Sunday, August 5, 2018

9Mobile APN Settings For Free Telegram Cheat 2018/2019

Here is another brand new cheat but this time around, it's not the usual free browsing cheat that powers all apps and web browsers on your phone but it's a Telegram cheat that allows 9Mobile (Etisalat NG) users enjoy unlimited access on Telegram for free without data or Airtime on your SIM.

Telegram has proven to be the real alternative to WhatsApp and it's popularity is waxing stronger by the day as many people are now using it. It's a free chatting app with many features including creating of channels, groups with capacity of up to 50,000 members, upload and sharing of photos, videos, apps, docs etc.

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Some users complain of the high data consumption of Telegram maybe because they haven't tweaked the app to use less data just as I did mine. You need to disable auto playing of videos and auto download of image files including Gifs to minimize data usage but with this new Telegram Cheat, you don't need to setup all that because you will be enjoying the platform for free as if you are using freebasic.

All you need to enjoy free telegram cheat is to change your 9Mobile APN settings to, proxy to 127.0. 0.1 and port to 8080 and the doors of free chatting will open for you. This works both on Android Smartphone and PCs. In the case of PC, you will need to change the web browser proxy settings.

Also it's a relief to know that no VPN is required to activate this 9Mobile cheat for free Telegram so it's easy and simple to setup and use. It won't drain your battery and you have nothing to loose here.


Use this apn on Etisalat (9Mobile) sim to access telegram for free as it works 100%

✔️ Open your phone settings
✔️ Under networks, tap +Add new APN and set it up like the one below;

> Name: etisalat
> APN:
> Proxy: 127.0. 0.1
> Port: 8080

Finally, tap on SAVE and use it for free telegram
9Mobile free telegram cheat

NOTE: I haven't tested this cheat on Airtel network or MTN, neither have I tested it with Glo network so I can't confirm if it works on other network aside 9Mobile until it's tested and proven.

I must give credit to one of us on WizyTechs Blog known as Bobo B for revealing this tip.

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