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6 Powerful Prospecting Ha"cks to Help Fill Your Sales Pipeline

Sales pipeline is the process or stages through which a sale happens. Each stage can take the sales agent towards successfully completing the sales or it might result in losing out on the lead. Using your resources in the right direction will help you make the sales pipeline journey successful. You should enhance your sales process and blend sales CRM and automation aptly for your business.
Sales pipeline

Here are 6 simple yet very effective hacks that you can use to help your sales pipeline

1. Understand your process – This is a very basic yet important aspect of sales pipeline. Make sure you are aware of where you stand as in the stages of the sales pipeline. Do proper assessment to qualify leads after you successfully find and engage them. Coming to understand what ways a lead can be reached will give you amazing insight as well as it will help the agent connect better with the lead. The agent should stay focused on the leads and act appropriately depending on their response. One effective marketing strategy is to look for leads that are in need rather than creating need and then attempting to sell them. Looking for an appropriate percentage of such customers can help the business greatly.

2. Study the metrics – Once you start tracking your metrics, you will get amazing insight on the performance of your sales pipeline. Interpret the metrics well by studying it closely. Look into all aspects of your leads, like from where they are coming the most, where you are losing them or what you are getting right. Never underestimate or overestimate the power of the cold call. Encourage knowledge sharing amongst the team members, it ensures that the agents have better understanding of how there peers are performing. It helps enhance performance.

3. Know your customer better – It is a great idea to know your customer better. Instead of going ahead with just the dreaded cold call, keep it as a follow-up after an email. Study your customer behavior, make note of their preferences, the influencers that work well for them. Make a detailed study of what entices them and use it to make your sales happen. Your customers will be impressed by the hard work and knowledge curation you put in, it will definitely boost the stages to move forward in the sales process rather than just stagnate at certain difficult junctures.Treat each customer as individuals first. Once you can successfully curate customized services, rest assured, the customer will take more note of your approach. Give attention to details and treat your customer with care. Encourage your sales representatives to be adaptable and flexible. For example, if a customer prefers to be called at one particular time, make sure all efforts are made to make the call at that particular time.

4. Be prepared – The sales pipeline will inevitably run into objections. It is a great idea to stay prepared on how to deal with common problems. Knowing how to deal with obstacles will actually give you an edge rather than turning it into a negative experience. Armed with that competitive advantage the agent can easily anticipate and fix potential hindrances. Encourage the sales managers to let the sales representative do a good turnaround by studying closely the delays or other types of problems. Incorporate regular troubleshooting practice so that the agents become a pro. They will gain tremendous confidence through such exercises.

5. Social media – It is in best interest that you use all social media channels in combination. Which platform to give more importance or how to prioritize your approach, depends completely on your lead. Social media with its ever growing and all-encompassing reach gets your message delivered well. The content should be curated by the agent to fit the brand they represent. Develop a good social media marketing strategy. Social media keeps your business relevant. It not only catches the attention of your leads but helps your leads stay engaged in your product. Intelligent use of social media can help you gain the brownie points.

6. Networking – Participate in events and causes. Whichever way you chose to network, always remember to focus on your goal to channel towards your sales pipeline. You would not only be able to find your next set of leads but be rewarded with partnerships. These partnerships are very important as it will help you generate future leads as well. You will also know how to carry out lead generation, or the kind of events that interests your customers. you will have a steady flow of leads. Depending on your sales pipeline use your networking abilities to proceed in a successful way. Not just try to sell to your existing customers but keep looking for new customers as well. That certainly does not mean you should ignore the old customers.

When you are dealing with a sales pipeline, concentrate on what you want to do or where you want to get at. Your main aim should stay in place, but considering other factors keep the sales pipeline full and happening. Identifying the right decision-maker at the right juncture can help immensely in the sales process.

Monday, October 22, 2018

How is Digital Technology Changing the Labour Market?

There is no doubt that digital technology has become integrated into almost every sector of industry. In most cases this is actually beneficial and sometimes it is not even noticed!

One area where this could be said to be true is the labour market. But digital technology has made a huge difference:
How is Digital Technology Changing the Labour Market?

