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Disk Defragmentation: How it works and its uses

Until a few years ago, defragmentation was one of the most widely used methods to make a computer perform better. Although this is currently less important than in the past, file fragmentation on the disk can still, in the long run, make your PC extremely slow.
In these cases, excessive disk fragmentation prevents the operating system from accessing files and information on the hard disk quickly and efficiently. What can be done in these cases? In addition to the special tool available with almost any version of Windows, there are also third-party software that helps in this regard. But before going into this, it is good to understand what is meant by disk fragmentation.

Defragmentation: What Is Disk Fragmentation

Saving data on the computer’s hard disk is a procedure that does not occur linearly. The archived data must gradually occupy the free space on the disk. Often, therefore, it also happens that a single file turns out to be too large and is, therefore “unpacked” and redistributed in different sections of the hard disk, perhaps physically very distant from one another.
As it is logical, in the long run, this can create slowdowns in the functioning of the computer. If to read the same file (or anyway the files of the same program), the head has to physically cover large spaces on the hard disk, the loading times are greatly affected.

How To Defrag Your Hard Drive


If you install and uninstall many programs or in any case after months and months of use of the computer, defragmentation is therefore recommended. During this particular operation, the hard disk is analyzed in all its surface and the various files are reorganized to bring back some order. In this way, the access times to the various files will decrease considerably and the speed of the device in use could benefit not a little from this.

Defragment Directly From Windows

Fortunately, Microsoft developers accompany each new operating system with a tool that is suitable for the purpose. To defragment directly from Windows, simply click on the Start button and, in the search field, type the word Defragmentation. Regardless of the version of Windows, something should appear that sounds similar to Defragment and optimize drives (Windows 10) or Disk Defragmenter (previous Windows).
By clicking on the instrument in question, it is possible to have a general overview on the status of the fragmentation of the disk (or of the multiple disks/partitions) present.
Besides some notions, it will be possible to select the HD (or one of those present) and click on Optimize (Windows 10) or Defragment disk (previous versions) to start the procedure. However, it must be pointed out that defragmentation has lost importance compared to the past. This consideration must be made mainly for two factors:
  • from Windows 7 onwards, Windows versions automatically defragment. It is therefore almost superfluous in most cases
  • defragmentation is not particularly useful for SSD media

Why Don’t You Need To Defragment On MacOS?

Even MacOS provides procedures to fight disk fragmentation. The operating system created by Apple periodically groups smaller files and places them in memory spaces suitable for their size, defragmenting the disk. At the same time, the same OS integrates the Hot File Adaptive Clustering function, able to find open files with a greater frequency, moving them to a memory location that allows a faster execution. To this, macOS integrates numerous other useful functions to counteract the fragmentation of files on the disk.

When Is It Still Convenient To Defragment?

Nowadays this operation is only recommended for a particular user niche. Who uses a rather dated version of Windows with mechanical hard drives, still needs to defragment with a certain consistency. In some cases, even in the mobile sector, this operation can be useful. Below we will report some software that, in different contexts, can be a more than a valid tool for defragmentation.


Free and space-saving, SpeeDefrag is an app to support Windows utilities. In fact, it allows to make defragmentation faster by closing all the processes in operation that hinder the procedure. Very useful as a support for those who still use defragmentation using Windows tools.


This is an app developed by the guys from Piriform, already known to Ccleaner. It is a very functional software, as well as free and simple to use. Defraggler can concentrate its activity on folders or even specific files. In addition, it checks for errors on HD, empties the recycle bin before starting its work and can also exclude some specific files from defragmentation.

Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag is an alternative that allows you to plan automatic defragmentation, in addition to proposing some extremely advanced specific functions.
Also, in this case, it is possible to exclude files and folders from the analysis, excluding the defragmentation of files that exceed a certain size.

Disk Speedup

Disk Speedup is able to operate on files not only of entire disks but also of individual folders. It also supports automatic defragmentation when the system remains idle for a certain number of minutes (a very useful option to take advantage of the time when the computer is on but not working). This is a free app although care must be taken: during installation, the installer may try to install other unwanted software.

Smart Defrag Toolwiz

With  Toolwiz Smart Defrag we rely on a small and simple software, which prefers practicality to frills. According to the developers, this tool would be about 10 times faster than the default Windows tool. Surely this is a very quick and practical tool to perform this task.

Auslogics Disk Defrag

Available both as an installable file and in Auslogics Disk Defrag portable mode, it works to arrange system files in areas that are easier to reach than HD. This allows for considerable advantages in terms of computer performance. Among the various tasks performed by the app, there is the possibility to check for errors on a partition with the chkdsk command, to optimize a hard disk, to exclude files or folders from defragmentation and much more.

