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6 Most Useful Apps For HR Professionals

Most departments have undergone a variety of changes thanks to technological advancement. The human resource (HR) departments, in particular, are at the forefront of these transformations and have reaped significant benefits. One of the most obvious changes is the integration of applications into daily tasks, making things run smoother and more efficiently.
HR professional apps

As an HR professional, it makes sense that you would want to find the right tools for your company, too. But with so many apps out there, how do you pick the best one? We’ve got you covered with six of the most useful apps for HR professionals:

1. Adobe Scan
Adobe scan

The responsibilities HR departments are tasked with, for the most part, are highly reliant on documentation. So, it’s not surprising that an app made specifically for scanning documents would make it onto this list. Adobe Scan from Adobe Systems is the catch-all software that lets you scan, edit, and organise documents of all kinds. What makes it even better is it comes with cloud integration, allowing you to access your documents from anywhere in the world.

2. ClearCompany
Clear company

ClearCompany is an applicant tracking system that encompasses the recruitment process. It aids companies with talent acquisition, as it allows for passive candidate sourcing, enabling companies to import social contact data straight into ClearCompany.

Its onboarding features and real-time employee performance tracker ensures that HR professionals can track a candidate or probationary employee’s work, making assessments easier and more precise. This accuracy can be extremely valuable in the legal industry, with Special Counsel outlining how important it is to have the right people with the ideal skill sets – and this key variable can make or break companies if not considered in great detail. Having the wrong person in place can breed inconsistencies, which can be detrimental in any industry where minuscule mistakes could end up costing a significant amount of money. Having the right people will also help your company lower its turnover rate, which in turn lets you provide an environment that nurtures talent. These benefits, along with its easy to understand interface is what made ClearCompany the world’s fastest-growing talent management platform.

3. Trello

Trello is a project management app that encourages collaboration among team members. It functions as a bulletin board for upcoming, current, and ongoing projects so that people working or managing the projects can track the progress and offer their input when needed. Considering how reliant on processes HR work is, Trello helps keep everyone updated and informed while aligning teams in the process.

4. Prezi

Amy Balliett’s feature on Inc about 5 common mistakes when delivering presentations emphasises the importance of information visualisation. Prezi helps you do this via their comprehensive list of templates that can be customised depending on the type of presentation that you will be doing. This saves time and makes your presentations more effective thanks to Prezi’s impactful visuals. In onboarding and during recruitment events, these visuals can be the deciding factor for a lot of potential employees.

5. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a workplace collaboration app that helps you and your team stay organised. You can split conversations within the app according to the project, team, and department, allowing discussions to be more focused. Each channel also independently stores files, links, and important notes, providing easy access to whoever may need them. The app also has a built-in video conference feature, which is convenient even for impromptu meetings – all you need is a stable internet connection. This is especially useful for companies working in the healthcare industry, as they tend to have to quickly coordinate with thousands of employees. This is likely why Microsoft recently partnered with health insurance company Humana, as the latter can leverage the technology to optimise their daily operations. Apps like Microsoft Teams can help healthcare practitioners coordinate better behind the scenes, which will then lead to improved health services.

6. Deputy

Deputy takes the most tedious HR work and streamlines it. Deputy is a workforce management app that simplifies employee scheduling, timesheets, and employee communication all in one app. It also allows for payroll integration by feeding the data from the app to industry-standard payroll applications.

Friday, November 15, 2019

The Role of Digital Marketing Course in the Growing Field ofDigital Marketing

When we talk about the professions of experts such as doctors, engineers, and similar others, it is quite obvious that the demand for highly certified experts is growing in the big and reputable firms.

When it is about new professions such as that of digital marketing, people are not sure of such demands due to a lack of information and knowledge. But the recent studies have revealed that there is an upsurge in the demand for digital marketing in the industry. This can be due to diverse reasons that have also offered tremendous growth in the demand for a digital marketing course.
Digital marketing

Rising Demand Provoked by Competition
The demand for digital marketing among the clients has increased due to the competition that is prevailing in the market. Each day a new company is coming up with some new and innovative ideas to allure the customers and is also succeeding in converting the audiences into potential customers of their products and services. In such a situation, it is important to adapt to something new along with the general marketing techniques. Digital marketing is one such technique that has offered a new edge to the clients in presenting their products and services in front of the viewers.

