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How can Call Centre Software Help to Enhance Customer Experience?

Customers don’t necessarily love the idea of having to keep on calling or contacting the brand for complaint redressed or inquiry. Having said that, we have a long way to completely let go of this idea and make the whole process self-dependent. At the end of the day, we need to remember that customer experience is an emotional connection between customers and the brands which is affected by multiple touch points across their journey. This journey can be made seamless and pleasant with the help of best call center solutions that you can find for your business.

Improving Customer Experience: The Role of Contact Centers

Before we jump to the ways in which call centre software can boost customer experience, let’s understand what a call center is? A call centre is a place a customer calls to get help with a product or service. This is the first and most important point of contact in the customer’s journey to resolve their query. Thus, it is important to make use of this opportunity to deliver the best customer experience here. So, partnering with a call center solution provider who understands your needs and the business is the way to go forward.

Now, let us look at some of the ways in which businesses can significantly improve the level of customer service experience with call centre software.

Ameyo Call Center Software

Shorten the Wait Time

Customers are as it is distressed when seeking an answer to their query. So, rather than digging your own grave and making them wait long to connect with an agent, you need to have good inbound tools to directly route the calls to the best-suited agent or department. Similarly, avoid bouncing aka transferring the call from one agent to another without proper resolution. Doing that will only aggravate the customer and the agent will have to face the brunt of it.

No More Repetition

Eliminate the need for customers to repeat their problem to every agent every single time that they try to contact the call centre. Imagine you are facing problems with your television and decide to call on the customer care number. The agent asks for all your details (name, registered mobile number, serial number of your television, make and model, etc) and you register your complaint. The agent then transfers your call to the technical support department to assist you further. Here again, the new agent asks you to repeat all of those details. That isn’t pleasant at all. Now, in this situation, had the business deployed a call center software, the agents would have had a unified view of the customer from the get-go. That means any agent working on that ticket would have complete visibility of the customer’s journey such as the medium of communication (call, email, chat, social media), all the relevant customer details along with any open tickets for that customer. This visibility allows the agents to be completely aware of the solution and provide an effective solution.

Let the Customers Self-serve

Won’t it be great if the customers do not have to come to you for help and are capable of resolving their issues on their own or with minimum assistance? That will save your agents’ time and will also be hassle-free for the customers. A customer contact solution backed by the right self-service tools makes this a reality. Take self-service IVR for example. It is a great tool to not just automate the inbound calling but will also guide the caller to a solution based on their keypad input. Understanding this with an example, Esther wants to know her bank account balance. She calls the bank helpline number and a recording is played saying “Press 1 to report lost credit card”, “Press 2 to know your account balance” and “ Press 3 to talk to our customer care executive”. Esther presses 2 and then a message is played asking her to enter her account number. Once she punches in that, her account balance details are pulled from the CRM in real-time and an audio message is played with the balance details. Here, no agent was involved and the customer was easily able to know her account balance.

Keep Them Updated

Once the customer has registered a complaint or reached out to you to seek help, always update them about the same. It could be a simple acknowledgment email or even an SMS. This reassures the customers that you are working on their problem. Using templatized emails with placeholders automates this further (Remember, that automated email you get when you place an order?). These place holders are especially helpful to simply pull the data from the database or CRM and populate the same while sending the email. So, an automated email might read something like - “ Hello [Customer Name] your order has been placed successfully. Please use [order number] to track it or for any future communication”. Here ‘customer name’ and ‘order name’ will be the place holders. Similarly, you can use a voiceblaster to send out reminders for mass communication. If the customer is kept in the loop at every stage, there will be fewer complaints or inquiries which will have twofold advantage - reduced agent workload and better customer experience.

Concluding Thoughts

Customer experience is the next battleground for the businesses to compete on and they should look for any way to gain an edge over their competitors. With all of these and many more advantages, call centre software can just be the tool that they are looking for. So, stop thinking and start acting - get the best call centre software for your business now!

Author Bio:

Shambhavi Sinha is a technical blogger & Product Marketer and has been writing for 3 years. She is into technology and writes tech-based stuff. Her aim is to provide knowledge to users by sharing tips and tricks about new technologies, DIY, and knowledge about Contact Center Solution.