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Join WizyTechs Telegram Group For Latest Free Browsing, Game Updates

Hello guys, our Telegram group is now live and available for you to join and meet other techies alike. The aim of the group is to accommodate more members and have all our previous groups in one place.

Remember, we already have whatsapp groups but it's not enough to accommodate all. So Telegram will surely make it easier for me and you.

All our group rules still remain intact and for those that are not aware of the rules, you can simply check this post.

Telegram is actually a better option than whatsapp though I still can't believe why some people are not using it. It has more and better features than WhatsApp. The more whatsapp tries to add features, the more Telegram does more.

Having said that, I will drop the link for WizyTechs Telegram Group for free browsing cheat, games and Tech Updates so that you can join right away. Remember you must have Telegram app installed on your Phone. You can easily download it from google play for Android devices or via iTunes for iOS devices.

✔ Click Here to join.

As expected, we discuss latest free browsing cheats, latest phones, phone repairs, Tweaking and latest tech trends in the world. We also offer support for you PC, phones and other gadgets issues.

I will assign more admins according to their contributions both on the group and here on this blog. So the most active visitors of this blog has greater chance of being made admins.

Remember, our WhatsApp groups are still active if you still prefer WhatsApp. You can click here to join the WhatsApp group. Welcome.

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Original vs Fake: How To Identify the Best Power Bank

It will be an understatement if I say that a Power Bank is as important as the phone you are using but the truth is some people can't do without them. Though Power Bank usage have gradually reduced since mobile phone companies now make phones with bigger and long lasting battery that can last for the whole day.

Some even act as powerbank to charge fellow phones. But I won't deny the fact that there are people that are still making use of it and someone somewhere is even planning to buy a new power bank so to those that want to get a new one, this post is for you. I will reveal some simple secrets to identify an original Power bank so that you know the difference between fake and original power bank device.

Buying a power bank is not the issue but the question is this; is the power bank fake or original? Are you buying it because it's very beautiful in appearance? What is you aim of going to the market to buy a power bank?

Are you aware that fake power bank can cause hazard to your phone by damaging it or the battery or even catch fire and in the process destroy your phone, tablet, household, office or even kill you? More reason you should be very careful in choosing an original one.

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So today i will help you in identifying the original and fake power Bank especially especially now that there are so many fake power banks in the market. Take a cup of tea, seat back, relax and read on. They are only but simple tips that you might be neglecting all this while.


Bellow are the ways to identify a fake power bank;

1. It has no Brand Name: Some power banks in the market has no brand name, instead what is written on them is just "Power Bank". Don't go for them! There are many branded ones you can checkout for. Example are those from Xiaomi, Anker, Jackberry, iMuto, iceworks, MaxOak, Qi-infinity and so on.

2. Exaggerated Ratings: Many power banks that are rated above 30,000mAh capacity are usually fake except those from popular brands.

3. Lite Weight: Most fake Power banks weighs very lite. You will see a power bank with 50,000mAh capacity weighing very lite and even fancy looking and easy to put inside pockets. My dear, it's fake. An original 50,000mAh supposed to be decently heavy and bulky.

4. They are Very Cheap: Most fake power banks are very cheap, in fact, their prices are too good to be true. You will see a seller pressuring you to buy 30,000mAh capacity powerbank for just N3,000. Chai! God help us.


Meanwhile, contrary to the above mentioned ways to spot a fake power bank, here are the main ways to know and identify a good and original powerbank. Read on...

✔️ Original power Bank comes with a brand name.

✔️ It doesn't have exaggerated high capacity like 40000mAh,50000mAh,100000mAh etc.

✔️ The charging capacity tallies with what it is written on it depending on your battery capacity too.

✔️ Original power banks are heavier

✔ They are usually rugged in nature and bulky

✔ Original power banks don't come with many fancy features like too many LED Lights, many display screen, music player and so on

✔ They usually take longer time to completely get charged (depending on the capacity - the higher the capacity, the longer charging time required) except it comes with fast charge technology.

✔ It is decently and justifiably costly

In summary, shine your eyes when buying a new power bank. Let this article serve as a reference point in identifying the best and original powerbank to go for.


Konga has some original good power banks in their stores.

Buy Original Power Banks Here

(As Low As N1,900)

You can Order for it and pay at your doorsteps on delivery 🚚.
Am still enjoying one of the 20,000mAh power bank I bought from them. Using it to charge all my phones as well as rechargeable table fan and it's serving me pretty well.