This has made different brands and upcoming companies to hire digital marketing experts who are aware of the market trends and can show up some massive results. Also, some of the best
companies are aware of the fact that candidates who have got a certification course in digital marketing done have an upper hand over the candidates who just have practical knowledge of the field. So, such firms around the world look forward to hiring such certified candidates due to thebasic knowledge that they have, well-practiced skills, and other qualities.

Diverse Field in the Digital Marketing Course
The course in digital marketing is not only getting famous because the firms wish to hire digital marketing experts. It is also because the field has the ability to offer diverse segments to the candidates who show up their interest. There was a time a few years ago when digital marketing was a small home to different services. But now it has sprout out so many diverse branches that have their individual significance and importance in the market. This has offered the people to choose from a wide range of digital marketing options to go for.

Website designing, website development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and many other diverse segments have come out of digital marketing today that has their own
individual hold in the market. So, candidates who are interested in social media marketing can simply get certification training done in social media marketing also. Of course, getting the training done in digital marketing done can offer an overall look at the different segments of digital marketing that a person can go for. After realizing the right interest that the candidate has, he or she can choose to get training in the interested segment also.

Constantly Changing Industry
Digital marketing is not similar to other fields that have basic guidelines for courses laid for years. Digital marketing is a field that is marked by constant changes. As technology is growing year by year, and competition is increasing in the market, new upgrades are required in the market to match up the trend. Getting a certification course in digital marketing is helpful as it offers basic knowledge about the areas where changes can happen.

A constant studying process is necessary to stay alert on the changes made and also in getting the new upgrades on the system from time to time. Based on these upgrades and the changing technologies, the right strategies are developed that can show up some helpful results for the companies. It is often seen that candidates who do not have much theoretical knowledge about digital marketing are not aware of how to track the upgrades and hence they lose track of such

The Growing Market
With the increasing use of the internet, the digital marketing industry is on a rising and growing phase. When people are seen stuck up on the screens of their smartphones and computers much more than viewing the ads around them, it is worth using up this trend in the form of digital marketing. The digital marketers stack up varied strategies that are helpful in attracting the views of the audiences and retaining their interest so that they can become a potential customer of the particular brand.

The global rise in the need for digital marketing has, of course, offered a global rise in the demand for digital marketing experts. But this is also a fact that hiring any random expert can prove to be a massive mistake for the firms and they prefer to hire someone who is learned and also experienced. In the forthcoming years, a maximum of the firms will wish to hire candidates with not only earned experience in the field of digital marketing but also someone who has gone through proper training for better results and trustable outcomes.

Each passing day is ought to notice a new change or an upgrade in the way digital marketing actually works. This is quite noticeable proof that the digital marketing industry is steadily developing towards a higher level by the flowing time. When the future of digital marketing is so much promising, it is quite obvious that the candidates seeking opportunities in this field are also about to grow. With such an understanding, candidates willing to have a future in the digital marketing industry are now taking the certification course for digital marketing in a much serious way.
Not just the upcoming candidates, but also professionals who have been in the field have noticed the benefits of getting the training done and hence are fetching such a training along with their experience.

The knowledge adapted from the training is useful in offering fruitful results to the
clients and the certificate attached to the resume offers a sense of confidence to the recruiters that they are hiring a reliable candidate.

The Role of Digital Marketing Course in the Growing Field of Digital Marketing marketing industry are now taking the certification course for digital marketing in a much serious way.

Not just the upcoming candidates, but also professionals who have been in the field have noticed the benefits of getting the training done and hence are fetching such a training along with their experience. The knowledge adapted from the training is useful in offering fruitful results to the
clients and the certificate attached to the resume offers a sense of confidence to the recruiters that they are hiring a reliable candidate.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

After Hours Call Center and Answering Service Providers Technology

You know that you may want to operate a business, and even if you’re in the office all hours of the day and night, you may not actually be operating in “Open” status. Because of this though, some people will still try to get ahold of your company and schedule appointments, meetings, conferences, or even inquire about services, let alone at times need technical support. The solution? Hiring an after-hours call center to provide 24-hour answering from this website. These service providers are one of a kind, and we’re going to talk about them today, and why you need one for your business.
Call center

What You Hear is What You Get
When you’re wanting to call an answering service provider, one of the things you may want to do is ask around and find out from another client of the answering service you’re looking for to see how they work. Get the client’s number. Give them a call after hours. You can listen and see that the best companies out there sound like you’re actually calling the client, and while you may not be fooled because you looked all of the information up, you can definitely see how well they operate.

