Saturday, September 16, 2017

How To Use WhatsApp For Free With 9Mobile Via Office VPN

Hello guys, this post reveals a simple trick on how to use WhatsApp for free with your 9Mobile SIM via Office VPN app on Android devices. In other words, you can now chat on whatsapp without paying a dime, without subscription and without having airtime on your 9Mobile SIM card. Isn't that interesting? Okay read on.
9Mobile free whatsapp
We all are aware that whatever is worlds most popular Instant Messaging (IM) platform with billions of active users globally sending messages, pictures, videos, files and documents every second. So almost every Android phone user has whatsapp installed on his or her phone for communicating with friends, family and colleagues.

However, for you to use whatsapp, you need to have airtime on your SIM or you have to subscribe to a WhatsApp data plan but with the help of a virtual private network app called Office VPN, you can use whatsapp without data or airtime on your phone.

This free whatsapp trick is exclusively for users on 9mobile network. Recall 9Mobile is the new name for Etisalat Nigeria, so don't get it twisted. If you have an Etisalat line, you are good to go. But before we continue, let's see how this VPN app works.


The app is very easy to use. It works by automatically detecting the best location for your virtual IP and hook you up to the best server. You don't need any special settings or manual configurations in order to use it. Just download the app, install and tap on the GO button and you will be connected.


✔ Your 9Mobile SIM (Etisalat NG SIM) with 0.00kb balance preferably
✔️ Your Android Phone or tablet
✔️ A stable 9Mobile 3G network
✔️ The VPN. You can download office VPN here
✔️ Finally, you must make sure whatsapp is installed on your Android device.


1. Download and install Office VPN from the link above

2. Launch the VPN app

3. Make sure your data connection is enabled

4. Tap on GO and wait for it to connect. (It'll automatically select a better performing server and connect you to it, depending on your location).
Office vpn
5. When it's connected, you can now use WhatsApp Messenger for free.
Download office vpn
NOTE: When connected to Office VPN, you will have just about 39minutes and after that, it will disconnect but to increase the minutes to hours and even more hours, you need to click on "get more time". An advert will pop up then you will get more connection time. This is the trick used by the developers of the app to get more ads click.

Also don't forget that you can use Facebook for free with your 9Mobile line via Facebook free basic.

This tick works only on whatsapp but if you are lucky, you can enjoy unlimited free browsing with office vpn via opera mini though it's very very slow in opening pages and most times, it doesn't open web pages at all. Let me know if it worked for you via the comments box.


  1. It's working for me but it's slow using opera mini and ucweb

  2. It's working thanks boss Wizy

  3. first let me thank you fr posting this wonderful article here, the office vpn with 9mobile is working fr me 100%...
    but u know 9mobile is not fast like etisalat..

  4. I tried re-downloading the office VPN via the link above its not working

  5. Where are all the 9mobile subscribers in the house?

    Thanks oga at the top for dropping this cheat here

  6. Replies
    1. It's not fast in my location but it's worth using for the moment

  7. Thanks for using this the put a smile on people's faces.

    Waiting patiently for any Airtel cheat.

    1. Chaiiiiiiiiiiii why didn't i use the preview button?

      Thanks for using this to put a smile on people's faces.

    2. Paul you and airtel,you better change network.

    3. Am out always carry last with Airtel

  8. @paul asuquo u can't compare Airtel to 9mobile wen browsing

    1. Your reply has no bearing with with i said. I wasn't making any comparison please.

    2. That's true always read well but for is out comment or he will chop you raw

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  10. Paul asuquo you need no everyone have he/her of understanding and Wisdom

    1. But he was right he didn't compare the both network with there browsing capacity

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  12. Thanks for sharing this with us bro Wizy we all appreciated it all

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