Manual Labour

Whether you’re looking for an electrician, general labourer or an IT specialist you need a physical person that can do the job for you. You can advertize for this person yourself or access a bank specializing in labour hire Sydney.

The result is a list of suitable candidates being supplied to you or simply the right one turning up at your door; it depends on what type of contract you wish to specify.

That doesn’t seem very digital! However, digital technology has made it possible for skilled workers
across the world to see job opportunities anywhere on the planet. They can register their interest and skills, allowing them to be considered for jobs even if they are thousands of miles away.

In this aspect digital technology has made the world smaller and perhaps made it easier to locate jobs. Of course, this approach can also dramatically increase the competition for certain jobs.

In this respect digital technology is improving the prospects of many workers and can even allow consultants to interact with businesses without having to leave their own homes.

The Digital Workforce

But, this is not the only impact on the labour market. Digital technology is at the center of most employment debates. It both creates and destroys jobs.

What is interesting is the fact that the revolution of business is increasing. This is the time it takes for
one skill to disappear and a new one to arrive. In the past this has been approximately 30 years. Now a skill can disappear and be replaced in just a few years; thanks to digital technology.

The simple fact is that younger workers may need to retrain several times in order to stay ahead of the industry and gainfully employed. That’s a challenging concept that could drive more people to the leisure industry and relative ease of working a fixed shift for a fixed rate.

Job Creation

The more advanced the digital world becomes the more we are all in need of people that can understand how these systems work and even develop new systems to improve the quality of life and work further.

This is a specialized field and not one that is open to everyone but there is an ongoing potential to create more and more jobs as technology continues to evolve and improve. But there is another way in which digital technology is creating jobs.

In general the income levels of people are rising, as is the life expectancy and the leisure time available. This is all thanks to digital technology. The consequence is that more people have disposable income to spend on leisure activities such as enjoy a drink in a bar, a meal in a restaurant or simply having their hair cut.

In response to this increased demand the number of staff in these industries has had to increase. In
fact estimates suggest that there are 4 times as many bar staff today as there were 10 years ago.

Machines and digital technology may be able to take on the repetitive roles but they are not capable of replacing these types of jobs at this time.

In effect digital technology has made the world a safer place, the number of hard and dangerous jobs is declining while those in leisure industries and digital technological feeds are increasing.

Job Destruction

Of course there has been job destruction. The biggest impact of this can be seen in factories. Digital technology has been destroying these jobs for many years. Processes that used to be completed by hand are now done faster and more accurately with robotic arms. These are the repetitive roles that are mentioned above.

The number of people employed in these roles has declined sharply in recent years although some
employees have moved to supervising the machines instead of doing the work. There is also a very real threat to job stability in the more developed world. Digital technology has shrunk the world and allowed business to recruit staff from virtually anywhere. This has led to a rise in staff recruited from countries where the pay rate is much lower.

In fact some companies are moving their entire operation to Asia and India in a bid to dramatically reduce their operating costs. Digital technology makes this possible and allows the founders of these facilities to manage their operation from anywhere in the world while gaining the benefit of cheap labour.

Using cheap labour is not a new thing but digital technology is dramatically increasing how often this is happening. While this may improve the employment rate in Asia and India it will not be beneficial to the western countries and their employment rates.

Hard Labour

Perhaps the issue of digital technology and jobs should not focus on whether specific sectors of jobs are in decline but on what the overall employment rate is.

After all, there are many physically demanding jobs which have vanished over the years and most people are not disappointed by this. But, people are disappointed when they don’t have a job to go to. The fact that there are 205 million people unemployed across the world suggests that there is still some work to be done to ensure everyone can be grateful to digital technology and the improvements it has made to life in general.

