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How To Save Money For a Trip

Traveling is fun, educative and adventurous but you don't have to be wealthy to travel to your favorite locations; all you need is adequate planning and an economic lifestyle.

People travel for different reasons ranging from business trips, studying abroad, skill acquisition, holiday vacations, excursion, sports, events, honeymoon etc. While the elites in the society sees traveling as fun, the average person sees it as a herculean task because of the money involved in securing Visa, Flight tickets, accommodation and other miscellaneous expenses attached to traveling (especially abroad).

In other words, whether you are rich, average or poor, you can still travel to your favorite country if you follow the tips on how to save money for travel on this article, also use the best luggage brands.
How to save money for a trip

I have listed some common strategies to help you save money for your next of first trip below.

1. Start a Side Job
A side job could be an online business which you can be doing simultaneously with your normal daily offline jobs. For instance, a classroom teacher can go into freelancing job which he or she can always do after school hours without interfering with the school activities.

If the teacher is not an online savvy person, he can always start conducting extra moral lessons after normal school hours and make some more money for the trip.

Now let me tell you, a teacher can actually make more than the required money to travel to Europe or any other flight routes under one week through freelancing.

Yes it's true but requires extra work and dedication to achieve that because hardwork + smart work results to more money and success in todays world.

2. Open a New Savings Bank Account
Yes you may need to open a new savings bank account solely for your business trips. This will be the account you save all the money you make from your side jobs.

You will be surprised how much you have saved in 6 months if you are consistent and serious about it.

3. Minimize Your Spending Habits
If you are the type that likes buying any new gadget in town, I'm sorry, you need to cut in on that and watch your spendings if you are actually concerned on saving money for a trip.

Mr. A could be spending lavishly on flashy stuffs and still have enough money for his travels but for Mr. B, he has to understand that all fingers are not equal so to save for your trip, you need to minimize your spending habit.
How to save money for a trip

4. Party Less
Partying or clubbing is fun and a good way to end the week but when you have travel budgets in your mind, you may need to party less or at least spend less while partying.

5. Use Your Car to Make Money
If you have a car, it could surprisingly be an additional source of income to you when you storm the roads to engage in commercial transporting business.

I have a friend that always goes to the roads by 5pm after daily activities to carry passengers and he makes a decent amount of money from that. You too can consider that and save the money made from it for your trip.

6. Cut On Housing Budget
To save the money for your trip, you may need to manage living in a cheap and less affordable house for the mean time. It's hard to take but when there is need for such, a man can always do that to save some bucks.

7. Sell Your Stuffs
Depending on your status and the purpose of traveling, you may sell off some of your properties to fund for your trip.

Assuming you are a single guy trying to travel abroad to work but needs money. Don't you think it's wise to sell that your second hand car to raise money? Who knows, you will replace that money within few weeks or months working abroad.

While selling your property is not the ultimate first step to save money, it can come in handy when other options has proved abortive.

8. Book Cheap Flights
Don't get it twisted, some cheap flights are very conformable and convenient so don't allow the word "cheap" scare you away.

According to your budget, you can book cheap flights from Travelstart Nigeria to save costs for your trip to your desired destination in the world.

I love traveling and I'm sure many people also do. The aim of this post is to show everyone that there are creative ways to save money for your trip without borrowing or getting the money from dubious ways. happens to be one of the best flight booking website in Nigeria right now. A good option for everyone no matter your gender and level. 

7 Reasons to Clean Your Windows PC Registry

The registry is the most important component of your Windows PC and it's sensitive as well. But what is it all about? The Windows Registry is simply a database arranged in hierarchy and the settings for everything on your Windows PC is stored on it. It can be hardware, software, and user profiles configuration information. Another work of the registry is to control and manage the working of all programs installed on your computer. You can say that Windows system cannot work without the help of the registry. Whenever you boot the system, all the registry is read into memory. It means the role of the registry starts from the boot-up of the machine. When it's corrupted or malfunctions, your system won't work properly or won't even boot.

Having said that, it is paramount to regularly clean your Windows PC registry to keep it free from unwanted entries which clusters around it. If you are a little bit techy or conversant with it, you can do this without installing any third-party software or app but if you aren't sure of what you are doing, you can use apps that let you achieve it seamlessly.