Price of Convenience
Another great thing about these call centers is that they’re literally available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You don’t have to worry about all of the additional fees you would pay if you were having to rely on a staff member internally to constantly be available. Nobody can actually work for 24 hours straight, and you can avoid having to hire multiple parties by hiring a call service. This saves on things like insurance, payroll, labor costs, workman’s compensation and more.

The Best Answering Service Providers Give You Premium Access
Anyone can answer phone calls, take messages, and send e-mails. With the right call center, you can actually get your messages delivered to your e-mail, mobile device, or other methods. Not only this, but they have the ability to forward calls appropriately (including emergency response), and they can give you the utmost access to every single call that they’ve received for you. The best services provide a customer portal associated with your packaged deal that lets you see who’s calling your business at what times of the day, and they have detailed messages, logs, notes, and more.

Handling Solicitors
Nobody likes robocalls, spammers, and solicitors. Sure they may have a product you’re interested in, but most of the time, you aren’t going to fall for this. By having a call center hired, you can avoid your phone lines being tied up by solicitors that are wasting your time every day, because time is money.

If you’re looking for the best answering service for you, then you’ll want to take a good look at DirectLine who offers just what they are called, a direct line for your customers and clients to call in order to reach you, but at the same time, they’ll handle all of the dirty work talking so you can get the actual work that you need to get done finished on a daily basis. And you can sleep easy knowing at night that you’ll have someone to answer calls to you as well!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

7 Tips To Make Internet Connection Faster On Your Phone

Are you constantly experiencing slow internet connection on your phone? You can make it faster and improve the speed by applying the simple tips i will reveal to you on this article. Although most times slow internet connection is caused by the network providers due to poor equipment and stunted availability of the networking technology in some locations but you have your own part to play in order to boost internet connection.

First, you can check the speed of your connection here. Below are the seven (7) tips to make Internet faster on your smartphone.


1. Set Your Network Connection to 3G or 4G
It is not news that 4G and 3G network modes are much faster than EDGE and 2G networks mode. One babe using very nice smartphone came to me and was very worried that her phone doesn't brows fast. In fact that she finds it difficult to upload photos on Facebook. She even suggested selling the phone thinking that it was a fault but when i collected the phone from her to check things out, I noticed this babe is on 2G network for many weeks and she wasn't even away that it can be changed. Then i switched her to 3G and the network connection improved drastically. You see, some few phone users are ignorant of this.

So to speed up your data connection speed, you need to change your preferred network connection to 3G, WCDMA or 4G instead of GSM or EDGE

2. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps
Are you aware that many Android applications uses internet connection to work and to make things worst, some uses the Internet in background even when you aren't using the app. These apps drags the internet with other more useful apps which you constantly use on your phone so why allow such apps to remain installed in your phone?

I advise you to uninstall all the apps you don't normally use because they don't only slows the Internet connection but also makes your phone's performance slow as well as zapping your data unknowingly.

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3. Clear the Cache in Your SmartPhone
This one might be controversial because in most cases, cache boosts internet speed especially with web browser apps, WhatsApp and Facebook. This is because these apps don't need to reload those saved data once you launch them thereby saving the time internet requires on your phone for processing information. But in some rare cases, cache can work alternatively so you might consider clearing cache memory.

Interestingly, clearing cache helps boost your phone performance as well as giving you more phone memory space especially if you are always short on device internal storage. To clear cache, go to phone Settings > applications > select apps > tap on clear cache. Note that this step might be slightly different from phones with different OS versions.

4. Activate Text only Mode in the Browser
I could remember some years back when I was using the 10mb data allocation from MTN to browse on opera mini using Nokia Symbian phone. Surprisingly, that 10mb serves me for complete one week because i usually browse without images turned on.

So if you are in a situation that demands you must read something online with very low data size available om your phone, just enable "text only mode" and restrict background data on your android phone. You will see the magic of what 5MB can do.