What is certain is that digital technology has been changing the face of the labour market for many years and this trend is not about to change. The real question is how people can adapt to these changes to improve their quality of life. Digital technology provides the incentive and the possibility; it simply depends on how you view the changes it brings.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The best compact cameras for every user

Compact camera systems provide portability and convenience for the photographer on the go. While smartphones with high quality imaging capabilities have reduced the overall number of compact cameras available on the market, many compact systems available today are high quality, rugged, and offer large sensors and other settings for better image quality. Whether you’re a longtime photographer, or a rookie looking for a simple travel camera for an upcoming trip, here’s a look at four cameras that are among some of the top compact systems available today. These cameras represent a sample of the wide range of features and prices suitable for all users.

best compact cameras Fujifilm X100F

Fujifilm X100F

The Fujifilm X100F fixed-lens digital camera is the fourth iteration of Fujifilm's X-series camera. The first in the series, the X100, launched in 2011. The X100F has received much recognition for its aesthetic, a retro-inspired design that has continued throughout the company’s X-series line. One feature that sets the camera apart is a large 16.3-million-pixel APS-C sensor, allowing for higher quality images and better low-light shooting conditions. The camera has also received note for its expanded autofocus system, which includes an AF-point joystick, allowing for easier autofocus setting.

While the X100F offers many features in a smaller package, it falls on the expensive side for a compact camera with a price tag around USD $1,200. It also has slightly more bulk than other compact options, so it may not be ideal for certain scenarios. In terms of usability, the X100F is better suited for more experienced photographers, as opposed to being an ideal option for beginners or casual photographers.

Light L16

Startup company Light is a newcomer in the photography space. The company announced its first product, the 16 lens L16 camera in 2015, and released the camera in 2017.

In terms of capability, the L16 can capture up to 10 images simultaneously. It then uses on-board software to combine the shots into a single, high-resolution image. The camera can produce 52-megapixel resolution images, allowing users to capture high quality photos without the bulk and weight of traditional camera equipment. With a size slightly larger than a smartphone, and weighing less than a pound, the L16 travels easily and fits into most backpack pockets. The camera also has a 5-inch HD touchscreen in place of a viewfinder, offering a familiar user experience for avid smartphone photographers.

Like the Fujifilm X100F, the camera is on the higher side in terms of price, selling on Light’s website for USD $1,950. However, like many high-quality compact camera solutions, this is a fraction of the cost of a complete DSLR setup, especially considering the advanced imaging technology under the hood. Given its wireless connectivity, and Light’s commitment to constant software improvements, any needed tweaks or solutions based off of user feedback are quickly delivered through over-the-air updates. While the camera was designed to function similar to a smartphone, there may be a learning curve for newer users. The company’s desktop editing software may also require additional photo-editing experience since some of the functionality goes beyond a casual beginner knowledge set.

Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II

The Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II is part of the manufacturer’s G Series, which traditionally has offered models for photography enthusiasts looking for DSLR functions without the bulk. The camera features 1-inch sensors, allowing for high quality images in a package much smaller than most of its competitors. With dimensions of 98 x 58 x 31mm, the camera is slim and pocket-sized. The camera’s controls and design are streamlined, making it well-suited for intermediate or even beginner photographers willing to learn. The camera also includes Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing easy connectivity. This is an optimal step-up for users looking for some of the image-sharing capabilities offered by their smartphones.

The Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II is priced between USD $400-$600, falling in the mid-range for many compact cameras. However, the price can still be a significant investment for many beginner or intermediate photographers. Due to its small size, the camera is also limited in some respects, offering a shorter focal length zoom lens than some of its competitors. The camera also uses a touch screen interface, which advanced photographers and other users may not find ideal.

Sony Cyber-shot WX220

The Sony Cyber-shot WX220 has been recognized for its value, offering an appealing option to beginner or hobby photographers searching for a step up from their smartphone camera. The camera launched with a price tag under USD $200, making it a low-risk option for users looking for a dedicated compact camera without some of the advanced features more seasoned photographers may be seeking. Sony cameras have been known for capturing bright colors and the Cyber-shot WX220 maintains this quality, while also offering good image resolution. The camera also provides a solid option for printing photos from a trip or sharing online, and also has Wi-Fi capabilities.

Many settings for the Sony Cyber-shot WX220 are automatic, so it’s not an ideal option for users who are looking for more control over settings, or those who would like to change them often. The camera’s Program Auto mode, for example, allows some settings to be adjusted, but doesn’t give control over things like aperture or shutter speed. Although images captured with the WX220 are sufficient for sharing online or most normal-sized prints, it’s not well-suited for larger printing, where images can lose sharpness upon close inspection.

