can charge two devices at a same time. It runs with the power of 10000 mAh and also has USB flashlight. It also has a unique function, according to which, the power bank goes into hibernation once there is no device connected to it, thus it saves energy as well. The other features of this power bank are: short circuit protection, voltage fluctuation protection, over charging protection and over current protection. It is portable and handy and weighs only 286 grams.

3. Lenovo PA13000 Power bank

Lenovo PA 13000 carries the strong metallic design which is trendy and elegant as well. It is comfortable to carry with its compact design and light weight. It has a power saving feature in which once no device is connected, it automatically switches off. Thus, it saves lot of battery life. It also has four LED indicators which indicates the user about the remaining charging life. Lenovo PA13000 supports dual USB ports, which can charge two devices simultaneously. It runs with the power of 13000 mAh. It has additional overcharging protection feature as well.

4. Asus Zen Power IN 10500 mAh
This power bank is capable of charging the smartphone more than 3 times. It has a powerful lithium battery with the capacity of 10500 mAh. It is comfortable to be carried to places as it is light in weight and weighs only 215 grams. It is as small as the size of a credit card. Its body is made with the high quality aluminum which keeps it protected in case of accident. The charging speed of this power bank is very fast as it charges the phone with 2.4 A current. It also protects the device from over charging. Although the price of this power bank is on a higher side but it is worth spending on this gadget.

5. Honor Power Bank
This power bank carries the capacity of 13000 mAh. With this capacity, Honor Power bank can charge the device approximately 6 times and is equipped with dual USB ports. It is compatible with all the devices which support USB port. It protects the device from short circuit, over discharging and also saves energy. The design of Honor power bank is compact and easy to carry.

6. Targus APB031AP-50 Power bank
Targus has been very popular because of its attractive design and is very popular among power bank users. It has a powerful 8400 mAh battery, which gives extra 5-10 hours of charging life to the device. It has a capacity to charging any smartphone more than five times once it is fully charged. It has dual USB ports which supports 5.0 v and 2.1 A allowing user to charge phone and tablet together. It is light in weight and carries only 186 grams of weight. It has a strong built and is made with high quality PVC and is also durable.

7. Romoss MUI-PB52 Power Bank
It is a Portable Power bank with the 10000 mah capacity. It comes in stylish white color and is equipped with smart sleep function, which automatically turn off the charger when it is not in use and saves electricity and provides extra charging life to the device. This power bank is durable and carries multiple protection technology. It runs on lithium battery and is comfortable to use. It charges the smartphone with the great speed, thus is very helpful during telephonic conferences. It has compact design so can be carried in the pocket very conveniently. This power bank has efficient power consumption made with high quality fiber. It also has LED indicator which indicates the status of the battery. It weighs around 300 grams and is comfortable to carry.

8. TP Link TL PB10400 Power bank
TP link has a capacity to charge multiple devices with its 10400 mAh capacity battery. It is a very popular device and is compatible with 5V input USB port devices like iPhone, Android phones etc. In its charging life, this power bank can have more than 500 recharge cycles. It is equipped with the additional features like, over charging protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection and so on. It also protects the device from over-heating, thus is very safe to use. With the support of dual USB ports, it can safely charge two devices at the same time. It come with the manufactures warranty and has a compact and easy to carry design. It weighs only 240 grams.

Where To Buy PowerBanks

To buy power bank, click HERE

Now, no need to run out of battery as these powerbanks are always there at your rescue.

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