5 Powerful Plugins for Your WordPress Site

Running a WordPress blog isn’t as easy as it sounds. However, with the right plugins by your side, you can significantly cut down on the time it takes to manage, so you have more time to create content and engage with your visitors. If you’re looking for some of the most helpful WordPress plugins that can help you better manage your blog, take a look at some of the below popular plugins which will help you do exactly that.
powerful plugins for wordpress site

1.      Easy Pricing Tables

This isn’t one of the most common plugins out there, but it’s certainly one that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if you offer different monthly subscription packages or online services. What Easy Pricing Tables will do for you is help you create pretty pricing tables that are easy to customize and implement in any part of your site as required. It’s a must have plugin for those WordPress blog owners looking to have pricing features that are easy to manage, without the need to create your own from scratch. Simply add the line of code that Easy Pricing Tables provides to you where you want the table to appear, and then make the necessary pricing changes to suit the services you offer.

2.      Jetpack

Jetpack is one of the most powerful and popular WordPress plugins on the market, and it’s for good reason. Many WordPress owners take advantage of the freemium plugin because it has everything that they need to get their blog up and running. From site statistics, performance management, image optimization features and much more – Jetpack has everything you need to ensure you have the data available to make the necessary changes in order for your WordPress blog to grow. You can find out more about Jetpack by clicking here.

3.      Yoast SEO

If you don’t have much website management experience, the chances are you’re not going to know an awful lot about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO helps your website grow in the popular search engines like Google, so you can take advantage of organic traffic which, in turn, will help you convert more visitors for whatever product/service you’re offering. Yoast SEO is the most popular plugin for those looking to do more with SEO. It will help you optimize your content so you know exactly what sort of content you need to offer your visitors in order for it to convert. You’ll benefit highly from the readability and keyword suggestion features, which could be the difference in making your blog a huge competitor in the niche it serves.

4.      WooCommerce

A WordPress site wouldn’t be a WordPress site without the popular WooCommerce plugin. Of course, if you’re not running a storefront via WordPress, WooCommerce won’t be as helpful. However, if you are selling products online (regardless of how many), WooCommerce will help with product management easily enough. The plugin itself will help you when it comes to accepting payments from customers, provide extensive data when it comes to inventory management, and bring your WordPress store to life. It’s the go-to plugin for anyone looking to run a store online via WordPress.

5.      Google XML Sitemap

A simple but powerful plugin, Google XML Sitemap will get your blog noticed in the search engines. Simply activate the plugin and the likes of Google and Bing will instantly be notified every time you add new content, giving the spiders an easier job to index your pages. This will help expose your blog and give you a better chance when it comes to increasing organic traffic.
There are now thousands of plugins available within the WordPress plugins database, and only a simple search is all it takes to get a plugin that will benefit your blog. However, if you’re looking for the most popular plugins that will help you manage, customize, and ensure your visitors have the best experience in terms of navigating your blog, the above plugins will help you do exactly that.

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Best Infinix Smartphones With the Best Camera Quality in 2019

Here we will be taking a look at the best Infinix Smartphones with the best camera quality in 2019. The camera is just one aspect of smartphones almost if not everybody takes a closer look at before thinking about buying the phone. It can sometimes be a determining factor for some people who only buy a smartphone strictly because of how good that camera is. While smartphone cameras aren’t on par, yet with most DSLR cameras out there, it definitely isn’t what it used to be and can be more than enough for everyday use, nothing professional of course.
Infinix has made some really solid devices with different models focusing on different aspects of smartphones. Some on performance, some on huge battery and some on really good camera quality. The latter being the topic here. For this list, we only took into consideration the Infinix smartphones that have been released as at when writing this. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Infinix Note 5 and Note 5 Stylus

The Infinix Note 5 and Note Pro (also know as Note 5 Stylus) are the latest installments in the Note line succeeding the Infinix Note 4. Both smartphones are equipped with some real camera that output high-quality images and videos.
Infinix Note 5 specs
The Infinix Note 5 has a 12MP rear camera with an f/2.0 aperture and PDAF. It is also equipped with a dual-LED dual-tone flash, HDR, Panorama and can even record 1080p videos at 30fps. Note 5 Stylus, on the other hand, takes up a notch with a 16MP wide angle rear camera with an f/1.8 aperture, PDAF, HDR, Panorama, dual-LED dual tone flash and can record 4k and 1080p videos at 30fps. It can also 720p videos at slow-motion (120fps). Both devices have a 16MP front-facing camera with an f/2.0 aperture capable of 1080p video recording at 30dfps.
Asides the camera and battery (4,000mAh on the Note 5 Stylus and 4,500mAh on the Note 5), they pretty much have the same specs. The camera on both devices are exceptionally good and if the camera is of utmost importance to you then Note 5 Pro is for you. If you still want a good camera but also will a massive battery then Note 5 will do just fine. Either way, you’re getting a smartphone with good camera quality.