Registry cleaners are apps/software that provide you with an easy, efficient and reliable method to scan and clean the Windows registry. They ensure high performance of your system as your PC remains error free. Some of the best Windows registry cleaners are CleanMyPC, RegClean Pro, CCleaner, Registry Booster. Apart from cleaning your PC, cleaning your house is important as well, thanks to cleaning service Chicago.


1. Uninstallation of Apps

Do you know that whenever an application is installed on your PC, it creates several entries to the registry? Once that is done, the said application works properly. However, when you uninstall that same application, some of these entries remains in the registry's database thereby creating problems of increased database size which makes your computer to slow down, sluggish and slow to respond to certain commands.

2. Old Entries

Similarly, all the tasks you perform on your computer generates and record entries in the database which increases overtime so you have to regularly run a scan and clean them up to keep your PC fresh and in optimal performance.

3. Program Re-installation

Any time an application is re-installed, some keys are added without deleting the keys that were added to the first-time installation of that application. This again increases the size of the registry.

4. Vacant Spaces

Now, this is somehow strange. It's now obvious that whenever an entry is deleted, it leaves a vacant space. These unwanted spaces keep on building from time to time until it leads to registry fragmentation and makes it unstable. This causes the system slowdown and increases the data access time.

5. Malicious Entries

Viruses and Malware are enemies to PC owners and the reason is not farfetched. In this situation, when a virus, Trojans, spyware, malware, and adware attack your system, they automatically insert invalid entries in the registry. These entries generate system errors. Thus, they damage the registry and causes the system to breakdown.

6. Registry Keys That Are Almost Impossible To Remove

Most paid software comes with a license keys with agreement which wants you to enter the license Key to save license information on your system. Many spyware and malware programs also add irremovable entries to the registry. Thus, the number of keys keep increasing to cause the registry to an unstable system.

7. System Shutdown

Whenever your system boots, it moves the registry to system memory to ensure faster data access. But this must be noted that any changes done in the registry during the operational time, are updated to the system registry during the shutdown process. These registry entries get corrupted if there is a power failure or system crash take place or improper shutdown is done.

Therefore, a good registry cleaner is always a better option if you are not much familiar with the registry. It scans and cleans the registry and fragments it to make it compact also. It results in faster application response time and overall smoother PC performance. With time and due to various installations and un-installations in your system, many invalid registry entries are created.

Even accessing, moving or deleting files from your system create invalid registry entries. These entries may produce problems in your system and bulk your registry over time. A good registry cleaner scans your system for any registry errors, and if found then fix them. It also fragments the registry to keep it streamlined.

Bill Gates: We Didn’t Give Our Kids Cell Phones Until They Were Age 14

At what age did you get your first Cell phone? I got mine at age 15 back then although nowadays, mobile phones are more popular, affordable and accessible to everyone to the extent that little kids in kindergarten and primary schools now have personal phones to make calls, play music and games. As a matter of fact, even professional maids from NYC maid service now have Cell Phones.
Bill Gates
Bill Gates
However, in a rather shocking news, world's richest man and the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates has revealed that he didn't allow his children to own a cell phone untill after the age of 14. Can you believe that? You would think his kids would have been among the first to use smartphones at an early age.

In an interview with the Mirror, Bill Gates and his wife banned their three children from owning cell phones until age 14. They limited their children access to technology. Below is his statements on this issue:

“We don’t have cell phones at the table when we are having a meal, we didn’t give our kids cell phones until they were 14 and they complained other kids got them earlier.”

“We often set a time after which there is no screen time and in their case that helps them get to sleep at a reasonable hour. You’re always looking at how it can be used in a great way – homework and staying in touch with friends – and also where it has gotten to excess.

But the Microsoft CEO is not even the first techie to do this. In a Sunday New York Times article, reporter Nick Bilton says he once asked Steve Jobs “So, your kids must love the iPad?”

Jobs response: “They haven’t used it. We limit how much technology our kids use at home.”

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In case you don't know, Steve Jobs is the co-founder of Apple computers. As a matter of fact, iPhone and iPad came in existence through his inventions.

So the question now is at what age did you get your first phone? Would you follow Bill Gates footsteps by not allowing your kids to have a phone till the age of 14? As for me, my kids will have access to phones and other electronic gadgets as early as possible but I will have to monitor their activities with Google's Family Link and other similar child monitoring apps.

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How To Revive A Phone That Fell Inside Water

We are in raining season and this is the time that many people's phone accidentally gets wet either by dropping inside water or any other means. It is very frustrating and can paint the whole day black for the phone owner because virtually every phone that drops inside water automatically refuses to switch ON or work normally again and trying to force it to come up can tremendously increase the damage on the phone.

