Wednesday, November 21, 2018

How To Get The Best Black Friday Deals

Another Black Friday is here! It's that time of the year customers get discounted prices for goods and services in most countries of the world and I'm sure you will make a good use of this year's Black Friday opportunity to get the best deals.

Having said that, Travelstart Nigeria is offering amazing Black Friday Bonanza this year 2018 for those booking flights, hotels, and other rentals at a cheap price. It promises up to 30% discounts on deals during this period but the question is; are you ready for these deals? How can you get the best Black Friday Deals?

First and foremost, you need to make up your mind that this opportunity won't pass you by because it's once in a year shopping event worldwide. So you may consider below tips.


Plan Ahead: You need to have a budget and set your mind on what you are going to buy on Black Friday. When you have your mind set on something, then you will search for the product or service during the event and compare discounts that suits your budget.

Shop Early: There is a saying that goes like this; "the early bird catches the worm. Also on black Friday, the early buyers gets the best products on discount. I could remember last year when I bought a smartphone with 45% discount just 3 minutes into the event proper but after some hours when my friends wanted the buy same phone, the discount was decreased to just 5%. You see the importance of early shopping.

Get First Hand Information: Do u have any website in mind fo shop for goods or services on Black Friday? Do yourself a big favour by signing up to the website newsletters and email. By so doing, you get the latest updates on its black Friday discounts and dates.

Collect Discount Codes: Some companies even provide discount codes which customers can add to the discount price for an even further discount to your purchase. Certain retailers offer vouchers and discounts that are specific to Black Friday only, so make sure you apply the correct codes.

Checkout below infographics for Travelstart Nigeria black friday deals this year.

travelstart best black friday deals

1. Travelstart was voted #1 for the best mobile shopping experience in 2018.
2. Travelstart’s top-selling destinations on Black Friday 2017 were Mauritius, Thailand, Namibia, India and the UK.
3. SAA, British Airways (Comair), and Emirates were our top-selling airlines on Black Friday 2017.
4. The average discount across the world on Black Friday is 55%!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

4 Helpful Customer Service Tools for Small Businesses

Customer satisfaction is essential to the success of any business. If a customer is unhappy with your product or service, it’s important there is someone in your business who can resolve their issue. This not only helps you maintain a good public image, but it also shows you where you’re going wrong and improves the business moving forward.

If you run a small business, you need a customer service tool that’s affordable, efficient, and comprehensive enough to cover everything in one software suite. Changing to or utilizing a new piece of software involves a bit of hard work, including support staff training and data migration. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of four great customer service tools for your small business, ensuring that no matter what software you choose, you can rest assured that it will be worth the investment.customer service tools for small business

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce calls their software the “#1 customer service application,” which is why it’s first on many lists - and for good reason. This software is powered by Artificial Intelligence, which helps provide a more personalized customer experience. It also allows the software to interpret and make use of the data it’s provided. AI capabilities extend to the chatbots, which cleverly collect case information before engaging with customers. This significantly decreases the time it takes to resolve each case. You can make calls within the Service Cloud console, which allows agents to view information on each customer during the call, helping them resolve cases more efficiently.

JitBit Helpdesk

Jitbit’s software is a ticketing system for your business that offers your choice of an affordable self-hosted version and a SAAS version that runs in the cloud, eliminating the need for costly installation procedures. Powerful email integration ensures that every received email is immediately turned into a ticket and sent through the system.A knowledge baseis included in the software, allowing you to update information about your business to help agents resolve cases faster. Tickets can be categorized, tagged and assigned to your liking. Integration with Windows, MS Exchange, JIRA and countless other apps helps you quickly migrate existing data into your new software.


This somewhat newer software has quickly become the first choice for many businesses when it comes to customer service tools. The clean, modern user interface is loaded with powerful features. Ticket management is made easier through social media integration, allowing customers to interact with your business through more than just email.To make it more fun for your staff, Freshdeskhas “gamified” their system. Agents can earn points and unlock rewards for their hard work. Statistics reports come standard, providing information on when tickets come in most often and how your reps work throughout the day.


Groove is also a fairly new piece of software, but its fresh take on customer service tools has helped it rise up through the rankings. It’s great for small businesses, as the one and only plan is affordable and offers unlimited access to every feature. The user interface is not only beautiful to look at, but also extremely flexible and cleverly designed. Messaging and ticketing features come standard, along with several add-ons such as such as additional app integration and chat widgets. It works with most email software and also features a free knowledgebase feature. A free 30-day trial is available for you to see if this suite is right for your business.


Integrating a customer service tool into your company takes some time and its impact on your finances will be noticed. This is why it’s important to do your research and ensure that your choice is the most suitable for your small business. In the end, your customers will be happy, and it will all be worth it.

Download DENT App To Get Free Unlimited Data On All Networks

Hello guys don't let this opportunity pass you by. Download DENT App now and get free unlimited data that works on all networks. It's as easy as ABCD.