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7 Big Benefits of Using PDF for Business

The evolution of PDF is not new, because the PDF format is developed in the early '90s. However, the use of documents in PDF format has increased day-by-day, and one can say it is high time for PDF. The popularity of PDF is not only limited to a particular sector of companies like construction companies; PDF is widely used in every industry of organizations.
The main purpose of developing PDF was the complications during data sharing. The main issue was users using a different operating system and computers, so the shared document format used to get converted and lose its authenticity. To maintain a similar yet straightforward format, the PDF format was introduced.
From maintaining clients' information to invoicing clients, even sending proposals or memos—everything is done in PDF format. Each time any PDF file gets opened, there's no sign of any changes in that format even the operating system or the computer differs.
If your company still believes in the traditional way of working, such as using paper documents, then here are some reasons to help you realize why PDF is useful for your business.

1. The format is maintained through-out

Documents created using word-processor can get changed while the document is opened in some other operating system or computer. In such cases, if any image or graph is in the document, the difference in formatting can create confusions.
Using PDF, one need not face these types of problems. This is because the files in PDF format are always going to look same, no matter in what computer that files are opened. Plus the PDF files are always print-ready, and they do not need any change in the format.
Some scanners and scanning software can also scan the paper or digital documents and convert those directly into PDF format. For more information, visit filecenter.

2. Omnipresent Format

PDF is a globally accepted format. The documents in PDF format are easy to view and simple to share. The format remains the same whether you are sharing a file with the colleague sat next to you or to a person who resides on another side of the world.

3. Small File Size

The PDF format ensures that the file size is small, even when the file is a high-quality file. Without damaging the file's quality, PDF comprised the data into smaller files which reduce the storage space in the hard-disk. This is appropriate when anyone is using limited storage resources.

4. Secured Files

The PDF files can be secured by using passwords. While you are continuing your business, it is needless to say that you have some confidential data of yours and even of your clients. To maintain privacy, using a secure password to protect those files can be very effective. It is also recommended that while protecting those files using passwords, a strong password should be applied. A strong password should possess a combination of small and capital letters, at least one number and one special character. On the other hand, regularly changing those passwords for additional safety is also advisable.

5. Any OS support the Format

No matter what operating system or OS is being used, whether it is MAC or windows, the documents created in PDF format remain the same. Plus even anyone is using their smartphones, and then also the format doesn't change if the mobile operating system differs from iOS or Android. The receiver would not face any problem or confusion while opening the document in PDF format.

6. Compatibility for Non-text elements

Inserting images, links, or notes are also considered a great feature of DMS. Any link can be opened from the PDF directly, no matter which device (mobile, tablets or computer) the user is opening the document.

7. It's here to Stay

Technology changes and creates more effective solutions to our problems. However, in the case of the PDF format, the format is here to stay for a long time. As the format is accepted and appreciated globally, it is not likely to go away. The history of PDF is huge, and today's computing world will require something out of the box to shift from PDF, which is not likely to happen very soon. So investing in PDF is definitely a smart idea which is going to beneficial for your business.
While summing up, it is not hard to guess that PDF is one of the best and popular file-formats without any doubt. No one should be surprised to guess why PDF is popular because of the benefits that are mentioned above.
Controlling sensitive documents, securing them and sharing those files with ease was never possible when the OS and the computers were important and vital factors.
No matter which sector or industry your business belongs to, the advantages and benefits of using PDF for business cannot be denied.

See Why Whatspeed Is The Best App For Motorists And Cyclists

WhatSpeed app is an amazing real-time odometer and speedometer for those who uses automombiles like cyclists and motorists. This is a useful app for those that drives a car, a bike, or cycle with a bicycle. Espectially if your car or motocycle speedopmeter is no more functioning, whatspeed will be a greate alternative to know the speed you are ridiing.

It is also a real time map reader as it tells you can view your current location, real-time speed in m/s, mph and km/h, you can track your route on a map and you can also set a speeding alarm while you drive or ride! This is why i said it is among the best app for that is designed for cyclists and motorists on cars, buses, bicycles and bikes.

