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Become the Next Joe Rogan: A Beginner's Guide to Starting a Podcast

 The truth is, you don't need much to create your own podcast from home. Starting a podcast can sound exciting at first but quickly seem more daunting than it really is.

If you've been sitting on the sidelines wondering when you should launch your podcast and how to do it, our guide will answer your questions.

Grab a cup of coffee, bookmark this page, and keep reading to find out how you can start podcasting right from your own computer.

Work on Your Podcast Name and Niche

There are three simple naming camps you could follow when starting a podcast:

  • The personal name: Ex: The Joe Rogan Experience, #AskJoe Show
  • The clever/creative name: ForAllMoms
  • The descriptive name: The Content Marketing Show, The Fashionista Show

personal name is something you should avoid unless you've already got an audience. If someone started 'The Rob Johnson Show' and it was about tech trends, people would think, "who is Rob Johnson?" and move on to another podcast.  

If you plan to build a personal brand and host your show yourself, you can incorporate your name into the title with something descriptive, like "All Things Tech with Rob Johnson."

If you are a creative sort of person, go with a clever/creative name and let it reflect in the name you choose. 

It's essential your clever/creative name is related to the topics you will discuss; otherwise, people may have a hard time finding your podcast when searching for information on your topic. Try to also incorporate a description of your show into your clever/creative title or tagline. You can put out great content, but what's the point if nobody can find it?

While a descriptive name is the most searchable, some may argue they're the most boring. If you name your show what your target audience is searching for (a niche, a category, etc.), this strategy could garner more viewers.

If a pilates instructor called her show 'The Pilates Podcast,' you would have very little doubt as to what her show is about. A descriptive name is a great idea, but it can also reduce how memorable and unique it is.

Remember, you're going to need to say your podcast name quite a bit when recording your episodes, so avoid something too long and wordy and make sure it rolls off the tongue.

Get Your Podcast Cover Image

Creating a design guide will help you maintain a consistent look and brand. Each time you upload a new podcast show, your podcast host usually requires you also upload channel art.

When starting a podcast and creating your channel cover art, all you need to do is pick a color template for your channel that will be the core of the rest of your designs like episode cover art or maybe even your merch. If you want to understand what color would be best for your target audience, here's a guide on color psychology.

Get Podcasting Equipment

The bare minimum you need when starting a podcast is a computer with a microphone and access to the internet. Check out this guide if you have a microphone not working on Mac.

You will also need software to record and edit your episodes, podcast hosting, and eventually, you can invest in better equipment. It's important to note that the more limited and lower quality your setup and equipment are, the more limited your podcast's sound quality will be.

Before You Record Your First Podcast

When you're all set with the essential podcast equipment and tools for recording and starting your show, you can move on to the preparation stage. Before you start recording your first podcast, here are a few things to first consider.

Topic Ideas

Be sure you have at least 5-10 episode topic ideas ready. When you launch your show, you should be prepared with at least 3 episode outlines. You can jot down your podcast topics on reliable Google sheets or any other note management app of your choice.

Welcome Message

When you are first starting a podcast, you need to come up with your show's welcome message. This message will be your pitch about who you are and why you matter.

When it comes to scripting and outlining each topic for your show, have these three things ready:

  • The topic
  • A brief and simple outline of the episode
  • The key takeaway of the episode

This planning stage will allow you to have flow with some structure to rely on when recording the show. This also prevents your show from being all over the place.

Record Your First Podcast

Many hosts like to record only one podcast a day, while others prefer recording 3-4 podcasts in one sitting. Choose whichever works best for you, as long as you are following a schedule and sticking to your podcast publishing schedule.

Editing is usually the most time-consuming part, but after your first few episodes, it becomes easier. Here is a format you can use for editing your podcast:

Teaser + Intro + meat + ad + meat + CTA + Meat + Subscription/review reminder + Outro

Promote and Marketing Your Podcast

Not marketing and promoting your podcast is the same as throwing a party and not sending an invite. After releasing your first podcast, make sure you let the world know that your podcast is live.

Announce your podcast on your social media accounts, and be sure to create accounts for your podcast as well! Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and even Reddit are social media platforms you can promote your show.