Infinix Zero 5 and Zero 5 Pro

Infinix Zero 5 and Zero 5 Pro is equipped a dual camera setup combination of a main 12MP wide-angle camera with an f/2.0 aperture and AF paired with a secondary 13MP telephoto lens with an f/2.6 aperture, 2x optical zoom and AF. It also has a dual-LED flash, HDR, Panorama and 1080p video recording capabilities at 30fps.
Infinix Zero 5
The front facing camera is a single 16MP shooter with an f/2.0 aperture and an LED flash. Infinix Zero 5 and Zero 5 Pro although being a little bit old still take some really great photos and definitely still holds up till now when it comes to camera quality. If you’re looking for a good Infinix camera smartphone and don’t want to opt for the Note 5 or Note 5 Pro then this right is a good alternative.

Infinix Hot 6X

Infinix hot 6x
The first two smartphones are a little bit pricey but you can still get good camera quality at a low price. Infinix Hot 6X is a testament to that. The device is equipped at the back with a 13MP main camera with PDAF accompanied by a secondary 2MP depth sensor camera for those portrait photos. It also has a dual-LED flash for low light shots along with HDR and Panorama. 1080p can also be recorded at 30fps. An 8MP camera sits comfortably at the front for selfies which also has it’s own LED flash for selfies in low light places. Asides from the camera, it also has a 4,000mAh battery and a massive 6.2-inch display just to name a few.

Infinix Hot S3X

Infinix Hot S3X, just the Infinix Hot 6X above is equipped with an almost an identical specifications right down to the camera. At the back, it sports the same dual camera of 13MP main and 2MP depth sensor with PDAF, dual-LED flash, HDR, Panorama and 1080p video recording at 30fps. However, it doubles the front-facing camera to 16MP at the expense of a front LED flash which this Infinix Hot S3X doesn’t have. Regardless of that, Its still produces some real photos, especially if you’re in a well-lit environment.

Infinix Hot S3

Infinix Hot S3 isn’t a smartphone I’ll actually recommend for its camera per se as the single 13MP rear-facing camera which a dual-LED flash, HDR and Panorama doesn’t just cut it without at least a secondary camera. However, it does shine when it comes to the selfie department, thanks to its 20MP front facing camera which is equipped with a dual-LED flash, giving you all you all the light you need in low light scenes to take really great photos. If you utilise the front-facing camera more than you do the rear facing then this is your best option. If not then you’re better off with the Infinix Hot S3X.
There you have it, 5 best Infinix Smartphones with the best camera quality you can go out and buy right now in 2019.

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5 Benefits of Installing Home Security Systems in Your Home

Every building needs a Home Security System to keep tabs of what is happening within the premises at all times. In recent years, the Home alarm system has become more popular amongst house owners because of its overwhelming benefits ranging from security, monitoring of children activities, remote control of house appliances and so on.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the benefits and reasons why every home needs an electronic alarm system otherwise known as Home Security Systems. But before then, let's see the primary working principle of this useful electronic device.


how home security systems work

A Home Security System is simply an electronic alarm system electrically wired with low-voltage sensors installed on entry doors and windows. Anytime a door or window is opened, these sensors detects the interruption in the flow of electricity and triggers a warning signal such as a siren or strobe light.

In some cases, the sensors can even detect smokes and fire outbreak and trigger alarms.
The technology of home security systems has taken a new dimension since the advent of mobile phones as it can now be synchronized with phones so that house owners can monitor their buildings remotely from their cell phones. Just as you track your car with your phone after installing a car tracking device, you can now also track your home with your phone depending on the type of home security system you installed.

These are components of a good home security system
  1. A control panel, which is the primary controller of a home’s security system
  2. Door and window sensors
  3. Motion sensors, both interior and exterior
  4. Wired or wireless security cameras
  5. A high-decibel siren or alarm
  6. A yard sign and window stickers
  7. In some cases, a mobile app for tracking with phone.
Of course there are different brands of home alarm system available with different features. One of the best home security system is Verisure Burglar Alarm which offers a more advanced technology that seems to be unrivaled by any other provider. A good home security system will protect your home 24/7 but let's look at the top benefits why you need this devices.


