Thursday, November 2, 2017

It Looks Like Blocked Glo 0.00kb FBT is Back

Hello guys, it looks like the recently blocked Glo 0.00kb free browsing cheat is back again via latest AnonyTun VPN app for Android.

You will agree with me that this cheat was one of the best tweaks that rocked this year before it was spotted and blocked by Globacom. Of course that's one of our reasons of publicizing cheats so that affected ISP will work on it to fix their network but if they fail to do so, anyone can utilize the opportunity to browse free or cheaply.

Having said that, last night, I tried testing and reconnecting the cheat and guess what, it connected but didn't last.

Note: I tested it with AnonyTun VPN and with a SIM with 0.00kb balance. Also my Glo 3G network is very strong and stable. Below is the settings I used. You can try it out yourself and see what happens.


First, I created a new APN via phone settings

✔ Glo APN name - WizyTechs
✔ APN - 176.90.6868.67:4430@_Ultra
✔ Then saved

✔️ After that, I downloaded AnonyTun VPN

✔️ Then opened anonytun VPN
✔️ Changed the TCP to - HTTP
✔ INPUT URL to or ffff.bbbb.qqqq.eeee.tttt/

✔ Then tick keep alive
✔ Tick keep host

✔ And tick user agent then generate and save

The connect.

After this, it connected but didn't last long. Let me see what happens at your end when you connect. Try and test it and drop your experience via the comments box.

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  1. I thought the network was blocked for those who didn't have data.Is it back?

  2. Wow... Let us give it a test first...
    Thanks for the update! Oga Wizy!

  3. the problem with glo is that No H+

  4. Interesting..... Now that's what I have been waiting for....but I still have data on my GLO,,,, will they still deduct from my MB

    1. Hello bro

      My advice don't try this with data because all will be deducted.
      Thank you

  5. I used glo 0.0kb cheat this morning with default APN and then on Anonytun I used the old and it connected and didn't disconnect till I disconnected it myself so it's safe to say it's back

    1. I have got more confidence on this with your contribution.


  6. I see..
    Although i never use the app one day but tweakware was good for me..

    What about the network that will always turn off when there is no data,
    have they resolved it?
    If they have resolved the issue hopefully might blaze again successfully.
    But for now make we keep our fingers crossed

  7. 07032135697 add me to ur WhatsApp groups

  8. Glo H is fully back, but those working cheats are no longer working. Including the one posted in this thread are no longer working. Glo has finished patches their loophole, that why they now turn on their H back, hahaha....... Do they think they can patch all their loophole? The answer is NO. guys, go and download your freedom apk and start your glo free browsing again..... That is what am using right now.

  9. Glo 0.00kb is back

  10. 07067842266 add me 2 ur what sap group

  11. When it to cheat and cheap data in Nigeria glo remains the best so far but talking of network quality glo network is not good in every corner of Nigeria.

  12. Nice one from WIZY. I hope glo get strong and quality network in the future.

  13. Olovo Obinna get another glo sim with no data and airtime to enjoy this cheat.

  14. This interesting, GLO is at it again.let's give this a try.

  15. Razeb thank you for your testimony.

    Any body that want to use this cheat most make sure he/she have 0.0kb.

  16. Thank God for this. Glo 0.0k is one of the best cheat Nigeria has seen.Kudus wizy.

  17. Woooowwwwwww!!!!!!!
    After reading this thread and u guys comments I quickly finished my remaining MB and tested it and I worked like magic
    Am using it to comment now
    Thanks guys and oga wizy
    u are
    the best

    1. Its not working for me pls share how yhu did it?

  18. this is not working for me on my two Glo Sims. followed the instructions to the letter. did not even connect.

  19. Airtel Special Data Offer- Get 20MB PLUS N50 to Call ALL NETWORKS for Just N50
    According to Airtel,
    "Enjoy 20MB of browsing PLUS N50 to call ALL NETWORKS & Pay just N50! Dial *161*50# to get this special bundle for 24 hrs.

  20. Browsing with uc mini but not downloading. Any solution?

  21. Pls mine isn't connecting... Who has a more vivid explanation r the setting... I Abe not used d app before

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  23. oga wizy love this site add me 2 d watsapp group

  24. phenomenon just follow the setting's posted by WIZY here.

  25. The cheat is only working for 080, 081, and 090 only those with other numbers don't waste your time it won't work

  26. How do I achieve credit balance 00 on ma glo... Rite now I have 0.09

  27. Just imagine this statement "Of course that's one of our reasons of publicizing cheats so that affected ISP will work on it to fix their network but if they fail to do so, anyone can utilize the opportunity to browse free or cheaply."
    Guy watine you de talk?

  28. Is dere any need to touch d connect via parent proxy... Cos I observed it wasn't going without inserting something in it

  29. Honestly my own is not connecting. But how will it work when the app keep telling me it's waiting for available network to connect? And my mobile data is on but it's not active

  30. Data connection not coming up what to do?