Thursday, April 6, 2017

How To Get Free 100MB, 500MB and 1GB From MTN Now

Whether you want to activate and enjoy awuf MTN 100mb, 500mb or even 1gb of data, I will give you the code for getting them.

This offer is not completely new because it has been available for sonetimes now but many SIM cards were not eligible for the offer but I have discovered that it has started working on some of the SIM cards that were rejected before so I feel it's important to let you know so that you try it once again.

Note that this is not a cheat, it's an official offer from MTN Nigeria to her subscribers and up till now an yet to know what this offer really is. Anyway, that's apart, as long as we enjoy the free data.

So having said that, permit me to show you how to get free MTN data for browsing on your smartphone, PC and other internet enabled devices that uses SIM card.

Like I said, this free 500MB can be used on PC, iPad, iPhone , Android and any other devices that can connect to the internet. It can be shared on Hotspot and even transferrable. It is a normal data.


✔️ Simply dial *449# and reply 1 for free 500MB data. Alternatively, just dial *449*1#.

Once you dial the above code, the 500MB will be activated on your MTN line. To check or see your data balance dial *559*4#.

Meanwhile, to get free 1GB data, dial *449*2#

Also, to get 100mb dial *449*3#

If you get a response that "you are not eligible for this offer", it simply means your SIM card is not yet selected to enjoy this. So if you have another SIM, just dial the same code on it and who knows, you might be lucky.

There is no harm in trying, let's know if you enjoyed it by dropping your comments via the comments section below👇. Happy browsing.