Apart from that, when you disable images from your web browser, your internet connection speed increases drastically but the browsing experience is not that cool. So if you are don't have problems browsing without images displaying or if you have very little data on your phone, apply this simple trick; otherwise, browse normally with images and enjoy what you are reading.

5. Use a Faster Web Browser on Your Phone
The web browser you're using plays a major role in enhancing the overall internet connection speed in your phone. There are many fast web browser available on Playstore for you to download and make use of.

You can try out Opera Mini, UC Browser, Google Chrome and Puffin Browser. They are arguably the most popular web browsers out there so try using them for browsing.

6. Install Internet Speed Boosting App
There are many internet speed boosting apps on Playstore. Try downloading any of them to help in boosting internet connection.

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7. Turn Off and On Your Internet Connection
Lastly, to speed up your phone internet connection speed, toggle the data switch to ON and OF it. Alternatively, enable "flight mode" and disable it again after 3 seconds. As weird as it sounds, this is one of the beat working remedy to combat slow internet connection.

Once you apply this trick, you should experience an improved connection but remember all the above tips doesn't apply to people staying in areas with no network signal at all (if there is such places)

So ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. I hope this will help to solve the problem of slow internet connection speed on your mobile phone. Help other people with these tips by hitting the SHARE buttons below.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

AudFree DRM Audio Converter for Mac Review

It's no more news that Apple protects its digital contents such as music, videos, ebooks, apps, and other documents using DRM technology. For instance, all music available in Apple Music uses DRM protection to protect creators rights. For Apple users, they can enjoy listening to music in the highest quality or format but same can't be said for Android or users of other platforms because the content is restricted.

DRM simply means “Digital Rights Management” which is applied to most digital contents limiting unauthorized usage of such media contents. It may be a song or video. In fact, some iTunes song come with DRM restrictions so in order to gain total freedom to play such songs across media platforms, you will remove DRM.

This is why you need Audio DRM removal and best Spotify Music Converter for Mac. This software allows you to remove DRM protected Apple Music songs, Audible Audiobook to MP3, WAV, AAC, etc. Then you can transfer Apple Music on any device playback like iPod, Android tablet, Smart TV, etc without stress.

How DRM Works
DRM is adopted as the best type of digital product protection because the Police can’t keep an eye on all that goes on online in terms of copyrights.

Therefore DRM works by imposing some technological restrictions that control what users can do with the digital media.

For example, a song can be listened to, but not copied or shared; an ebook can be
viewed on a certain type of device; a single-player game can be played only with the Internet connection; an email can’t be forwarded. In other words, DRM creates a defective product, which completely satisfies the copyright protection needs.

In all cases DRM is a two-part scheme. The first part is the encryption to protect the content itself and the second is an authentication system to ensure that only authorized users can unlock the files. Here
various keys, licenses, login-password combinations are used.

When you buy a DRM-protected product or service, your device is registered by the provider server and receives a key. If the digital content provider allows you to use their property on several devices, each of
them also received the key once you log in into your account.

To know if your file is protected, right click on the media file > properties > details and you will see
“protected” = yes.

Note that the way of checking for protection varies with media files. For example, the way you check for an ebook protection is different from the way you will check DVD or an app protection but they are slightly similar.

Key Features of Audfree DRM Audio Converter for Mac

1: Audfree DRM audio converter has the technology to remove DRM protection from the music you downloaded from the Apple music. The Audfree software does not take a long time to convert your music into DRM free audio files in a few minutes. The software can convert iTunes M4P format and Audiobooks.

2: The Audfree converter came with basic features and advanced that allows you to convert any audio format to your preferred version, so you don’t have to rely on additional software to fulfil the requirement.

3: We cannot argue that everyone wants to convert the audio into your preferred format like MP3, AAC, WAV, M4V, M4B, and FLAC. The Audfree converter recognises the Apple audio format is DRM-ED M4P, and then converts it into your preferred format.

4: The developers of the converter are consumers as well, and they recognise the problem that much similar software doesn’t have enough options in the settings. The developers have added customisation audio settings, and you can split lengthy audio files into small segments, and then convert it.

5: The DRM M4P Converter supports Windows, Mac, and you can even run Windows programs on Linux-based systems using applications. It supports both platforms without any issues, and the developers release frequent updates to give you bug-free program.