It's expected not to get a ton of views on your first few podcasts. But as you continue publishing episodes, listeners will browse your old episodes as well.

joe Rogan guide to starting a podcast

Starting a Podcast: A Beginner's Guide

Starting a podcast can sound exciting at first but quickly seem more daunting than it really is. The truth is, you don't need much to create your own podcast from home. Start podcasting from your own computer with this complete guide to starting a podcast.

If you've been sitting on the sidelines wondering when you should launch your podcast and how to do it, we hope our guide answered some of your questions.

Now is the time to start! If you have any helpful tips you would like to share, let us know in the comments below.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

How To Discover Tech Talent That Lasts

 Creative destruction is a concept that has impacted the cycle of job opportunities ever since modern technology was introduced. As old career paths are destroyed by new technologies, new career paths arise to take their place. This is happening even today as companies around the world begin to move their processes online.

Remote work has seen a sharp increase as more and more people are able to complete tasks from home. Many websites report how fields such as finance and accounting are set to be automated and the jobs themselves will look completely different than they do now. Technology pervades every field in the job market and, to that end, identifying tech talent that can help with this transition to the new future of work can help set any company up for success. So, the real question has to do with identifying the fields with the most potential and then sourcing new talent from there.

Tech talents that lasts

Find Web Developers

When it comes to top-notch tech talent that will thrive in the future of work, web developers are up at the top of the list. Responsible for the creation and maintenance of websites, members of this profession are proficient in a variety of skills that will be useful as the job market changes.

Becoming a web developer requires modern problem-solving skills along with technical skills such as knowledge of programming languages and software engineering. Sourcing tech talent from web developers is crucial to ensuring your organization survives in the digital age.

As for where to find web developers, recruiting them out of a trade school is a great method for being sure they have the technical knowledge needed to perform any task they are given. Schools such as Springboard offer intensive courses that get students job-ready in six to nine months. With such a quick and effective turnaround, a steady stream of new web developers can be recruited.

Recruit Data Scientists

When it comes to finding tech talent that lasts, acquiring data scientists is one of the smartest paths to take. As more and more businesses are moved online, the amount of data floating around the Internet is going to increase exponentially. Statista reports 4.57 billion active Internet users as of last month alone. Every one of those people has put some sort of data on the Internet and companies can use data to influence product development and marketing.

A career path that requires this tech talent is data science. People who train to become data scientists use a wide array of skills that allow them to analyze data and make informed business choices based on the data. 

When it comes to recruitment, some of the best data science bootcamps are a great place to turn to. These camps offer small classes and hands-on projects that turn into high employment rates upon graduating. As with trade schools, data science bootcamps are intensive courses that last several months. Data scientists are invaluable to the development of every company and should be sourced to see an increase in business metrics.

Onboard Programmers

It is no secret that programming is a field that is rapidly growing. Ironically, computer programming jobs are on a decline according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, this should not be confused with programming as a skill.

Computer programming is only a specialized job opportunity for programmers and coders. The opportunities presented to those with this skill are endless due to the variety of tasks programmers can complete. From developing new software to building systems for your business, programmers are the future of tech talent. Find a steady supply of capable programmers from the top coding bootcamps and recruit them to streamline all your business processes.  


Discovering new tech talent is important for any company as the world heads towards a tech-dominated workforce. No longer is it enough to fill your team with traditional jobs that require an older skillset. Staying relevant in the future will require unique tech talent that is best sourced from intensive bootcamps. 

Members of the workforce are adapting in impressive ways to become far more versatile than ever before. As new jobs naturally emerge to take over the old, it is imperative that you ensure the members of your team are more than capable of adapting and staying relevant in the new world.

Monday, September 7, 2020

AfricaCom and AfricaTech 2020: Digital Playground - a Key to Connecting the Next Billion in Africa

 Africans aren’t always looking to connect to the digital world for work or health reasons; a significant motivator is leisure, or ‘timepass’, says Aubrey Hruby, who will chair a number of sessions at this year’s virtual Africa Tech Festival.