So here is the simple and basic steps you will take immediately your phone is soaked with water.

SECTION ONE (normal procedure)

STEP 1:  Remove the phone from the water as quickly as possible

STEP 2:  Clean it thoroughly with dry cotton cloth

STEP 3:  Remove the battery, sim card, memory card immediately

STEP 4:  Place the phone under the sun for 24 or 48 hours 

NOTE: Don't try switching it ON before this time!

STEP 5:  After the stipulated time, take it and insert the battery first; switch it ON. It should come up

SECTION TWO (funny but interesting method mostly for non removable battery phones)

STEP 1: Take the phone out of the water immediately

STEP 2: Wipe the surface of the phone with a paper towel

STEP 3: If its an iphone, do not remove the battery, because doing that would void the warranty, after wiping the surface of the phone just place the phone in a bag of uncooked rice for 24 hours, it will absorb the water, bring it out afterwards and you can now switch on 
If its not an iphone, ensure to remove the battery and any other detachable part of the phone before putting it in a bag of uncooked rice.

However, if all the above mentioned process didn't work for you, kindly take your phone to specialists to dry it.

Meanwhile, it's always advisable to always put on your rain jacket in Winter as it will also help protect your mobile phones and other important gadgets.
Good luck.

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Does Gorilla Glass Need Screen Protector?

When cell phones and mobile electronic first arrived on the market there weren’t a lot ofoptions for high quality touch screen glass because, well, the need didn’t exist. When smartphones started becoming the industry standard touch screen glass technology was still relatively new - and incredibly breakable. So for a decade to protect screens from scratches and cracks cell phone users adhered plastic screen protectors to their devices. These screen protectors normally had an adhesive backing that would be squeegeed onto said

However, like advancements in technology, touch screen glass became tougher and more durable. Today’s industry touch screen standard is Gorilla Glass manufactured by Corning.

It was known that Corning was developing a glass that was harder and more resistant to cracks. Prior to smartphones, cell phones and Palm Pilots were using a softer glass for their display for better use with a rubber-tipped stylus.
Gorilla glass phone screen protector

This glass worked well for its intended purpose but was useless for finger interactions and definitely not shatter proof if the device was dropped. In 2007 Steve Jobs used Corning’s Gorilla Glass for the Apple iPhone, and because of their influence in the market others quickly followed suit.

Now Gorilla Glass is in it’s 6th generation and can be found in 5 billion devices globally. Due to these technical advancements is there a reason you’d even need a gorilla glass screen protector?

What is Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla Glass is essentially glass that has been chemically tempered that is penetrable enough to use with your finger prints but strong enough to be impervious to drops and scratches. This is achieved through soaking the gorilla glass in a chemical salt bath while adding compressive stress to the inside of the glass.

When applied to a smartphone, the
stress on the interior of the glass helps counteract pressure when the device is bumped against something or dropped entirely. Smartphone screens have gotten progressively thinner which creates need for more tempering. However, more tempering means more pressure that is added to the glass.

This creates a more flexible glass that can bend and absorb shock easier when dropped to greatly reduce the risk of cracks and scratches.

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Gorilla Glass & Scratch Resistance

Although Gorilla Glass is won’t shatter your entire screen when it’s dropped, it is however not entirely scratch proof. If you keep your keys or change in the same pocket you carry your phone in, chances are (especially with newer phone models) your phone screen absolutely will not scratch. Although hairline scratches may occur, glass technology has thankfully caught up with smartphone technology and soft metal surfaces more likely than not will not harm a device without a screen protector.

Gorilla Glass however cannot protect your device from hard natural materials such as sand or rocks. Sand is comprised of millions of tiny sharp particles, which can create millions of tiny sharp scratches on your screen.

Rocks too are naturally rough and jagged, so if a device were to skid along one, chances are your phone is not going to remain unscathed (with or without a screen protector).

The good news is that this is typical for all glass, tempered or not.

Therefore, a plastic screen protector may prevent your phone from being scratched by small items, but nothing can prevent damage caused by the natural world.

Depending on what caused the scratch, if the scratch is deep enough it might penetrate the case and cause a surface scratch on your screen as well. If this is the case, you can purchase double sided
polished Gorilla Glass online.

