Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Download AnonyTun Beta English Version Apk (No Ads)

Now this is good news for those of you that don't fancy the non English version of AnonyTun Beta VPN. ​Yes AnonyTun Beta VPN English version is now available for you to download. Remember that this particular version has no ads. In fact, that's the main feature why many people prefers it to other VPN apps. Apart from the fact that it runs smoothly without ads, it seems to be more faster because the time and resources needed to load ads is no more there.
AnonyTun Beta English
So if you want to download AnonyTun Beta VPN English version for Glo 0.00kb free browsing cheat, you are in the right place. Previously I posted the non-english version including the settings that will allow you use it for free browsing but some folks still need the more understandable English version and i will like to give credit to ristechy for this cracked app.


✔ It is written in English
✔️ You can browse any website (including restricted sites) with the app
✔️ You can stream your favorite videos
✔️ It hides your real IP address, thereby shielding you with a virtual IP.
✔️ It has popular connection protocol such as TCP, HTTP, SSL etc, which can be used to unblock restrictions by your internet service providers.
✔️ You can increase connection speed from the vpn settings.
✔️ It is free to download and use
✔️ Beautiful user interface


Download AnonyTun Beta English version Here

✔ Install the app and proceed to configure it, Finally connect the vpn. I have already provided guides on how to set it up for glo unlimited free browsing cheat with screenshots. You can see the settings here or here

I hope you enjoy the app. Happy browsing 😀


  1. I followed ur download link... Downloaded the file but,, tried opening it and discovered what i downloaded is not anonytun

    1. When you get to datafilehost page where the app is uploaded, download "AnonyTun Beta eng("

      Don't click on any other file. You will see the one labeled AnonyTun Beta eng

    2. You can easily Ping me if you need a mirrored link to the said app.


    3. Here is the download link kindly click on this link below to download anonytun

  2. Jealousy can easily kill me cos i am still waiting patiently for GLO to launch their 3g connectivity in my location.

    So to those of you that are busy flexing this cheat, i wanna see lots and lots of positive comments here.


  3. It's a great app for africans, especially military, living overseas and could not bring their cell phone numbers over. It's a great way to keep in touch with family back in the Nigeria without paying for an extra phone line and you can use the number in place for businesses that require a nigeria number for contact. The only thing that sucks is that you have to keep using it if you don't want to lose the number . But it's free textin gand free to receive calls, and it's cheap to pay for minutes to call someone.thanks for the update.

  4. This app is great, I have used it several times in the past when I haven't had phone service and have never had trouble with it. Since the last few updates though, I don't receive texts that have been sent from hours/days before until I actually open the app on my own. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. Also, being able to send gif files through the mobile app like you can on the website would be a 5 star addition!

  5. My goodness me
    No disturbing ads
    Mine blaze like mad over
    Oga wizy u rock
    Only God can pay u enough
    When streaming now it didnt lag like the other one
    THANKS very much

    1. Thanks for coming back here to say thanks to our oga at the top.

  6. Replies
    1. Are you flexing this cheat and if yes, kindly drop your positive feedback here

  7. Abeg make una shift make a faint.

    No Glo 3g reception in my location

  8. Thanks. This version is far better than the other version. Keep it up, Wizytechs. I am admin @