Africa, with its 54 separate countries, has large swathes of rural vastness, which has made it difficult to get connectivity to certain areas, along with peri-urban areas that are not served by terrestrial infrastructure.  Coupled with the high cost of data and smartphones, it has precluded millions of Africans from going online and missing out on the digital revolution.  But that is all changing, as too the reasons why there is an accelerated uptake of mobile first screen time. 

Aubrey Hruby

Much like their counterparts in other developing economies, such as India and Brazil, key drivers for Africans in countries across the continent  who are seeking access, seem to be ways to pass the time and be entertained, rather than small business development, food security, health and safety, or even education.

“Without doubt leisure activities are contributing to the increased demand for mobile data and streaming services in developing economies, as well as in the developed world…accordingly, many investors  are looking at film, music, gaming, sports industries,” says Aubrey Hruby, who has worked in the VC space and is a senior fellow with the Atlantic Council's Africa Center. Hruby will be chairing key sessions on day two of the keynote presentations at this year’s AfricaCom virtual conference.

India is a likely barometer for what is likely to happen in African countries, in particular as a result of a lack of digital infrastructure on the ground that enabled Indian citizens to leapfrog direct to mobile connectivity.

“Millions of young Africans are digital natives and have gone mobile first, which follows the trend in India, where mobile-broadband subscription services exploded by over 200% from 2016 to 2018,” adds Hruby.

This staggering growth saw India’s mobile users top half a billion two years ago, and the key to this growth has been incredibly powerful smartphones that are affordable for the mass market… along with timepass content! Phones are now being used to watch video, play games, and socialise in ways that is changing the leisure time and life experience for billions of people in the developing world. It is estimated that around 90% of Facebook’s growth over the next four years will come from the Middle East, Latin America, South-East Asia and Africa. 

Two key factors for the industry to focus on are battery life and access to power to recharge devices, on top of the need to build products, services and advertising relevant to this enormous market. Another great opportunity for tech companies lies in spreading their base.   

This also means there is a requirement to rewrite the telco strategy handbook: What changing market conditions mean for African operators, which will form part of a panel discussion at AfricaCom.

“If you look at Reliance in India, they have added to their already diverse company holdings by creating a mobile network, Jio, that offers very low data prices for its wide range of streaming services,” says Hruby. “Just like Netflix is making a lot of its own exclusive content, so too are companies like Jio building virtual worlds of content and networking that offer ‘timepass’ for mobile phone users.

“There is a big appetite for entertainment and entertainment technologies in the African market, and a lot of serious US players are beginning to invest in the region,” adds Hruby.

When Reliance went up against the multi-national organisations (MNOs) by introducing radically cheaper data, it totally transformed the mobile market, as it became instantly accessible and highly competitive. The amount of data being used exploded in response to prices being slashed by as much as 94%. The market responded with games, video content and social networking platforms to fill the need of their new users, and as a result data consumption increased ten-fold. Indian mobile data usage is now almost three times that of the kings of consumerism, America.

The trend follows through to African countries where, according to research from Google and YouTube, many Nigerians for example, will enjoy watching an entire two-hour Nollywood show on their phones, as the second (and sometimes even first) screen for most African families has also gone handheld.

The Indian scenario is different to Africa in one key area, however - India is one country, while Africa is made up of 54 different nations.

There is no one-size-fits-all policy that will slot easily all across Africa, so piecing the regulations together to ensure smooth transitions is going to be a serious challenge for regulators and the big tech companies to grapple with. Addressing this issue, a panel discussion that delves into the critical role of policy in creating competitive telecoms markets, will take place on Tuesday 10 November.  Some of the topics that will be covered include:

·         How are governments and regulators addressing the biggest challenges in African telecoms: infrastructure, connectivity, inclusion, security, and shifting market patterns

·         Exploring the process of how policy is created, implemented and monitored across African telecoms

·         What potential does intra-African cooperation on policy hold for the continent’s telecoms markets? Are there better ways to work together?

·         Where is the African telecoms market heading and how will this shape the next generation of policy and regulatory challenges?

Other keynotes, presentations and fireside chats that address the issue of Connecting the Next Billion in Africa at AfricaCom 2020 include:

·         Rural connectivity case study: MTN Ghana & Huawei’s RuralStar deployment

·         Panel: Are integrated submarine-fibre-satellite strategies the future of African connectivity?

