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5 Benefits Of SARS Police Overhauling To Nigerian Internet Hustlers

5 Benefits Of SARS Police Overhauling To Nigerian Internet Hustlers

I stumbled on this thread on Nairaland and think it should be shared among Nigerians. Credit of the post goes to the forum.
Nigeria Sars police

Ordinarily, the primary function of Nigeria Police Force is to serve the community, protect the innocent and ensure that there is liberty, justice and equality for all. Regrettably, these functions have become counterproductive since the emergence of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

It is still a puzzle how SARS became a nightmare to innocent Nigerians they were supposed to be protecting. As a matter of fact, if you live in states like Lagos, Delta, Edo and Portharcourt you will understand what I am saying.

Once you are riding a good car, wearing a nice wristwatch and using an iPhone, you are automatically labelled a Fraudster(Yahoo boy). It is actually disheartening how these officers of the law robbed innocent people of their hard earned money with accusations of money laundering.

Every freelancer, mini importer, bitcoin trader and other internet hustlers are constantly harassed and robbed for being successful. The most annoying aspect of SARS operation is the fact that they believe everybody doing online business is a fraudster.

There are several Nigerians who work for remote companies overseas. In other words, they work from their home while their employers are overseas. Nigerians are real-time hustlers and they are always the best in any freelancing platform you visit.

Does it mean that there are no police in the US, China and the UK where we have most of the top tech billionaires around the world? If police disturbed these tech billionaires during their early days of hustling, they would have been no Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos etc.

The best thing that has ever happened to Nigerian youths in this administration especially the internet entrepreneurs is “The Overhauling of SARS”. The acting President has done well.

Without much ado, lets quickly take a look of the impact the overhauling of SARS will have on Nigeria Digital Economy.

How Overhauling of SARS Will Benefit Nigerians

Despite what some people are saying about the decision to overhaul SARs, it will still benefit Nigerians in many ways. Some of these benefits are;


One of the ways Overhauling of SARS will benefit Nigerians is that it will create more employment opportunities. Ordinarily, there are several Nigerians out there that are doing legit hustling online. But most times, they are disturbed by SARS and some of them even lost interest in the whole internet thing.

However, with the recent order to overhaul the police outfit, Nigerians that have lost interest in freelancing and other internet hustlings will definitely rekindle their hustling spirit. This means that they will be employed once again.


Mini importers can now do their importation and delivery without stress or challenge. They will make more profit without incurring unnecessary cost trying to pay SARS officials.


This is the aspect that makes sense the most. You can now freely cruise your car around the city without being embarrassed by SARs.


Guys will no longer be scared of going outside their houses. As a matter of fact, you can now move freely without your phones without anybody trying to open it and search what is inside.


Yeah, the fashion lovers will also benefit from this overhauling. You can now dress the way you like decently without you being harassed by the so-called SARS officials.

Source: nairaland

What do you think about this latest development in Nigeria? Have you been attached before by SARS? What's your experience?
New Way To Redeem Your Opera News App  Free Airtime

New Way To Redeem Your Opera News App Free Airtime

Opera News App is one of the best free airtime apps that rewards you points when you download the app and also invite your friends to download it. Your points can then be redeemed (cashed out) as free Airtime on Nigerian networks like MTN, Glo, 9Mobile and Airtel.

But recently, points were stuck on the app as users weren't able to redeem the points or cash out Airtime again. Personally, I had so many points ready to be redeemed but was unable to redeem.

Some people also contacted me asking to know how to fix the problem and I promised them to exercise some patience as mine is also stuck.

The previous method used to fix the Airtime withdrawal on Opera News App also stopped working but there is a new simple Fix i just discovered and used to redeem my opera news points.