DENT is not a free airtime app but a free data app that rewards you 150MB worth of data by just installing and signing up on the app. You receive a welcome point of 30 Dents which translates to 150MB data.

Though we are still enjoying Opera News Free Airtime app but I think Dent will complement it with its new strategies. Imagine having both apps in your phone, it means you will be getting free airtime and free data everytime by just sharing the apps with your friends. Interesting right?

Meanwhile, the basic purpose of DENT app is for data topup, so Dent helps you topup data for a friend or family and also allow you earn free data of any network using the app. The app is available for Android 5.0 KitKat, 6.0 Marshmallow, 7.0 Nougat, 8.0 Oreo and 9.0 latest version. It works for users in Nigeria, Mexico, United States and Brazil. The developers promised to add more countries to the list before the end of the year 2018.

You have the option to redeem or cash out your Dents as data. You can also buy Dents with PayPal or refer friends to earn more Dents. You stand a chance to get unlimited data with more dents.


✔️ First and foremost, Download Dent app for Android here
✔️ After installing, Sign up using your Facebook profile, Google profile or your email address.
✔️ You will be welcomed with 30 Dents worth 150 MB on any network.
✔️ To redeem your Dents as data, simply enter your phone number into the "Send Data To" box.
✔️ Finally, select the data amount you want to redeem.
Viam.... Your line will be credited with the said data.

Dent app supported networks

It's very easy, your referral link is there in the homepage. All you need to do is click on "INVITE NOW" and you will see the unique link which you can proceed to share with your friends on social media, forums, etc to get more dents.

So what are you still waiting for? Are you happy spending money all the time for data subscription? Why not utilize this opportunity and enjoy the awoof while it lasts. Download Dent now and get your free data wired to your SIM.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Teleology Appoints New Board of Directors for 9mobile

Teleology has announced the constitution of a new Board of Directors for Nigeria’s multi-award-winning telecommunication company, 9mobile, following the successful completion of the tenure of the former Board appointed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and in fulfillment of the consequential transfer of final ownership to the new investors, Teleology Nigeria Limited.

We thank all out-going members of the Board for helping to shepherd 9mobile through the critical transition phase it has passed through since July 2017 and wish them the very best in their future assignments.

For us, the composition of the new Board of Directors is another significant milestone, and this follows the issuance of final approval of no objection by the Board of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to the effect that the technical and financial bids Teleology submitted for 9mobile met and satisfied all the regulatory requirements. This is indeed the dawn of a new era in the evolution of the 9mobile brand in the Nigerian market.

The New Board of Directors Are :

1. Nasiru Ado Bayero (Chairman)

2. Asega Aliga (Non Executive Director)

3. Adrian Wood (Non Executive Director)

4. Mohammed Edewor (Non Executive Director)

5. Winston Ndubueze Udeh (Non Executive Director)

6. Abdulrahman Ado (Executive Director)

7. Stephane Beuvelet (Acting Managing Director)

The new Chairman of the Board, Alhaji Nasiru Ado Bayero welcomes the appointment stating, “as we begin this new epochal phase, we wish to thank all the employees who built this viable business. Our debt of gratitude also goes to our subscribers even as we assure them to get ready for real best-in-class additional value for their relationship with the 9mobile brand. Without you, there could not have been a 9mobile business for us to invest in today. We will justify your confidence in our brand by making significant investments that will improve the value you get for using 9mobile.”

It would be recalled that the CBN in collaboration with the NCC, had in July 2017 appointed a Board of Directors chaired by Dr. Joseph Nnanna, the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, to oversee the affairs of the company pending the completion of regulatory due diligence of the bid documents submitted by Teleology and sixteen others for its acquisition. The bid process was superintended by Barclays Africa. But with the emergence of the Board, the long process for the acquisition of 9mobile has reached a definitive end marking the beginning of a new era for the telecommunication company.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Journey of TECNO Camon Series and the projection of the Next Camon device

The TECNO Camon Series has been one of TECNO’s best smartphone Series, most popular for their camera-centric nature. This Series focused pretty much on delivering quality cameras, especially the front-facing aspect which has seen a whole lot of improvements over the years. And the fact that people take photos with their front facing camera more than they do with their rear one these days, has helped the brand rose to fame in Africa.

The Evolution of TECNO Camon Series

The Camon X/X Pro is the latest instalment in the Camon line which has taken a whole lot of work and improvements over the years to get here. First was the 2015 TECNO Camon C8 which had a 5MP camera with the ability to capture photos and record videos in low-light thanks to its front-facing LED flash. A year after that in 2016 came its successor, the TECNO Camon C9 packing more than twice the camera quality with a 13MP selfie camera along with an LED Flash and some few other features like deep skin beautification technology all aimed at delivering those perfect pictures.
Soon after in March 2017, TECNO Camon CX, a successor to the Camon C9 arrived with not one, but four rear LED-flash to brighten those low-light photos. The front facing camera also got a bump to 16MP with some customized filters.
In January 2018, the TECNO Camon CM was launched as the first TECNO Smartphone with the trendy 18:9 aspect. It also had a 13MP front-facing camera and of course, an LED flash. Just when we thought that was it for the Camon Series in 2018, they blew us away with the launch of the Camon X and X Pro. TECNO Camon X has a 20MP front-facing camera while the X Pro takes it up a notch higher with a 24MP selfie camera and a dual-LED flash.