If you’re in the market for a quality camera but want the convenience of taking a high-quality picture on your smartphone, there are many camera companies making innovations toward the perfect all-in-one device.

Recently, Light has received funding from SoftBank’s Vision Fund and the German camera giant, Leica. With this investment, the company is focused on developing advanced imaging technologies, including a new wave of smartphone cameras. Different from the L16, the smartphone camera will have between five and nine lenses and will be able to capture 64- megapixel images.

Leica has also entered into a partnership with Chinese network company, Huawei and created the P20 Pro, a smartphone camera with triple-lense technology that can take up to 40-megapixel images. Huawei and Leica are currently working on their next release, the P21, a smartphone camera that many are hoping will keep the three lense design.

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No matter if you choose to go with the camera on your smartphone or a compact camera, technological strides are being made in all facets of the camera industry, making it impossible to choose wrongly.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

New KPN Tunnel Rev Config File For MTN 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat 2018

Are you searching for latest cheat to browse on your phone right now? Search no more, there is a new MTN 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat blazing right now via KPN Tunnel Rev VPN app for Android devices. This cheat can also be used on your PC with the help of Pdanet or Tethernet apps.

Interestingly, this cheat can be tweaked with HTTP Injector and some other tunneling apps which requires root access to work BUT KPN Tunnel Rev works on both rooted and non rooted Android devices.

You will agree with me that this is not the first time we are enjoying MTN 0.00 cheat. In fact, back in 2016, I posted some working proxy servers for activating the tweak but they were later blocked by MTN.

Now, this is 2018 and the cheat has resurrected in new dimension because this one is not unlimited. The cheat is capped at about 1GB on some sims while capped at about 2GB to 3GB daily on some other Sims. Follow below instructions to enjoy the new MTN Cheat 2018 before it gets blocked.

✔️ Your Android phone or tablet
✔️ MTN NG 3G or 4G with 0.0kb Airtime and data balance
✔️ KPN Tunnel Rev (download here
✔️ Download KPN Tunnel Rev Config File from Here (New Config)
✔️ Apply default MTN APN settings.

✔️ Download both KPNTunnel and it's Config file for MTN 0.0kb cheat from the links provided above
✔️ After that, open the KPN Tunnel Rev on your phone
✔️ Then tap the three dots on a straight line
Mtn 0.0kb free browsing cheat

✔ Now️ tap on Config options > tap Import and locate the KPN MTN 0.0k file.
Just tap on it to import.
✔️ After that, tap on the three dashed icon and tick the SSH Tunnel box.
✔️ Then go back and tap Start to connect and the cheat will connect after few seconds.

"This new Config file runs from September 19 to October 1 2018 before it expires"

Remember this version of the cheat works on both rooted and non rooted Android devices as well as windows PC.
Kpn tunnel rev Config File For MTN 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat


✔️ Connect your VPN app and make sure it's browsing on your phone
✔️ Then Open TetherNet app and tap on VPN as you are making use of a VPN connection
✔️ Now tap on Hotspot as you will share the connection via WiFi Hotspot
✔️ Finally, tap on Start Connection
You'll get a popup message "Connection Share Through AP Hotspot"
With this, you will be able to use your VPN cheat on PC without any other special settings on your PC or web browser.

Note that the above process is usually for rooted phones but if you are using a non rooted device, you need [PdaNet to connect to PC

I hope you enjoy it. Happy browsing!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Top 8 Best Software for Duplicate Image Finder for Windows

Your Windows system accumulates lots of junk files in the form of duplicate photos, music & audio files, videos, documents and more. Deleting this duplicate junk could be a cumbersome task when done manually. Thus, we suggest you use duplicate image cleaner tools for instant and effective results. Let’s discuss some of these effective tools here. 

1. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro: 

Use this powerful duplicate file cleaner tool to find and delete all similar and exact match files on your Windows system. It works on advanced algorithms to help your de-duplicate even the remotest corners of your device. Once it completes scanning your device storage, it will display auto-mark results to save your time & efforts. You can use this tool not only to de-duplicate internal device storage but external device storage as well. Using this nifty solution, you can recover GBs of disk space in a jiffy.
duplicate photo fixer pro

2. Similar Photo Cleaner:

Use Similar Photos Cleaner to find and delete all similar photos & selfies on your device. It offers automated settings to help you clean your device from all duplicate photos effectively. Using this smart solution, you can recover GBs of disk space in no time. While searching for duplicate photos, you can simply drag & drop the photos or folders and it will help you de-duplicate your photo library instantly. Further, it supports external drives and offers preview option to help you see files before you delete them. Once it completes scanning of your system hard disk, it will display auto-mark results to help you save your time and delete unnecessary junk.
similar photo cleaner

3. Duplicate Sweeper: 

Duplicate Sweeper is an effective duplicate image cleaner tool that is designed after a long research of similar file patterns & behavior. It reduces your manual efforts to search & delete duplicate image files on your device. This agile, effective and safe tool makes your de-duplication process seamless. While searching for similar photos, it looks for same file names and similar content. During the process, you need to select the location that you want to de-duplicate and it will work efficiently to help you do that. Alternatively, you can drag & drop the files to the application. Further, it helps you review results before you delete any file.
duplicate photo fixer

4. AntiDupl

AntiDupl helps you automate de-duplication process to save your time and reduce manual efforts. It supports all major image file formats to offer you effective cleaning. While looking for duplicate files it scans files based on content thus it offers more accurate results. It also helps you deal with image files with defects. Using this free and open-source software, you can effectively organize your photo library. It supports multiple languages to help users around the world.

5. AllDup

Use this freeware tool to search and remove all identical image files on your Windows system. It works on fast search algorithms to help you find and clean all types of duplicate files including identical photos, music & audio files, movies, documents and more. During the search process, it looks for files with the same name and same content to offer you effective results. Here, you can perform a search in different drives, folders, media storage and external drives. Once it scans and deletes the identical files, it moves them to recycle bin. You can also move these files to separate backup folder from where you can recover the files when needed.

6. Webminds Duplicate Photo Cleaner: 

To start scanning process using this tool all you need to do is to drag & drop the files to scan area and it will start looking for all similar & exact match files. Once it completes scanning the selected files, it will display you results in a convenient manner and help you decide which files to delete or hold. During the scan process, it will search for files based on file name, file size and file content. Furthermore, you can customize the similarity threshold to set the matching level of files.

7. Easy Duplicate Finder: 

Easy Duplicate Finder makes deleting identical files easy and fun. It allows you to find and delete all types of similar files including photos, music & audio files, videos, documents and more. Here, you simply need to drag & drop the files that you want to de-duplicate. It is equipped with advanced search methods and custom scan modes to offer you effective results. Using an ultra-fast search engine, it offers results with 100% accuracy. In other options, it offers a preview feature, undo button, cloud cleaning option, Wizard and assistant for super-easy duplicate file management, avoids accidental deletion of system files etc.
easy duplicate finder

8. DupeGuru

dupeGuru supports Windows, Linux, Mac and all major platforms. During the scan process, it will find and delete all duplicate files that have similar name or content. It works on fuzzy matching algorithms to find similar name files even when they are not exactly the same. It allows you to tweak matching level while searching for identical files to find similar files or exact match files. In addition to duplicate photos, it also works effectively with duplicate music files. You can use this safe and effective tool for instant results.
So, these are some of the best duplicate photo remover tools, you can use to de-duplicate & organize your photo collection. If you know more such tools, then feel free to comment below.

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Deleting duplicate photos in large numbers could be a cumbersome task when done manually. Thus, we suggest you use duplicate image cleaner tools for instant and effective results.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Get PayPal Account That Sends and Receives Payments Without VPN

It is no more news that PayPal restricted some countries from receiving payments (funds) from clients abroad. Users in these banned regions can only make payments but can't receive. That's too bad especially if you are an internet marketer, blogger, Freelancer, Affiliate specialist, to mention but a few. This is because PayPal is the main form of receiving payments for the services you render online especially from foreign clients.

Some of the countries that cannot receive payments on PayPal includes; Nigeria, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea), Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Monaco, Moldova, Montenegro, Myanmar, Pakistan, Paraguay, Saint Lucia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Timor-Leste, Uzbekistan and Zimbabwe. However, PayPal is not available at all to some of nations listed above.