6: The most important part of the conversion of a media files that loss in the quality expected when using popular converters. However, it isn’t an issue in Audfree DRM Audio Converter for Mac. The Audfree DRM M4P converter maintains the quality of the audio without any quality loss.

But, remember, you have to install the latest iTunes on your Windows and Mac PC’s to use the Audfree converter.

Best Way to Remove DRM Protection from Apple Music

One of the best software to remove DRM is Audfree. It help you remove DRM from Apple music without
loosing its quality when played with other devices.

The software is free to download and use.

How To Use Audfree Software
Follow this guide to learn how to convert M4P audio format to MP4 using Audfree in a few minutes.
1: Launch the program on your Mac.
AudFree software

2: Now, select the audio files from the library.

3: Now, click on the “sound profile” icon on the bottom right, and a small window will pop-up on your screen. Read the options on the format setting, and we will show what to edit in the next point.
Audfree DRM Audio Converter

4: Click on the icons to select the audio format like we have selected MP3. You can select the codec, Channel (mono and stereo,) Sample rate, Bit rate 320KBPS is the highest audio bit rate you can select, then click on okay to save the setting.

5: Click on the icons we have highlighted in the snapshot, and you can increase and decrease the Volume, Pitch, and Speed.
6: You can select the SPLIT options in the tab, and click on “OK” to save.

7: Click on “TAGS” to give the audio file composer information with your desired image.

8: Now, click on the big “ROUND PINK” button to begin the conversion.
Drm removal

It takes around a minute to five minutes to complete the conversion, and it will be lossless quality music on your Mac.

Final Thoughts
To enjoy the standard and non compromised audio quality after DRM removal and conversion, use
Audfree DRM converter today.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Will IoT Help Us Feel Safer In Our Homes

Before you can start exploring the world of home security and smart home system, it is necessary to explain what IoT is. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated devices that share a set of data over a network without requiring any interaction with a human being.
IoT home security

Although this may sound complicated, you don’t need to worry too much. You use IoT all the time, even without noticing it. For example, if you have a home security system, you are already enjoying the advantages of IoT applied to our daily life.

Nevertheless, with our world and IoT evolving day by day, one may wonder how this is going to help us make our homes
safer. Let’s take a look at it.

Consumer applications of IoT
In the past, IoT was mainly used by commercial and industrial final users that were able to afford complicated network systems. However, nowadays IoT has found a new application, that is for consumer use.

These consumer applications include vehicles, wearable technology, home appliances and, consequently, home automation. Before you ask, the answer is yes: your new smartwatch and your fridge can both benefit from IoT.

Copyright: Pixabay I License: CC0 Public Domain

Smart home systems and IoTç: why are smart home systems so popular?
Smart home systems are now a must for many homeowners.

Alexa, Google Home and other smart assistants can be bought for a reasonable price, are easy to use and, above all, to
install. Back in the days, the possibility to control our home appliances from kilometres of distance was only a dream.

Now you can just order your home assistants and receive it directly to your flat in a few days, ready to use. Of course, if you really want to exploit all its functionalities, you should buy the right appliances, change a few things in your house, and even use specific light bulbs.

Nevertheless, for the majority of people, this is not a problem. Since when IoT devices have been introduced in our houses, all we crave is automation and convenience.

How IoT is used in our Homes
IoT devices are part of a broader concept of home automation. This includes lighting,
appliances, heating and air conditioning, and of course security systems. IoT makes all these elements conveniently accessible from your smartphone or laptop, at any time and wherever you are.

To use and manage your smart home system, you need a platform. A few examples of these hubs to control your smart devices are Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod and Samsung SmartThings.

At the moment, these are the leading providers of smart home systems.
Nevertheless, the market is growing up day by day, and there are several non-proprietary and even cheaper options available.
Can IoT make your home safe

Can IoT make our homes Safer?
Indeed, IoT and smart home systems have proved to be useful to make our lives easier.

They are currently used as assistive technology to help individuals with specific disabilities.

For instance, voice control has allowed people with sight or mobility limitations to regain their independence in completing many daily tasks.

However, your new smart hubs can do even more and definitely make your home safer. Do not forget that your smart assistance communicates with your through long-range Wi-Fi. It can thus let you know whenever there is an intruder in your house and, if necessary, get in touch with the police.