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1. Awesome Real-Time Speedometer/Odometer:
The apps Speedometer displays your current speed in real time, in m/s, mph or even km/h!

2. Tracking Of Rout:
Track your current location and view your real-time speed including location and route via the map on the app. You can equip your motorcycle with a motorcycle GPS tracker to monitor the vehicle in real time and protect it from being stolen.

3. Speeding Alarm:
This is another feature that will be of important to those driving in countries or areas with speed limit rules. You can protect your yourself and the life of others by setting a Speeding alarm in the application and it will tell you when you are over-speeding. The alarm will immediately beep if you exceed the set speed limit.

Download whatspeed apk here

I hope you will like the app.

The app is developed by a mobile app development house resident in Singapore.

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Email Marketing and its Many Benefits

When it comes to email marketing, you need to prioritize bulk email verification to get the many benefits of your email marketing campaign. Verifying email ensure the deliver-ability of your marketing campaigns to ascertain that the address you are pitching is not fake, inactive or spam but rather, a real recipient who checks their emails and may likely patronize you and make referrals.

Bulk email verification, or as popularly called, email validation is a simple process that authenticates the quality of an email address by filtering the good from the bad in a pool of addresses.

Most companies use email list verify to determine if any of the email addresses in their database is valid and can receive emails without any deliverability issues. What this process does is to analyze any email address uploaded for verification.

When you can connect to real people, you are effortlessly increasing the reputation of your emails, which in turn have a considerable effect on email deliverability and return on investments. Do not attempt to send bulk emails without doing bulk email verification.

Types of Email List Cleaning Service


Well as the name suggests, this cleaning solution authenticates bulk email with zero tolerance to bounced email. Their accuracy is estimated to rank at 99.9 %. They are also known to offer lots of other API solution you need to ensure your email database is verified at all times. If you are after the accuracy of your emails, look no further.


This verification service helps to rid off spam emails. They are known to have a very user-friendly and easy to understand the system that even a newbie won't have trouble operating. Another good thing about MyEmailVerifier is that they offer up to 100 free credits to verify your email if you are not convinced.

How Does Bulk Email Verification Work?

Verifying your email list is a process that ensures the following procedures:
     Check for Syntax Error
     Remove inactive/expired email addresses, Disposable Email Address, etc.
     Check and remove spam traps and many more.
Upon completion of the verification process, the software will classify the list into different categories such as valid, invalid, inactive, spam…etc. You can now decide how best to deal with these verified email addresses. You can decide to quarantine, dismiss, or keep them for your marketing campaigns. You don’t have to send an email to have an email address validated.

Advantages of Bulk Email Verification

1.    Having your email list verified let you know the name, gender of most email addresses which could be used to target email marketing campaign to the demography of choice to promote your niche.
2.    Reduces bounce rate of your email: The most crucial aspect of bulk email verification is that it helps reduce bounce rate and provide you with only email addresses that may likely convert.
3.    Prevents deliverability problems: Sending emails should require a seemingly effort bulk email verification helps to avert and anticipate delivery issues even before they start.
4.    Increase your earning potentials: having you mail undelivered can hurt sales since most of your email doesn’t get to the targeted individuals, thus reducing sales.
5.    Enhance your sender spam score: The response of recipients of your emails matters to the server. If a lot of recipients informs the server that your email is spam and not trustworthy, the server, in turn, sees your sending address as spam destination thereby blacklisting your email pitches.
6.    Updated database: Bulk email verification is essential to the sales and marketing department of your organization. It saves time by filtering leads that will never translate to sales and provide an up to date list upon which your sales department can use to optimize sales and return on investment.
7.    Increase customer engagement: when you can filter out lousy email address from your pool of addresses, you will be left with valid and active email addresses hence, you can serve them in a manner in which they want it and improve on customer relationship.
Bulk email verification importance to modern-day business can not be overemphasized. From better customer engagement to a reduction in bounce and spam rates, fewer complaints to clean email list, marketers and sales team will value email validation processes to ensure that they have a clean email list to start or continue their marketing or sales campaigns.
Bulk email verification ensures that your targeted customer is reached, served and converts by exploiting the advantages of verifying your email list. Only then you can rest assured that every email sent is received by real humans, which enhances better campaigns that yield better results and conversion.