·         Africa’s Space Race: Can satellite solve the connectivity conundrum?

·         Panel: Universal ICT access by 2030: Africa’s Digital Moonshot Initiative

·         Can high-altitude broadband balloons connect Africa’s underserved rural areas?

·         Adapting spectrum models for rural areas

·         Panel: Public-private partnerships are key to connecting Africa

·         Internet access is key to media and entertainment growth in Africa

·         Fireside Chat: Nigeria’s National Broadband Plan 2020-2025

Virtual Africa Tech Festival, including AfricaCom and AfricaTech, is part of the Informa Tech Connecting Africa event series, now in its 24th year. A vibrant celebration of Africa’s diverse community of tech champions, Africa Tech Festival is the largest tech and digital connectivity conference and exhibition in Africa, attracting 450 exhibitors and 15,000 attendees in 2019. Key themes for 2020 include 4IR for Africa, Connecting the Next Billion, Digital Infrastructure Investment, Tech for Good, ICT Policy and Regulation, the Future of Work and Talent and Skills Development.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Why it’s Compulsory to Use Snapchat Monitoring App?


This is the age of cutting-edge technology and digital devices are dominating the world. Individuals are keen to use the instant messengers that enable them to stay in touch with the whole world conveniently.

Undeveloped kids and teenagers invest more than nine hours per day on networking applications. They are addicted to Snapchat, Facebook, KIK, and other platforms. Sadly, this addiction is producing more harm than good for the young generation.  Most folks are suffering from panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and various other illnesses.

It’s accurate that social media has countless downfalls, but still, it has become a fundamental part of our lives. At a very early age, guardians allow their offspring to use a smartphone. They can easily download multiple social apps on their cell phones to interact with their friends and relatives.

One of the most downloaded apps, behind Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram, is Snapchat. It is a well-known platform that has millions of active users who depend on it to send text messages, media, location, video attachments, and much more.

It’s a favorite habitation of predators and criminals that can inspire your kids to follow the wrong path. This app automatically deletes the text conversations after a few moments, so parents find it challenging to track the Snapchat activities of their children.

Fortunately, OgyMogy Snapchat monitoring app is here to resolve all the tensions and concerns of parents.  It helps you confirm they are not being stalked, harassed, and bullied. It enables you to record short video clips of the targeted phone’s screen discreetly from a remote locality.

Snapchat monitoring app

How Can The Snapchat Surveillance Software Help You?

OgyMogy has become a prominent platform with more than 200 million users of all ages. Its data distribution process is distinctive. You can watch the sent and received text messages for a few moments and after that, they will be deleted automatically. 

Evil people use it with the motive to trap innocent people especially young kids. Adolescents use it to exchange messages, media, emojis, stickers, and much more. They love it because it’s highly suitable for sexting, online dating, and other immoral activities.

If you don’t want them to be indulged in inappropriate deeds, you should track their Snapchat actions. The tool helps you grab information about who is in touch with them, what they discuss, and what sort of media they exchange. The spyware works in an invisible mode, so the targeted user won’t be able to know that their acts are being supervised.

It is exclusively crafted for worried parents to help them protect their precious children from becoming a victim of scammers, abusers, and blackmailers. It captures screenshots of the monitored screen, collects images and videos, and uploads them to your web portal. You can review the captured information on an internet-connected device without experiencing any trouble.

Important Functions of The Snapchat Spyware

·         It permits you to see and read all the exchanged text chats even if they are deleted.
·         You can view the name of the person whom your offspring is having a conversation with.
·         You can acquire conversations along with precise date and time stamps.
·        It enables you to see profile images and full names of all the folks they are in touch with.
·         You can keep an eye on sent and received photos, videos, locations, emojis, and stickers they have exchanged with their contacts.
·         The app helps you remotely record and listen to all audio and video clips.
·         You can easily access all the recorded data from your digital portal.

How Does It Operate?

First of all, you need to deploy it on the targeted device and activate it. After installation and activation, use your email ID and password to access your web portal and turn on the Snapchat spy software. Once you enable it, it will automatically begin recording the screen activity of the tracked mobile phone. You can record and view 60 seconds short video clips through your dashboard.


