Thursday, May 11, 2017

See Top 11 Free Browsing Terms And Their Meaning

I know that some of the terms and words here may be familiar to some tweakers reading this right now but there are definitely tens of thousands that are new to the free browsing world and most of the terms used sounds so strange to this set of people that is the reason I came up with this article to explain some of this terms that we come across daily on free browsing posts.

1.  VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it simply means a system that is utilized to provide security to either public and private netwoks and it is commonly seen on corporate environment where the security of data is very important. There are many VPN providers across the world and some of them

give out free VPN servers. In Virtual Private Networking, we have some protocols like PPTP, L2TP, SSL and open VPN which uses UDP or TCP ports for easy networking and flexibility.  

2. SAS
SAS stands for Simple Android Server and it is a network tool that enable tweakers to change how network providers see their phone on their database by manipulating some of the phone network and vpn settings. This app is so powerful and have been saving many android phone users from outrageous data subscription as one can easily tweak his android phone to start using MTN BIS on it thereby saving cost of expensive android data subscription.  Simple Android server is also used on etisalat chat pack cheats and other mtn cheats like music plus and mtn 2go MB ccheat.
Currently, there are different versions of simple server and the latest version which is 3,1,3 is already proxified and needs no other proxification app to support it unlike before on the previous versions though your phone has to be rooted to enjoy all the flavours. Sinple server 3.1.3 is also more stable and faster than the previous versions. There is both android and PC version of SAS for you to choose from.
UPDATE: Simple Server is now called Netloop. 

3. Psiphon 
Psiphon is a network bypassing tool just like simple server that is designed in such a way that it evades internet censorship and offer free browsing depending on the way you tweak it. It is currently on both android and PC platforms as at the time of publishing this posts. Like SAS, you can easily utter ther IP Address and Port of your device to a desired one. With this app, someone in Nigeria or Kenya can change his IP to that of America or any other country of his choice. The main advantage of this app over other network bypassing apps is that it requires no rooting to perform well and once connectivity is established, it is usually stable. Download Psiphon HERE

4. PdaNet
If you have been flexing free browsing through VPN apps, you will notice that you can't use the free data you tweaked on your phone with your PC through wifi, bluetooth tethering and even usb cable connection. But this PdaNet will allow you to brows on your PC using your simple server and psiphon free cheat. The app is easy to setup and have both free and premium version. The disadvantage of the app is that the free version disconnects after using like 40MB and you have to reconnect again. Download PdaNet for PC here and also download PdaNet for android HERE as both of them works simultaneously to connect.

5. ProxyDroid And Autoproxy
Proxydroid and autoproxy are simply a proxification app that forces your VPN data cheat to power all apps on your android phone including google playstore. Download autoproxy lite android app here

6. Data
Data can mean many things to different people in different profession but in this context amd focusing on the free browsing side of it. So data is the amount of Kilobyte (KB), Megabyte (MB), Gigabyte (GB), Terabyte (TB) etc that is allocated to ones sim card in at a particular time. I can remember few months ago i released a tweak on how to get more than 300GB free of charge on your MTN sim which lasts for 6 months before it expires. Currently, the trending free data is the MTN music plus 150 and 300MB, unlimited etisalat free browsing data cheats, and so on. You can check WizyTechs free browsing page for more tweaks.

7. MobileUncle Tool And Chamelephon
These two awesome apps are used for tweaking and changing your phone IMEI number. Mobile uncle being the first and most popular app used to change android phone IMEI especially those running on MediaTek processors to that of another phone. It is the secret of using glo BIS on android. The trick is to just get a BB IMEI and tweak it on your android and setup your APN as  blackberry,net. Download mobileuncle app here

8. APN
An Access Point Name (APN) is the name of a gateway between a GSM, GPRS, 3G or 4G mobile network and another computer network, frequently the public Internet. A mobile device making a data connection must be configured with an APN to present to the carrier. For you to brows free on some networks, you have to change the APN to suit the particular free browsing you are tweaking.

The full meaning of IMEI is International Mobile Equipment Identity and it is a unique 15 digit number used to identify a particular mobile phone on the GSM database. But in the free browsing world, it is used to get free data offers from different network providers like the Glo BIS on android

10. IP And Port
Many have been hearing of IP address and port but few know the actual use of it and how it can be used to brows free on your phone and PC. IP simply means Internet Protocol and it is very essential in networking as every network device or phone is connected to an IP address and port. The port represents the extensions. A popular example of an IP address is and that of port is 8080.
IP is tweaked to get free and cheap browsing access with the help of some open VPN apps and simple server/psiphon apps. In case your IP have expired or not very strong, see fast IP

11. Tweakware
The last but definitely not the least is tweakware. This app serves free and premium servers for users to choose from. the app is also one of the trending apps for tweaking and enjoying cheap/free browsing on MTN 2go MB, etisalat chat pak, MTN BIS, and spectranet data. Recently, the owner of the app placed a 500 naira price on it to enjoy the premium qualities which guarantees you more than 100MB that is given to free users. Download tweakware
 Feel free to add yours...
NOTE: Dont use any of the above apps unlawfully. Use at your own peril!!!
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  3. pls how can 1 learn to make my own freebrowsing tweaks
    like how to knw if there is a leaked data or loophole?

    1. First, you need to identify the loopholes
      Sometimes, they are not just loopholes but we create it with the help of special IPs, proxy servers and of course VPN apps which changes your location and sometimes device.

      Another method is the IMEI tweaking trick which allows you enjoy offers not meant for your device. All you need is to tweak the IMEI.

  4. oga Wizy Etisalat 0.00 stop working all

    1. this is the new proxy server I just discovered fr etisalat 0.0k that capped 60mbproxy server: try it n gv me feed back 100% working

  5. This has been a refreshing course to some of us and at the same time an eye opener to the noobs.

    I have been using all the mentioned stuffs without caring to check out for their meanings

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