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5 Top-Rated Turn-Based Strategy Games for Android You Should Check out in 2019

When it comes to enjoying a turn-based strategy game on your smartphone you are spoilt for choice and that means you could have a hard time picking the best ones to download for your entertainment.

You can get the answers to your question from a variety of sources and there are plenty of opinions around as the best 4 star monsters summoners war, for instance.

Here are some pointers on which games to consider and some reasons why players like them.

Enjoy the throwdown action

First up is the popular Summoners Wars, which is centered around a grid-like battlefield and the idea is that you summon different creatures into the game and use them to attack.

Part of the skill and a definite appeal to this strategy game is choosing the right creatures to allow you to create an army that fends of all challengers, which is why you would want to know which monsters are 4-star rated.

The game is free to download and you can choose to buy armies as you get deeper into the game and challenge others for superiority.

This game will appeal to chess fans

If you like the challenge of chess and the strategic thinking that is required to succeed which often means thinking two or three moves ahead Final Fantasy Tactics could be a good choice.

This is quite a big game with a comprehensive amount of content and with plenty of role-playing elements immersed in the game, you will never normally be short of options to think about.

One small point to consider when playing the game is that there is not an option to save to cloud storage on Android, so you will have to save locally instead.

Straightforward and intuitive

If you are looking for a turn-based strategy game that is quick and easy to learn and play, The Battle of Polytopia is worth considering.

The intuitive controls have proved popular with players who have already downloaded the game and the mechanics of the game are pretty simple, which has a certain amount of appeal to some gamers.

However, as there are no multiplayer modes in the basic download you won’t find it stretches your gaming skills as much as some of its rivals, but it is fun to play.

This game aims to test your strategic skills

If you like the sound of being offered a variety of campaigns and maps, including a random map generator to keep things interesting, Battle for Wesnoth should be on your radar.

This game challenges you to think carefully about the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy for each campaign and you also have the option to take on the game’s advanced bots if you fancy putting yourself under pressure in single-player mode.

Social benefits attached to this game

Uniwar is a classic game scenario where you get to learn the basics and hone your skills in single-player mode but the real challenge and fun begins when you take on rival gamers.

An attractive feature of this game is the Friendlist which lets you chat in-play and set up tournaments, which can be very sociable if you set up a team game that can have as many as eight players.

With this many great turn-based strategy games available your Android smartphone is going to be getting plenty of use.

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Xiaomi Launches a New Smart Lock And a Quick Car Charger

The Asian manufacturer does not stop increasing its range of Xiaomi products. We have devices of all kinds, ranging from a camera to the car, through electric bicycles, such as the impressive Xiaomi AI GYM. And today the Beijing-based firm has introduced two new solutions: an intelligent lock and a fast car charger.
We talk about two new Xiaomi products that stand out for offering an unbeatable price-quality ratio. The day that all the gadgets of the firm begin to land in our country, its great competitors will tremble. And, with the quality of their solutions, and at such an unbeatable price, they are easily accessible products for any user.

This is Xiaomi’s new smart lock

We will start talking about the new Xiaomi smart lock. In this case, it is a model that lands after an agreement between the Chinese manufacturer and OJJ, a company specialized in the commercialization of this type of products.
In this way, the new intelligent lock of Xiaomi and OJJ is one of the most economical solutions that you will find within this market. And that, without losing a bit of functionality.
Proof of this is that we have 4 different methods to unlock this smart lock. The newest? The fingerprint reader located on the handle. Its location makes it very easy to reach, making the unlocking process faster and, above all, convenient.

Four unlocking systems to make things easier for you

And to this, we must add a Bluetooth module, to open the door through our mobile phone. We also have a numeric keypad, in case we prefer to use a password. In addition, we can configure temporary codes, ideal if we have to let someone into the house exceptionally.
And, how could it be otherwise, we will also have a traditional mechanism, through a steel key that will allow us to open the lock of this new Xiaomi solution. To this, we must add its interchangeable battery with more than 10 months of autonomy, armored lock to prevent them from trying to force this Xiaomi solution, and a scandal price: it costs 979 yuan, about 123 euros to change.