In addition, security cameras, infrared sensors, sirens and many other options can improve your home security. Most importantly, in the majority of cases, you can install these devices on your own, without asking (and paying for) the help of an expert.

Can IoT replace my traditional burglar alarm?
It is not easy to give a univocal answer to this question. First, you must always keep your home protected, and both these systems can help you do so. Smart home security systems can be self-installed and are easy to use.

On the other hand, traditional burglar alarms are often manufactured to excellent security standards, and this is why they require professional installation.

If you really want to make your home secure for you and your loved ones, you may combine both your new smart home security system and your traditional alarm.

You know what they say: better safe than sorry.

Friday, October 18, 2019

The Future of Work - Are robots the key to reducing unemployment?

With the rise of robots, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), the employees of today are in panic mode about the state of their future career prospects. Will they have a job in 20 years’ time… 10 years’ time… or even next year?

New technology continues to burst out daily to change the way we work, and on the surface, this automation of processes previously done by human hands would seem to present companies with the opportunity to downsize. The spectre of an apocalyptic, dwindling future workforce is naturally terrifying for most people, especially in Africa, which is traditionally manpower-centric. But, the reality is that these super-intelligent machines and robots might well be doing humankind a massive favour.
Robots the future of work

“Machine learning will enable technology to replace the work of hands and the workplace of the future will probably include much more head-work, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that machines will reduce the number of jobs available, they will change the way we work and the definition of what ‘work’ is,” says Deseré Orrill, Chairman, OLE!CONNECT, a company that is a pioneer in the field of personalised, data-led marketing.

Orrill is a successful global entrepreneur who is currently completing her MBA in Design Thinking, and it’s fitting that she will deliver the welcome address and Chair, the Future of Work session at AfricaCom 2019 at the CTICC on Wednesday 13 November 2019.

Orrill will also moderate the discussion on Creating a Culture of Lifelong Learning, a topic, which big hitters Simon Rey (Ecobank), Yumna Tayob (FNB Bank) and Hendrik Malan (Frost & Sullivan) will all weigh in on. It’s an issue that is crucial to Africa’s harnessing of its human potential, and the panel will share their insights into how education and reskilling are key to Africa making the most of its human capital, as well as the importance of ensuring effective lifelong learning in the modern economy.

Future of Work @ AfricaCom 2019 will seek to unpack a wide range of issues at the top of the agenda for business owners and industry leaders. In the African context this includes coming to grips with digital literacy for the modern workforce, building a solid talent pipeline and succession planning through reskilling, as well as strategic workforce planning to harness AI in order to improve organisations, as well as their employees.

However, it’s not just employees who face challenges in the new workplace frontier, as employers have to get a handle on issues such as, understanding what the future of work means for employees AND themselves, how to achieve executive support for new workplace initiatives, and how technology can play a game-defining role in human resources.

The battle between old school and new school has plenty of spark points in the modern work environment. Business leaders will benefit from the discussion about harnessing workplace technologies, as well as using design thinking to create an integrated digital workplace. Discussions and presentations will include Leveraging New Ways of Working to Create Sustained Results in Africa, as well as a discussion on Closing the Skills Gap: Preparing for an Uncertain Future, moderated by Mooketsi Bennedict Tekere, CEO, Ngwana Enterprises with Devaan Parbhoo, Manager, Learning Design & Learning Development at Santam.

Humans in the workplace complete tasks with hands and heads but, also with heart. Orrill highlights the fact that AI and ML cannot replicate human creativity, sensitivity and sensibility, which are essential ingredients in all creative and caring professions, along with those where human intuition and the fabled ‘6th sense’ play a role.

“These functions and skills just can’t be replaced by machines, although machines and AI can certainly offer incredible support to the humans involved in these professions. We also believe robots and automation will contribute to the creation of positive, dynamic and fluid workplaces of the future,” says Orrill. “In fact, in advanced economies where greater use of robotics, automation and AI is prevalent, unemployment today is at the lowest it has been in decades. So, the future of work is not a gloomy wasteland… on the contrary, it’s a bright and promising place.”

To share in this vision for a optimistic new working world, and to keep on trend with workplace best practice, and cutting edge insights, take your place at Future of Work @ AfricaCom 2019 at the CTICC on Wednesday 13 November 2019.