Screen Protectors & Difficulty

Something to consider when debating the use of a screen protector is how difficult your screen might be to use after a protector is applied. As said before, earlier devices such as the BlackBerry or Palm Pilot used a much softer glass that proved difficult to use with your fingertip.

Plastic behaves in much the same way, so if your smartphone’s screen is covered
in plastic it may hinder your ability to operate your device with your finger. With that said the thicker the protector the harder the usability may become. Since Gorilla Glass is already manufactured to be touch-friendly the want to omit a protector is just.

Like most plastic, the ones used for screen protectors is polished. Because screen
protectors also have to have some fingerprint functionality and need to be extremely clear to see the screen it’s protecting, they also have to be coated.

This high polish and coating can attract a screen’s worst nightmare; fingerprints. And with a device that’s constantly being touched, that means the fingerprints can add up fast.

Not only do fingerprints make your nice brand new phone look aesthetically unpleasing, it also makes it impossible to see your screen. Because screen protectors are plastic you can polish and wipe away fingerprints, but doing so frequently can be tedious and make you unproductive
(especially if you’re a heavy phone user).

Gorilla Glass & Replacements

Before applying a screen protector to your device, you should also take into account how difficult it might be to remove your screen protector or screen in case of an emergency. As stated above screen protectors and Gorilla Glass are incredibly susceptible to damage when they come into contact with sand or scraped against rock.

This event can mean not only your screen protector needing a replacement but your Gorilla Glass itself as well. It may be difficult to remove and replace both elements depending on where the cracks occurred or the amount of them. If you’ve completely shattered and dented your device this may not only be impossible but incredibly expensive as well.

Screen protector removal, depending on the brand and application, can leave unwanted
adhesive residue on both the screen and device. Even if your phone is the newest one on the market, any blemishes will greatly lower or even remove its resale value. If your screen protector shows any sign of damage after a screen protector has been removed it’s greatly recommended to buy an affordable already polished Gorilla Glass online.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

FitBark 2 Review – GPS & Activity Monitor Technology for DogsFitBark 2 Review – GPS & Activity Monitor Technology for Dogs

Famous for motivating dog owners to live a healthy and active life and to also ensure that their dogs stay healthy, FitBark 2 is an establishment and a canine monitor that was set up in 2013.

FitBark 2 might be famous as an establishment that helps dog owners, as well as their dogs, live healthy lifestyles. That, however, is not all it is about. Fit Bark 2 is an establishment that is famous for manufacturing software infrastructure. In addition to playing a role in making software infrastructure available to those that need them, Fit Bark 2 also produces collar sensors. These collar sensors make it easy for those that own dogs to monitor the health of their dogs. In addition to monitoring their dogs’ general health.
FitBark 2 Review

This device helps dog owners keep an eye on such things as caloric expenditure, sleep quality, behavioral patterns, etc.

Furthermore, this second edition device makes a research platform available. This research platform is used in the validation of fresh procedures, drugs, foods, and medical treatments.

In What Way Does FitBark 2 Function?
Fit Bark two is not the only establishment that does what it does. Due to this, you need to know exactly how it works if you must get the best out of it. While Fit Bark 2 can be used for several purposes, its major functions are keeping an eye on your pet’s activity levels.

When you depend on the details gotten from Fit Bark 2, you can always have a vivid understanding of what your pet's state of health, as well as behavior, is at a point in time.

Fit Bark 2 is not a platform that carries out its function manually. For it to work, you will need apps. If you make use of an Android device, you will need Android apps. On the other hand, if you make use of
an iPhone, then, an iOS app is what you need.

Now the fact that you need an app to make use of Fit Bark might be interpreted to mean you need to be a tech expert. If that is what you are thinking, you are wrong. You do not have to be a tech expert to make use of Fit Bark 2. So long you are familiar with using apps, you will be able to make use of this tool.

There are lots of things that have to be put in place before you begin making use of Fit Bark 2. The first of these things is to take out time and charge this device for about an hour and thirty minutes. As soon as you are done charging it, the next thing you need to do is to download the app. Once you download the app, you will come across certain instructions on its screen.

You can go on and create a profile for
yourself, as well as your dog when you follow these instructions.

Fit Bark 2 cannot be used in the absence of a mobile device. The implication of this is you will need to link it to your phone. This can be done with the use of Bluetooth 4.0.

When linking Fit Bark 2 to your phone with the use of Bluetooth 4.0, the distance between your phone and Fit Bark 2 should not exceed 9m.

