How To Stop Your Android Battery From Draining Too Quick

Oh no! Imagine that moment when you need to brows out an important information on your and your battery starts beeping and notifying you of low battery. Chai! That experience when you want to have a nice chat with someone so important or your boo and your phone just tripped off as a result of low battery. Honestly, a large number of people have missed some important occasions and seminars because of low phone battery.

A friend of mine missed an important job interview just because his phone was switched of and he didn't get the SMS and email sent to him by his potential employers.
In fact battery problem is very very worrysom and any phone without good battery is as useless as a brick. This is why I will give you some important tips to help extend your phone battery life no matter how bad it is.

This is one important question that needs answer especially to the newbies on Android devices. Yes it's true that some batteries are better than others in capacity and durability but no matter how strong your battery is, if you don't apply the good and necessary measures, you won't get the best out of it. The major causes of fast battery discharge and draining are:-
==> Running many applications in background
==> Increasing your phone screen light
==> Increasing the display time of your screen to more than 1 minute
==> Installing too many apps
==> using too many chatting apps (all the chating apps uses live notification and this works in your phone background even without your knowledge)
==> Charging your battery with a non recommended charger or power source
==> Leaving your 3g network ON all the time even when not in use
==> using VPN apps for free browsing (yes all the VPN apps run in background and contributes to your battery draining too fast)
==> Not having a good battery app or task killer app on your phone
==> Not clearing cache files of some apps on your phone.

If you hate to see those warning red signals on your phone for low battery, then use this steps to minimize it. This tutorial will not do magic for you ooo. But it will improve your battery performance to the nearest minimum. I have written posts on how to extend battery life of phones using battery doctor app and greenify but today I will be doing it with yet another task killing application that equally works good.

Though phone manufacturers like Gionee, Infinix mobility and even Tecno have started producing nice smartphones with very good battery life, but some brothers and sisters here are still wallowing in the forest of bad phone batteries.
Therefore you are reading this because you need your battery to start lasting longer than before.

In this post, I am introducing an app called Advanced Task Killer (ATK). This app is a very important tool used to kill applications and clean phone memory.

Download advanced task killer apk

ATK is really simple to use. Just launch it after downloading and installing it, checkout all the running applications list. Uncheck some apps you don’t want to kill (such as Advanced Task Killer and some system apps) Now click the button Kill selected apps, it will kill all applications that you selected by checking the box.

Ignore list is a list of apps you don't want task killer to kill. These apps are mainly your system apps and few chat apps like Whatsapp. This is because, once the task killer kills Whatsapp, you will no longer receive Whatsapp message notifications but your messages will be there waiting for the time you launch your Whatsapp again. This is applicable to all other apps that uses notification. Like every other thing in life, there is always a disadvantage in every advantage.
When you want to add or remove application from the list, you long press on the app listed on the main screen of ATK, the menu will pop up, then you can select Ignore, and the application would be moved to the apps ignore list. When you tap ‘Kill selected apps’, it won’t be killed those apps on ignore list.
Other task killing apps and antivirus apps also have ignore list.

This is done when you want to kill background running apps automatically without long pressing them one after the other. There are auto app killer mode you can choose from.
– Safe: This mode Only kills the apps that aren’t running but still consume phone's memory.
– Aggressive: This mode Kills the apps running background and apps that aren’t running.
– Crazy: This one kills all apps except for apps you are using with. It is the one applied whenever your battery is about to drain empty. But if your phone battery is generally bad, you should use the crazy mode always to milk out some battery juice that lasts a little longer

There is also another option called autokill frequency which you can also use.
Apart from ATK, you can download greenify from playstore. It is also a nice battery saving app.
These task killers not only saves battery, but they make your phone run faster with minimal lagging.


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