This is a very simple trick I discovered while playing with the app to see what works. Just follow the procedures below;
✔️ Download Opera News App HERE (if you don't have the latest version)
✔️ Launch the app and click on "ME" at the bottom right corner of the app
✔️ Then click on "My Price"
✔️ Next, click on "Redeem"
Redeam opera news airtime
✔️ On the next page, enter the phone number you want to redeem Airtime to.
✔️ Now, tap on the amount you want to redeem from the list of Airtime prices in Naira.
✔️ After that, click "TopUp"
Cash out opera news airtime
✔️ A new page will open telling you that your points will be deducted after the airtime cash out goes successfully. At this point, go back to redeem and tap on topup again and your line will be credited immediately via VTU with the exact amount your redeemed.
Cash out successful

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In conclusion, you need to go back to redeem page immediately after you receive message of account credit in progress. If you don't go back and topup again with same amount, your airtime cash out may not work.
Enjoy Free Telegram Chatting With 9Mobile and Airtel FreeBasic

Enjoy Free Telegram Chatting With 9Mobile and Airtel FreeBasic

Hello guys, you can now enjoy Free Telegram Chatting without data subscription; thanks to 9Mobile and Airtel freebasic features.
Free Telegram Chatting

Freebasic is a feature that allows you browse some websites including Facebook without data subscription or Airtime although you won't be able to view images or videos.

Now Telegram has joined the bandwagon to introduce the feature on its Android app.

To enjoy free Telegram Chatting with freebasic, you don't need to apply any special settings because it will automatically connect when you don't have any data plan on your 9Mobile or Airtel SIM.

Telegram is an alternative to WhatsApp and many techies opined that Telegram is even much better than Whatsapp as it packs numerous features.

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Let's hope MTN and Glo introduce freebasic as well.
2 Best Nigeria Cards that PayPal Accept with Ease

2 Best Nigeria Cards that PayPal Accept with Ease

Do you ever wish to pay for something in Nigeria using your PayPal account but it seems you can’t figure out the card that can be accepted? This is what this article is about.
Nigeria PayPal

In this blog post today I will be revealing cards that I have had success with why trying to pay for something with my Paypal Card.

If you are you are a starter and you are can’t seem to understand how this things works I will like to refresh your mind.

Paypal is an international payment platform that you can use to buy and sell from anywhere in the world. Usually, before your Paypal account can be verified, must have to link it with a bank or your international master card like Payoneer.

This is done at the very end of registration after you have logged in to your account. Remember there are two types of Paypal account.
    Business account and
    A personal account.
The two serves different purposes.

A business account type:
This is strictly for business owners. On this type of account, you can be able to send in payment to your client and as well as receive payment. Basically, it does every type of transaction online so far as it is verified.

Note that you can’t receive payments to paypal as a Nigerian, but you may check this PayPalNigeria Guide to get one that sends and receive payments.

A personal Account:
This is strictly for shopping purposes and what we are talking about on this post. You can shop with your Computer or mobile from any part of the world.

However, before you can be able to shop with any of the accounts, it is either you have a card that has money linked to it or there are already some funds on the Paypal. Once a card is linked to a Paypal account and you were able to verify that you own the account, that Paypal account becomes verified.

While you can link to a card you can also link directly to your bank here in Nigerian.
But this is where the problem comes; which bank card can you be able to link to here in Nigerian and have a flexible and hassle-free experience while shopping online?

What Nigeria Cards are best for PayPal?

From my experience and research to know the bank that can help in this task, I was able to confirm two bank cards over and over again.

    FCMB and
    Access Bank Cards

With either of these two cards linked to your Paypal account; either that of personal or that of business, you can be able to shop anywhere with your Paypal account.
So how do you link to this bank card?

Here is a brief step of how to link your card.

I believe by now you already have a Paypal account you are using. If you don’t have, go ahead and create an account before starting these steps. Hence if you already have an account you can follow this step to link your card.
    Log in to your account; (most times if you haven’t done this, it will always be listed as a to-do list on the right side of your PayPal dashboard where you have your profile.
    Click on your profile and click on “Link a Card”
    Fill the necessary information about your FCMB or Access Bank card details required on the page.

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Follow PayPal instructions and you are good to go.
Shop online with ease.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

MTN Introduces Data Calculator For Subscribers To Track Usage

MTN Introduces Data Calculator For Subscribers To Track Usage

MTN has introduced a new tool that allows subscribers calculate their data usage before subscribing for any data plan. MTN Data calculator is not a real time data usage tracker but it's designed to estimate and give you an idea of data consumption when browsing, downloading or streaming videos online at a particular time or period.