If you want to make sure your children and teens are safe and not involved in misconduct, rely on the Snapchat monitoring app. It helps you to stay informed about what’s happening in their lives secretly and remotely. It lets you monitor the complete flow of sent and received text messages, photos, videos, and much more.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

How Software Can Make Your Work Life Easier

Today, technology has improved people’s lives and businesses in many ways. There has been an improvement in work-related websites, applications, and other digital tools. This has led to the production of thousands of software specifically designed to make work life easier.

With the right software, you can keep all in control while operating your business and have contractors in different sites. You can also monitor the performance of your business and track the progress of your projects.
Here are six ways in which you can use software to make your work life easier:

1.   Improved Communication

Communication is a vital element for any business to succeed. You need to communicate effectively to your employees and clients.
With software, you can include information and tasks in your app or web for your employees, contractors, and subcontractors. Clients can also request your services directly through your software.

With excellent communication, you can easily give updates to your interest group and know which employee is available, and the time they are available.
Modern software has fast messaging features that allow you to send and receive messages. This will enhance communication and relationship with your clients and employees.

2.   Improved Efficiency

Using software will increase the rate at which you execute tasks. If for instance, you have sales order management software in your business, you will spend little time entering orders and more making new sales.

The sales order software will track the company sales to the consumers. The best thing with this software is that they are easy to use and of great help to your institution.

3.   Guarantee Information Protection

Unsecured data is a threat to any institution. This information can be altered or accessed by an unauthorized person.
Luckily, there is much software designed to store and secure your company and business information. You can find this software and many more on SoftwareMole.com.

Software will enable you to control who can see, access and change your information. This will reduce the risk of sabotage and hack to your information.

4.   Enhanced Cash Flow

Some software, for instance, the management software will increase your business cash flow by analyzing and determining which invoices are unpaid at a glance.

Software will also enable you to send a reminder to your client, encouraging them to settle their debts soonest. It saves you the time of arranging pending invoices and contacting the relevant clients.

Furthermore, some special software can help you save money and time. For instance, if a client has recorded a late delivery charge, you can give reasons and even a guide why you are late. This will save you the cost of late delivery if the reason you were late is out of your control.

5.   Improved Customer Service

Software can make your work life easier by helping you manage customer loyalty programs easily. Through this software, you can keep an organized and comprehensive report on your customers' likes and dislikes. With this information, you can improve your services and how you relate to your customers.

In today's competitive business world, a strong business base is essential for success. You can easily manage customer relationship with the relevant software.

6.   Improved Administration

Business management software can help reduce the paperwork involved in managing your business. You can send and receive information quickly, send invoices through an app or email also without having to do any paperwork.

Software can enable you to track the progress of your employees and the response of the consumers. You can do all these tasks efficiently, within a short time from a single location. It will guarantee you a hassle-free administration without having to worry about mistakes and errors.

Friday, July 17, 2020

eSIM is the Future and Could Replace Your Normal SIM Card Soon

In the future, you may not need a physical SIM card anymore in order to use your mobile phone as a result of the introduction of eSIM. But what is an eSIM?
An eSIM is a smaller embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card measuring just 5mm in length and 5mm in width soldered into a device motherboard with all the functions of a regular SIM card. In other word, the eSIM/Embedded SIM is a very much smaller version of the removable SIM found in your phone.

But what is the intention or purpose of introducing this eSIM? Well, it's obvious phone manufacturers want to do away with the space occupied by a removable SIM card. For a SIM to work, there will be a SIM socket for holding it and the circuit which connects it to the motherboard and other necessary parts of the phone or mobile device but with an eSIM, this is minimized adequately and manufacturers can have the luxury of making less bulky phones with more beautiful designs.

This was the same reason, phone makers adopted the use of nano SIM and mini SIM cards years ago but it looks like that is not even enough now. The same reason why we now have phones with non-removable batteries. All this technology is to make phone less bulky and appealing to the eyes.