Pictures taken with the Camon X and X Pro look so good which leaves one to wonder how the next instalment of the Camon Series will look like. There are rumours flying around already that the brand is working on the third Camon device this year, which will come in two Variants with key features such as AI-HDR, AI-Beautification, AI-Selfie, AI-bokeh.
If the rumours are anything to go by then we should be looking an overall faster device with an improved AI camera. However, we would advise you to take this with a pinch of salt as it hasn’t been confirmed yet.
Now, asides from the camera which we all know is going to be exceptional on the next TECNO Camon device, which other specs do you think the next TECNO Camon device will have? and what name would it be given? TECNO Camon XL? TECNO Camon XS?  Let us know in the comment section down below.
tecno camon series
Have you ever used a camon smartphone?

HMD Global launches new feature phone; Nokia 106, brings two more colors for Nokia 230

HMD Global who currently has a couple of good and well-known android smartphones in its portfolio have decided to try something new with the release of this new feature phone. The new feature phone carries the name Nokia 106 and it has a bar design along with a standard T9 physical keyboard, pretty much looking like most feature phones out there. Nokia also says that scratches on this feature phone should be less visible thanks to the colour that runs through it, otherwise known as inherent colouring. The Body of the device is made of polycarbonate material
nokia 106
The device has an MTK 6261D processor on the inside along with a 4MB of RAM and 4MB of internal storage which can store up to 2,000 contacts and 500 messages. The 800mAh battery on the Nokia 106 can last up to 21 days on standby and give more than 15 hours of talk time. Nokia’s Classic Snake game – Snake Xenzia is also on board on the Nokia 106 along with some other games. The device also has dual SIM support so you can make use of your two SIM on this device. A Micro USB port is also present to charge the 800mAh battery.

Asides the new phone launch, the old ones are also getting a new makeover, specifically the Nokia 230 which was released 3 years ago in 2015. The Nokia 230 which originally came in just two colours – black and white is also getting two more colours – light grey and dark blue bringing the total colours available for this device to four. The new colours options are available for all variant of the Nokia 230 feature phone – both the single-SIM and dual-SIM version.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How to Remove Annoying Ads on Your TECNO, Infinix and Gionee Phones

Are you getting annoying ads on your Tecno, Infinix and Gionee smartphone ? If yes, would like to stop ? If your answer to this question is yes then you’re in the right spot. Some ads can be pretty annoying especially if they don’t interest you or are intruding. The only way to stop the ads is to look for the cause of the ads and stop it. We will be showing you how to do that here.


The number one reason why most tecno and Infinix users are receiving ads is the launcher they are using. Tecno comes HiOS launcher while Infinix comes with XOS launcher. These two launchers show you ads in form of recommending apps for you to download. You can see the ad when you pull up the app launcher. On Tecno Phones (HiOS launcher) and Infinix Phones (XOS launcher), you can turn this off by following the steps below.

1. Press and hold on an empty space on your phone’s home screen till some options come up at the bottom side of the screen.

3. In the bottom side, Click on desktop settings for Tecno Phones and Menu for Infinix Phones and Select Other Settings.

3. From here you can turn off application recommendation.

This will stop apps recommendation from showing up on your tecno and Infinix phone. You can also solve this by installing a new launcher from the Google play store to replace your existing app launcher.


If you’re being plagued by pop up ads on your android device then there are so many approach to fix the problem. First, you can try to figure out which app is popping up the ad on your screen. If the ads only pops up when you launch a specific app then that app is definitely the cause of the pop up ad which might be a way for the developers of the app to monetise the app. You can either uninstall the app to stop the pop up ads or continue using the app like that with the pop up ads. You can also download an add blocker like “Ad Block Plus” or any other ad blocker from the Google Play store to do the job for you.

Now, if the pop up ad randomly pop ups on your android without launching an app then we might be looking at a virus. You can try using an antivirus app to scan your device. A better solution will be to factory reset your device which will wipe everything off including the virus. Remember to back up your important files before performing a factory reset on your device. Once you do that, the pop up ads should stop. Going forward, you should be careful of the apps you install and where you get the apps from.


Push ads are the ads/notification that just show up on your notification panel. Stopping this kind of add is actually very easy. All you have to do is wait till you get any of those ads, swipe down your notification panel and click on it. Any app that opens is the app responsible for this. You’ll then have to navigate to that app settings from within the app and turn it off. Different apps have different methods of turning this off. If you can’t find the option to turn this off in the settings menu of the app you can drop the name of the app below in the comment section and we’ll guide you on how to go about it.


If you’re experiencing any other type of annoying ads on your android device not talked about here, be sure to let us know in the comment section down below so as to provide a solution to stop the ads.