1. Monitoring Your Children

One of the best benefits of installing a home security system is to keep tabs of your kids especially when you are not at home or when not in close contact with them. Some modern home alarm systems which can be operated remotely from your mobile phone can be used to unlock the gate and doors in your house for your kids who returned from school to get inside even when you aren't around. Although this works better with automatic doors and gates. Some Home Alarm System providers offers several services but you must choose the right alarm system that matches your needs.

2. Keep Thieves Away From Your Home

Just like car alarm system, Thieves are very scared of houses with burglar alarms or security systems because it will easily implicate their evil arts. When installed in a Gate, or even Fence, the alarm may trigger if someone tries to break inside the building. This will ultimately raise awareness for the house owner and the entire neighborhood. So installing an alarm system in your home is a very simple way to scare robbers away from your neighborhood.

3. Protect Your Valuables

One of the reasons you should install a security system in your house is to protect your valuables and this includes your cars, electronic devices, clothes, expensive jewelries, your credit cards, money, important files and lots more. The list is endless. In fact, when you have a very good and technologically advanced home security system, you will be rest assured that your valuables remains safe because you keep tabs of everything happening around your home. Some alarm systems works with the security cameras in your home and you can monitor everything either with a laptop or your mobile phone via the security provider’s mobile app.
home security system

4. Notifies You of Fire or Gas Problems

You can opt to receive notifications if your smoke or carbon monoxide alarms go off when you’re away from home. Depending on the provider, you can even set it up so authorities are instantly notified of these emergencies. You see, there is no better way to protect your home even when you are away than installing an alarm system.

5. Remote Access & Control of Your Home

With a Modern security system, you can now remotely monitor what’s happening in your home when you’re not there. Although not all providers offers this advanced technology but some which offers it lets you monitor what happens via cameras installed throughout your home, as well as control the thermostat, door locks, lights, and other devices in your home. This way, you are totally in control. You can even be away for some weeks but neighbors will believe you are home as you remotely switch on and off your security lights thereby creating impressions that someone is there.


Now that you have seen the importance and benefits of home security Alarm system, which type of alarm will you go for?

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Benefits of Compressing and Reducing the PDF File Size

Compressing a PDF file or image size means that it will take less space while maintaining its original quality. Many companies handle a lot of files on a daily basis. Storing all these files in their original sizes is very expensive and not convenient. Therefore the easiest way to handle this information and for convenient and easy storing is by compressing the files. The problem is that there is not so many software for compressing your PDF files and images to a smaller sized file. But sodapdf gives you an easy and free way of compressing your PDF files to smaller sizes. The following are the benefits of compressing your PDF files.
benefits of compressing and reducing pdf file size

1. Convenient Storage

When the size of the file is reduced, storage becomes easier. It will take very minimal space on your storage. This means you can store several files without filling the storage space too quickly. You can compress a PDF file, even up to 10 or even 100 times. It will save some money on purchasing the storage space.

2. Minimal Server Load

With the sodapdf file compressing software, you can reduce the size of the file automatically. This increases the overall downloading or file uploading time significantly. This lightens the load on the server and it increases its effectiveness.

3. Easy and Quick Emailing

One of the major benefits of compressing the PDF files is emailing them across the organization. Compressing the files reduces the dead call time and facilitates faster and easy email transmission.

4. Searchable Text

Compressing a PDF file has numerous benefits. It helps reduce the file size for easy storage and transmission. Additionally, reducing the file size enhances the searchable text using OCR. This makes it more user-friendly and easily accessible. You can quickly and easily look for particular texts within the PDF file.

5. Complex Files

With Soda PDF, you can compress and convert multiple PDF files using the OCR. Compressing the files enables you to create searchable texts in the PDF files. You can compress even up to thousands of files.

6. Search Engine Results

Using the Soda PDF compressing software, you create the searchable text in the PDF files. This means that the search engines will be able to index your PDF files quickly and easily on the internet.

7. Files Archiving

Compressing PDF files with Soda PDF allows you to have your files in either PDF or PDA format. This makes it easy to archive the files. It facilitates easier and faster downloads and it is easier to access the file attachments.

8. Data Retention

When you compress the PDF files with sodapdf software, all the data and information on the original file is retained. This means you will not lose any information, neither will the quality of the files be compromised.

Soda PDF compressing software makes the storing of the documents quite easy. It makes the retrieval and search of the documents instantaneous. It is easy, fast and free with Soda PDF.