This is the new Xiaomi fast charger

As for the new fast charger of the Asian firm, say that this new Xiaomi product has a really attractive design, with aluminum finishes to give this device a more premium look.
To this, we must add its two USB ports, which will allow us to charge two devices at the same time without a problem. And not only that, one of the two USB ports of the new Xiaomi car charger features Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 technology.
This, what does it translate to? Well, we can charge our compatible phone or tablet at a speed of 12 W, in addition to having a traditional connector. The best? That only costs 99 yuan, about 13 euros to change.

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Best Technology Innovations in the iGaming Industry

Despite the challenges in the global economy, the iGaming industry keeps doing better and better. In fact, it’s projected to be worth more than $73 billion in 2024. One of the reasons why there’s been so much room for the companies in the world of iGaming to succeed is technology. New tech innovations have fueled the growth of the entire industry and some did it more than others. So, what exactly are the best technology innovations we got to see in the iGaming industry? Here are five of them you simply have to know about.
Playing mobile game

Mobile gaming

We live in the age of smartphones when people are able to connect to the internet no matter where they are. While this allows them to search for information at all times, it also gives them a chance to play games wherever they go. Companies in the iGaming industry have already realized this which is why most of them now have websites that have been optimized for mobile users. Not only this, but many of them have also decided to build apps for their players, taking their experience to the next level. There’s no doubt the future belongs to smartphones and we can only expect more companies in the sector to take this approach in the upcoming years. Just recently, ZTE launched Nubia Red Magic, a gaming smartphone for game lovers.

Virtual reality

Even though virtual reality technology is still in its infancy, companies in the iGaming industry are already thinking about ways they can use it in their operations. In fact, some of them already offer their players a chance to put on a VR headset and have completely unique gaming experience. The possibilities for VR in iGaming are numerous and the only reason why not every company already offers this service to their players is that the equipment tends to be quite expensive. However, as we move towards technology, even more, virtual reality seems to be set to play an even bigger role in the world of iGaming.

Live dealer games

Not so long ago, people used to be suspicious about how iGaming providers operate. This is mostly because the Internet used to be in its early stages and new possibilities were yet to be discovered. In order to retain their players and attract a new one, companies decided to introduce live dealer games. Players are more confident about having a real person on the opposite side of the table than playing against the computer. Nowadays, all the best casinos in online gambling offer live dealer games as they push to increase player satisfaction. Of course, without the modern-day technology and high-speed internet, offering this feature would be impossible.

Social gaming

In this day and age, people prefer playing with friends online rather than indulging in single-player games. It’s just that people get tired of playing against the computer and they see more challenge in outwitting real opponents. In the last few years, we got to see more iGaming companies offering multiplayer games and they’re only expected to implement social gaming even more in the future. This is a perfect way to attract more players and make them commit to the game even more. Although social gaming isn’t as advanced in the iGaming industry as it is in other types of gaming, options available at the moment seem to be extremely satisfying for the players.


chatbots igaming
If you’ve been paying attention, chances are you heard a lot about these things lately. Chatbots already play a huge role in e-commerce and they’re slowly entering the world of iGaming. Bots serve as assistants to players who perform tasks that are relatively repetitive in nature. Their use allows players to have better gaming experience and keep better track of their personal score. Moreover, companies in iGaming can rely on these technologies to take questions from both new joiners and experienced players and redirect them to the page that can provide them with an answer. They’re even used in the hiring process to help iGaming providers find the best candidates available.


With the way things are right now, it would be impossible to imagine the world of iGaming without high-end technology. What tech brings to the industry is a better gaming experience for the players and more possibilities for iGaming providers. This is exactly why so many experts are working on coming up with new tech solutions to be used in the industry. Also, the number of roles IT technicians can take in the sector is growing and it’s anticipated iGaming technologies will drive more people to the industry.