Monday, August 6, 2018

Ntel Unlimited Free Browsing For 2018

UPDATE: It's working again for the next 24 hours. Hello guys, go get your Ntel SIM and enjoy this unlimited free browsing as fast as possible. One of my friends who also happens to be part of WizyTechs group revealed this to me this afternoon via whatsapp and I am passing the information now to whom it may concern.
Ntel unlimited free browsing cheat

According to Prince Owems, Ntel lines are browsing for free, there was downtime for about 48 hours but Ntel sent apology message to customers promising to fix it but surprisingly, since morning my two Ntel SIMs has been browsing free. No special settings needed, no vpn, no configuration. Just Insert your SIM in mifi, modem or mobile and flex. I have downloaded over 10GB worth of files today and still counting. You can use your mifi to Power your smartphones and PC for unlimited browsing. No Dulling.

So what are you waiting for, hurry now, get your Ntel SIM where you dropped it and start browsing while this loophole still exists because it may be blocked anytime from now. Enjoy Ntel unlimited free browsing now!


  1. how can i get the sim am from Kaduna

  2. It seems the downtime has been resolved..however their wawu plans/sim are fantastic 500 for 6gb, 1k for 12gb, 3k for 48gb-51gb..all with 30day validity..for now ntel is the best way to go, in terms of cost, value and speed to in several locations 👍🏻

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  4. where can i get ntel sim card in onitsha

  5. Please how and where can I get the Sim

  6. No one is replying on how to get the Ntel sim card why? Pls we need answers for those that already has it. Is that too much to ask?

    1. Just go to any ntel shop around you and get yours. You pay just 1k for the sim and in it is 10gb free. The 1k that you paid is going to be inside the sim so you sub with it and get extra 12gb. Total of 22gb. What i normally do is that after each month instead of subbing for a month and get 12gb, i drop the sim and buy new one to get 22gb monthly for just 1k.

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  8. Please add me on your WhatsApp group 09036678483