How is FitBark 2 Designed?

Fit Bark 2 has the design of a dog bone. This is because it was made with dogs in mind. With Fit Bark 2, it is almost a case of one size fits all. Due to this, it can be used conveniently by different dog sizes and
different dog breeds.

In as much as Fit Bark 2 was built to be used by various dogs, always remember that this device can only be used by collars that are less than 30mm. Once a collar gets broader than 30mm, it can no longer be
used with Fit Bark 2.

When a device is designed for dogs, it has to be made with materials that are resistant to dog bites. The reason for this is dogs love biting and will not hesitate to bite anything in their path. Fit BARK 2 is built
with materials that can resist dog bites. Due to this, you do not have to worry about it being destroyed
by constant biting from your dog.

There are a number of materials used to make Fit Bark 2 to ensure that it does not get destroyed by constant biting from your dog. One of these materials is polycarbonate.

Although Fit Bark 2 is made from materials that are resistant to dog bites, when it is being bitten by a big dog, it might not last as long as you would expect.

What are the Features of Fit Bark 2

Fit Bark 2 comes with a number of features and a lot of these features are favorable. Below are some of the features that come with Fit Bark 2

Fit BARK 2 is Waterproof

Dogs are not sedentary animals. They move around a lot. Due to this, you might not always have your eyes on them. The fact that you do not have your eyes on your dog means you can’t always stop it from
going into certain environments. The implication of this is your dog might spend a lot of time playing in the water without you knowing.

To ensure that Fit Bark 2 does not get destroyed when your dog plays in the water, it was built with waterproof materials. When under 1m of water, Fit Bark 2 can function at its optimum for about one
hour. After this, it might stop performing at its optimum.

Fit Bark 2 is Shock Proof

Fit Bark 2 was built with materials that do not get easily damaged. One of the materials that it is made with is polycarbonate. Due to this, it can be bitten lots of times without getting damaged.
Although it is near impossible for this device to be destroyed by a small dog, larger dogs can actually damage it.

Dude Gadgets That Make Him Smile

You will come across several men who are crazy about gadgets. Most of them may already have quite a few at home that they use. Dude gadgets have helped to simplify the lifestyle of humans and are available in different varieties.

There are some gadgets that help you listen to your favorite songs on your handheld and some that even measure your body statistics such as heart rate, hours spent
sleeping, steps taken while walking and running. The varieties are so big that you can easily get confused as to which gadget to use.

Thus, choosing the right type after doing proper research is the best way to find the most suitable gadget for yourself.

Some of the Best Gadgets That Men Normally Prefer

If you wish to listen to some music while doing your morning walks, you will obviously require a good pair of headsets.

These gadgets are also available in different types. You will come across headsets, headphones, above the ear headsets, in-the-ear headsets, and so on. This is why it is always recommended to choose the one that fulfils your need and is convenient to use. Here are some of the
best gadgets that men normally prefer to use.

1. Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S:

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

This compact looking, and extremely slim gadget is basically a vacuum cleaner that helps you maintain a clean home without doing the cleaning on your own.
This device vacuums your home on its own and gets rid of every speck of dust from the floor. The puck shaped gadget comes with a powerful 1300Pa of suction and you need not supervise the cleaning while the gadget works. The large wheels of the gadget help it to climb ledges and also roll over carpets without any difficulty. It also comes with a drop-sensing technology that prevents the device from falling off stairs or ledges.

2. Sonos Move – Smart Portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker:

Sonos Move – Smart Portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker

If you love to listen to songs most of the time, then this Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker will be a great choice for you. It helps you to enjoy music both indoors and outdoors. It comes with a built-in Amazon Alexa that you can easily control with your voice to set up alarms, play songs, and even get various questions answered in the blink of an eye.

The best part of the speaker is that it is weatherproof and easily resistant to
salt spray, snow, rain, extreme cold and heat, UV rays, and much more.

3. Anker Wireless Charger:

Anker wireless charger

Wires everywhere around you can easily mess up your mind. How would you feel if you could easily charge your mobile phone without the use of wires? The Anker Wireless Charger is here to help you with it.

This well-optimized charging stand is
designed to charge your handheld without the use of any wires. It comes with a PowerWave stand that contains twin charging coils that allows you to charge your phone both in the portrait and landscape modes as per your convenience. It can also charge your phone directly through its case up to a thickness of 5mm.