MTN Data Calculator will allow customers to determine their data usage and consumption pattern because MTN is aware that you consume data every time you surf the web, stream videos, download stuff, engage in social media activities and other internet activities.

It's a dedicated web page designed to help you measure hours of surfing the web (Shopping online, news and others, in minutes/day), use of social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in minutes/day), hours of streaming non-HD and high-definition videos (YouTube, Netflix and others in minutes/day), as well as time spent online gaming (Candy Crush, Scrabble etc in minutes/day).

MTN revealed that 1 minutes surfing on the web is equal to 1MB, 1Minute on social media (posting and commenting) is equated to 4MB etc. From this you can see how your data is being used.

MTN Data Calculator tool is similar to Glo Data Calculator also launched recently by Globacom to help subscribers estimate the data usage on the network.
MTN data calculator

First, go to the Tool Page and use the drag icon to set your data usage by increasing or decreasing it. The total estimated data volume will be shown at the bottom of the page as you drag.
How To Activate/Subscribe 9Mobile Video Streaming Bundles

How To Activate/Subscribe 9Mobile Video Streaming Bundles

9Mobile has introduced video streaming bundles which I assume to be the first of its kind from any of the telcos in Nigeria. The all new 9Mobile only video streaming bundle let's you pause and resume your data usage at anytime! This is a great feature that will please subscribers who are interested in this new bundle.
9Mobile Video Streaming bundle
9Mobile Video Streaming bundles comes i two packages for subscribers to choose from - N500 for 3 days or N1000 for 7 days. The N500 plan comes with 5GB worth of data while the N1000 plan comes with 10GB worth of data.

As you can see, if you are addicted to streaming videos online, you can consider this plan but you also need to consider the network strength in your area else you regret subscribing to this video plans.

✔ For the N500 plan, dial *253*1# ✔️ For the N1000 plan, dial *253*2#.

Dial *253*0# to opt out. You can stream on any platform of your choice. So there is no restriction according to - - Etisalat-- ohh sorry, 9Mobile.

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What do you think about this package?

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Get MTN Free 1GB Data for Chatting and Browsing

Get MTN Free 1GB Data for Chatting and Browsing

It's a happy period for MTN Nigeria subscribers as MTN is given free 1GB data to be used for Chatting and browsing your favorite social media platforms and websites.
Mtn free 1GB Data

This data Awoof is coming at a time MTN NG is still splashing free 100MB for some subscribers that downloads MyMTN App, just as 9Mobile is giving Free Data for customers that downloads 9Mobile app.

Note that this MTN free 1GB Data is different from lasts years 1GB Free data via IMEI tweaking. In this case, you don't need to tweak any imei or use any VPN app to activate it.

It's simple, if you received an SMS from MTN confirming its free 1GB data, it means you are eligible and have gotten the MTN Free 1GB Data to chat on whatsapp and brows. This data is valid for 7 days only.

Alternatively, to know if you got this free data, dial this code *559*4# to check your data bonus to confirm if you have been given or not.

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Let's know if you also got free data from MTN.
Guys, MTN is Giving Free 100MB Right Now, Check

Guys, MTN is Giving Free 100MB Right Now, Check

This could be an intentional or unintentional early Christmas gift from MTN to some of their subscribers. Some people are testifying that MTN surprisingly wired free 100MB to their phone this morning.

According to a user named Obinaija Obi on the Telegram Group, he said he got free 100MB from MTN and shared screenshots. While some people on Telegram and whatsapp tested, some said they didn't get anything while few got it.

Meanwhile, when i tried it, I didn't get as well. But you too can try because there is no harm in trying. In fact, no setting or VPN is required. It's as easy as dialing a code on your Phone via your MTN line.

So to check if MTN also gave you the free 100MB, just dial *559*4# on your phone. That's the code for checking data balance on MTN.

Recall, early this year, MTN did similar thing - giving their subscribers free 100MB. Remember you can still get free MB when you download and use the MTN app. Checkout another way of getting free MB from this post.