Well, I have a trick that I will reveal to those interested in having a PayPal account that sends and receives money in restricted countries like Nigeria.

PayPal is so important that you can't do without it. I could remember some years back when I lost on some couple of business deals from foreign clients simply because their only method of payment was via PayPal and then, I don't have the one that receives payments. Until I was able to decode a trick that works better than the VPN method.

Talking about VPN, many Nigerians used VPN to open accounts and it works but it doesn't last. The VPN method is very risky and volatile. A little mistake could get your account blocked and you loose the money inside.

But my method is clean and lasts longer once it's opened. You just need to follow the simple rule of not logging with many devices.

✔ Payment is made easily. No need to visit your bank, western union, etc for international payments
✔️ You receive the payment for your goods and services as fast as possible
✔️ The platform is highly secured
✔️ It is the most acceptable payment service in the world
✔️ Sign up is free of charge
✔️ It has an app with simple user interface
✔️ You can pay for virtually anything online with via PayPal
✔️ etc.


It's true that Payoneer is a great alternative to PayPal as it offers almost all the features of PayPal but it's still unclear while some top foreign companies don't make use of it. They seems to prefer PayPal to Payoneer.

Though I have both accounts. In fact, this my trick requires you get both Payoneer and PayPal account for easy withdrawal of your money either to your local bank account or via ATM.


I am sorry to say this but I had to. Initially, I wanted to write an Ebook for this service because it's not free but on a second thought, I decided to put it down as a post for those of you who are willing to get it. In order words, the information is not FREE.

To get this PayPal account, you need to contact me via whatsapp with this number +234-8-0-6-2-2-7-6-4-9-0 (remove the hyphens) or contact me via email (wizytechs @

Please send "INFO ON PAYPAL ACCOUNT" then I will reply you with the procedures.

Only for interested people please. Don't come and chat me up if you aren't interested. Thanks guys for understanding.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

XP Psiphon VPN Config File For MTN Free Browsing Cheat 2018

This XP Psiphon MTN Free Browsing cheat is an alternative to the KPN Tunnel Rev Cheat I posted on this blog recently although the later is still working perfectly but this new one with Psiphon will be of tremendous help when your KPN is not connecting.

In this post, you will be able to download the latest XP Psiphon config file which is working right now for MTN free browsing cheat 2018.

The reason we prefer using config files is to make the process easier for everyone because with a configuration file, you don't need to manually apply your settings instead you just upload the config and connect.

So I believe you will also enjoy this cheat otherwise known as MTN 0.0kb cheat. Note it's different from the MPulse cheat that requires you migrate to MPulse Tariff and subscribe for data. This one is completely FREE!
Xp psiphon vpn mtn free browsing cheat

✔️ Your Android smartphone
✔️ Your MTN SIM with no active data or Airtime
✔️ Stable 3G/4G network
✔️ Download Xp Psiphon VPN Here
✔️ The XP Psiphon CONFIG FILE (Get It From Our Active Telegram Group Here)
Note that this config file has no expiring date (none). So don't worry, about this config file.

You need to import the xp config file on Xp Psiphon vpn first for this cheat to work. Just follow the step by step guidelines below.


✔️ First, download XP Psiphon VPN app and the configuration file through the link I provided above

✔️ Then launch your Xp psiphon vpn app.

✔️ Tap on the triple dot (settings) at the right side above.

✔️ From the options, select Config.

✔️ Then tap on Import Config.
Xp psiphon vpn Config File mtn free browsing cheat

✔ Now️ locate the xp Config file you downloaded and import it.

✔️ You will receive a success message.

✔️ After successful importation, you will see notes and credits for the configuration

✔️ Next, select "United State" as server and tap on the CONNECT button It should connect after few seconds and you will be able to enjoy the MTN free browsing cheat 2018 on your Android phone.

Xp Psiphon VPN is a tunneling tool which allows you to set custom HTTP header and connect your SSH/Proxy with custom header to help you access blocked websites behind firewall with SSH tunneling support & proxy server using build-in Android VPN.

MTN free browsing cheat is here to stay and you should enjoy it now while it lasts. If KPN Tunnel didn't work for you, use XP Psiphon.