Thursday, May 24, 2018

New 9Mobile Cheat Settings Using WhatsVPN For Unlimited Download 2018

You will agree with me that free browsing cheats are now scarce and hard to get because network providers in the country now works tirelessly and smartly to block any potential loopholes. But this 9Mobile cheat allows you download unlimited using a VPN called WhatsVPN together with Advanced Download Manager.

This 9Mobile cheat 2018 is preferably and better used at night because it's not fast in downloading. If you intend to download many files, videos or apps, just copy the download links and open with your ADM app and start downloading while you sleep. You will be amazed at how many stuffs you would download at day break.
9Mobile Cheat Settings Using WhatsVPN

For clicking on this post, it means you are interested to get unlimited access to the internet with this new FBT.

WhatsVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) app that make your connection anonymous or even hide your IP while browsing. This trick will also allow you download any file of your choice without thinking about exhausting your data or Airtime.

You can call this new 9Mobile free browsing a 0.00kb cheat because it works on SIM cards without airtime or active data plans.

After setup, you can only use this cheat on your mobile device, it doesn’t support PC access. But might connect through PdaNet although I haven't tested it to confirm if it really works on PC. Just follow below configuration to setup yours.

✔️ 9Mobile SIM without any airtime or data in it
✔️ Your Android smartphone
✔️ 3G or 4G network
✔️ WhatsVPN app
✔️ ADM App for Android.

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✔️ Download WhatsVPN on Playstore or via this link (APK).
✔️ Then download Advanced Download Manager (ADM) on Playstore or via this link (APK).

FIRST STEP: After downloading the apps from the links above, launch your WhatsVPN app, change your country to “Canada“, switch on your 9mobile mobile data connection and tap on “Connect“.
change location whatsvpn

SECOND STEP: Now, visit the website you want to download your movie and copy the last ” Download link” of the file.
advanced download manager

THIRD STEP: Now, launch your ADM app you downloaded earlier, tap on the “+” sign and paste it to start downloading the file you copied earlier.
unlimited download cheat

Yes! That's it on how to enjoy unlimited free browsing and downloading on 9Mobile using this VPN cheat. You can download large files, games, videos, Android apps, etc.

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NOTE: The browsing and downloading is not fast but it's still better than non. Also remember that 9Mobile may block it anytime so enjoy while it lasts.


  1. Oga please I need link to root and unroot my infinix note 4 nougat 7

    1. Rooting infinix note 4 is very risky bro. You may brick your phone. The funny part is most of the features you intend to get after rooting your phone are now available on Android devices running Nougat and above.

      Anyway, if you insist, see how to root it here

  2. Can I use idm downloader

  3. Not opening any page. I've been trying since yesterday
    Who has tried this

  4. this thing no do na

  5. Thank God I didn't raise up my Hope

  6. Online users reported gave info that the said Fbt is no longer opening web pages...

  7. You call this one cheat? Mtcheew

  8. Everyone is always looking for a way to browse for free and some guys don't love to unleash it due to the fact that it might get blocked.

  9. if it works for you, make sure to share your experience!