So have you dialed the code? Were you among the lucky customers?
How To Get 9Mobile 4.5GB For N500

How To Get 9Mobile 4.5GB For N500

Do you know you can actually get a whopping 4.5GB of data for just N500 on 9Mobile? Yes it's possible so in this post, I will show you the code to get 9Mobile 4.5GB for N500 and how to be eligible for it.
9Mobile 4.5gb for n500

9Mobile took to their social media pages this weekend to announce this new offer to their customers to enjoy super-fast internet browsing and downloading.

It's a smart business trick to get more subscribers on its network as it only works on new 9Mobile SIMs.

✔️ Just buy and register a new 9mobile SIM card
✔️ Then dial 200 and select 2 to join the cliq
✔️ After that, dial *229*10*16# for 4.5gb. This one-off data offer is valid for 5days.

This 9Mobile 4.5GB for N500 valid for just 5 days. It's unfortunate it's not 15days or 30days.

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Guys how do you see this trick? Can you get a new sim just because of a 5 day plan?

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Download WE 2019 Apk 18 OBB Data (Winning Eleven 2012 Mod)

Download WE 2019 Apk 18 OBB Data (Winning Eleven 2012 Mod)

WE 18 Apk is a modified version of Winning Eleven 2012 Mod for the year 2018 and 2019. The legendary football game is loved by many gamers around the world although in Asia it's known as Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Mod. So if you are one of the fans of WE 2012 game, you may need to download this latest WE 2018, WE 19 apk Mod for Android devices.
We 2019 apk (Winning Eleven 2012 mod) Because of the popularity of Winning Eleven game, many developers has modded different versions including WE 12, WE 2013, WE 2014, WE 2015, WE 2016, WE 2017, WE 18 and now WE 2019 apk. Thanks to Konami Franchise for initially developing this game and making it one of the most played football games of our time.

Winning Eleven 2019 is a mobile football game which works on Android devices and is free for all Android users to install and play. It is one of the oldest soccer games around but has received several updates with WE 19 being the latest and succeeds WE 18.

Winning Eleven 2012 Mod 19 game is totally free to download and install on your device through the direct download link on this blog Winning Eleven is also an offline game meaning you don't need data plan to play it as it's the case with most versions of FIFA games and PES games.

Note that WE 2012 mod 2018, 2019 apk is available on Android and PC versions but to install it on iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad), you would have to download WE 2012 PPSSPP ISO and play with an Emulator. However, I have focused on the Android version of the game in this context but in my subsequent updates, I will provide download link for WE 2019 PC version.

WE 2019 apk file size is just 290 MB which can be comparable to lite games such as FTS 19 and DLS 19 so it won't choke up your device memory and won't require high end configuration to play smoothly.


✔️ This latest version of WE 12 Mod 2019 Apk features super stars like Messi, Ronaldo, Pogba, Sanchez, and Hazard with new players like Mohamed Salah and kylian Mbappe also showing their talents and cheats. It also features legendary stars like Beckham, Anelka, Tevez, Lampard, Gerald, Roberto Carlos, Drogba, Dida, Rooney, Figo, Tevez and many others. For those who want to go back to history.
✔️ Players’ skills can be increased as trophies are won
✔️ Referees can be seen on the pitch.
✔️ Players’ jerseys get dirty depending on the condition of the field.
✔️ Cautions for repeated offenses.

Name: Winning Eleven 2012 mod WE 2018 Apk. 2019
Latest Version: WE 2019
Supported Android Version: Android 3.0 or higher
Game App Size: 290 MB
Game Password:
Game Rating: 3/5
We 2019 gameplayWHERE TO DOWNLOAD WE 2012 MOD WE 2019 APK
✔️ Download WE 2019 Apk + OBB Data Here.


✔️ First off, download WE 2019 Apk full obb mod data from the link provided above.
✔️ Next, install and extract the OB data file (download xplorer or any other android zip manager and use this password enter:
✔️ Now move the extracted OBB folder to this path: sdcard>Android>obb.
✔️ Finally, go to the game file and install it. Locate the apk file, tap to play and enjoy the game play.

Note: don't expect a very good graphics on this game as it's a basic football game with low quality graphics and player emotions. If you need a game with better and realistic graphics, then you need to download FIFA 19 Iso or even PES 19 which requires over 1.3GB data and more memory space to install.