It has M2M (Machine to Machine) and Remote Provisioning capabilities which provide you with an enhanced customer experience when activating and managing our phones. When you buy a phone with this eSIM in it, you can activate your preferred operator by going to phones settings, then select your network and what plan you want and you will be connected.
what is an eSIM
Embedded eSIM
Interestingly, the new smartphones from Google - the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 comes with eSIM though Google rightly included slot for removable SIM as well because it's not yet rampant but expect to see it replacing the normal SIM card in nearest future.

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At this years Mobile World Congress, in the GSMA Seminar, Thomas Henze, Program Director eSIM, Product Innovation, Deutsche Telekom demonstrated activating his phone via scanning a code that in his demonstration was part of a physical letter from an operator. In another demo, a scenario was played out where via a Universal Activation Code, again used by scanning, we could activate as many phones as we wanted.

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The eSIM is the future but it will not happen overnight, look down at your phone now and it's still got a physical SIM, and will still need one when you pass it onto your kids, other family members or sell it. In the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL the eSIM is currently only used by Google Project Fi and thus it has a physical Nano-SIM card tray for all the other operators. ref.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Requirements to Play Roblox on Android, iOS and Amazon Fire

If you know Roblox , then you know that one of the wonders of this game is its compatibility with multiple platforms , whether on PC, mobile or Xbox One. Of course, within the range of mobile devices we have: Android, iOS and Amazon Fire OS .

This online multiplayer gives you the opportunity to play on all these platforms with the same user, maintaining the same gaming experience.

And despite the fact that Roblox is characterized by being an extremely light game due to its graphic engine, before downloading, installing and starting to play this title for free , it is necessary to verify if your team meets the necessary requirements to get the most out of it.

Therefore, this time you will know if your mobile device is compatible with Roblox and we will also show you the minimum requirements to play.
Requirements for playing Roblox

Is my mobile compatible with Roblox?

Currently, thanks to advances in technology , a large part of mobile devices have access to many video games, including Roblox .

Can My Android Phone Play Roblox?

To find out if your cell phone is compatible with Roblox , make sure you have these features:

Requirements to play Roblox from the Smartphone

Apple iOS: Roblox you can play both on iPad 2+ or higher, on iPhone 4S or higher and the forgotten iPod tocuh from 5th generation onwards. The operating system version must be iOS 8 or higher .
Android: on Android devices it will be necessary to have version 4.4 or higher , the processor must be at least the ARMv7.

Amazon Fire OS: Kindle Fire HDX 7 (3rd generation), Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (3rd generation), Fire HDX 8.9 (4th generation), Fire HD 6 and 7 (4th generation), Fire HD 8 and 10 (5th generation).

Minimum requirements to play Roblox from my mobile device

How to know the version of the mobile device

One of the surest ways to know what the exact version of the mobile is, is to look at the box of the device. In it you will find all the basic and specific information of your cell phone. Now, if you lost the box from the factory packaging we have another solution depending on the brand.

Apple iOS

  • Go to the "Settings> General" section.
  • Click on the "About" section .
  • A window will appear with the basic information of the mobile. Among them you can check the iOS version .


  • Go to "Settings> System".
  • Scroll down and touch on "About device" .
  • A new window will open with the basic information of the cell phone. Locate the version of the Android device and you're done.
Amazon Fire OS
  • Go to "Home" .
  • Touch in "Settings" of the equipment. Then click on "Device" .
  • A new window will appear with information about your Fire.
  • Internet requirements

We know that Roblox is an online game, therefore it is necessary to have an internet connection . To enjoy the video game, a minimum download speed of 4 Megabytes (MB) will be required . If you have less, keep in mind that visibility will not be the best.

If you are connected to the 4G mobile network and have connection failures, ideally, you should connect to your preferred WiFi network. Only then can you guarantee a faster and more stable download speed.

Internet requirements to play Roblox on your cell phone

As you will see, the minimum requirements to play Roblox are not out of your reach. And although it is unlikely that currently someone has old devices such as: an Android 4.4 or an iPhone 4S , they will still be able to run the game and adapt to the characteristics of your mobile.

Otherwise, a warning or message will appear announcing: "Your device does not meet the minimum system requirements." So you can enter certain parts of the game, but it will limit your entry to one of the rooms.

So if you have ever asked yourself: Is my mobile compatible with Roblox ? Now you know that any mobile input range , ** medium ** and high goes quite well.