Infinix Note 3 X601 Features, Images, Price In Nigeria, Kenya + 11 Things To Know

Infinix Note 3 is the latest Smartphone to join the Infinix Note Series. Just last week, the device was launched in Kenya and Infinix has hinted about the unveiling of the Note 3 Phablet in Nigeria with a fast charging battery teaser.

The Infinix Note series are basically devices that sports large displays while maintaining with the brand’s budget price reputation. This is why i fondly call these set of devices Phablets as they stand between Tablet and normal phones in terms of size. This makes them more beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

On this post, am going to unfold all you should be expecting from the device when it finally get launched here. It has lots of cool and interesting features to talk about and as expected, it maintains the latest trend of flash charging technology. Follow me along as i show some interesting specs of the phone that would want you demand for it "as e de hot"


1. Say Bye Bye To XUI, Welcome XOS
Infinix latest User Interface XOS which was launched some weeks ago has now replaced the former XUI which we normally see in Infinix Hot Note and other infinix phones. So this Note 3 comes with the latest XOS straight from the box. The XOS is based on Android 6 Marshmallow and is accompanied by many other apps bearing the X-something names which you will find in this device. For instance the fan membership zone, XClub, the XAccount and even XCloud to sync user data and XShare which now replaces Xender for sending files using ad-hoc wireless pairing.

Overall, the beauty of XOS can be spotted on this phones app drawer. Another interesting feature brought by the new UI is the color inversion feature which can instantly change the output color of your phone screen. It can be activated and reverted back by just toggling the ON and OFF via the quick settings.

2. Display
The Note 3 is a 6 inch Phablet with an upgraded display resolution that features a Full High Definition (FHD) screen making it a lovely pady pady for game lovers, movie watchers, football streamers, in fact any category of phone users because things are now done easier on a bigger screen.

3. Battery Capacity
The device packs a 4,500mAh battery with ultrafast charging technology (flash charging). Infinix claimed that a 5 Minutes charge time gives you 200 minutes talk time. Can you beat that? This battery spec will effectively make up with the bigger screen pixel of this device. A credit for Infinix on this one. πŸ‘

4. Fingerprint Scanner
The Infinix Note 3 comes with Fingerprint support, joining Infinix Hot S in the league of devices with fingerprints scanner from the company. While Nigerians are already enjoying this feature on the Hot S, it will be the first ever Infinix product to feature Fingerprint sensor in Kenya.

The fundamental function of fingerprint scanners is enhancing security but it goes beyond just unlocking and locking phones as users can utilize the sensor to take photos as well as receive calls. Great right? Continue 😜

5. Memory
There is a 100% increase from what we got with the last years model as the Note 3 features a 2GB RAM. Am sure you are aware of the advantages of bigger RAM size.... You know how iris naaaaa😍 Multitasking guaranteed, seamless operation to enjoy, "fast and furious" speed at data processing and lots more.

6. Say Hello To "XHide"
Introducing the new security that lets you hide any private app that you wouldn't want someone else to see on your app drawer. This Xhider app is pre-installed on the Note 3 adding it to the already growing class of Xchampions. It acts as your personal vault and safe box. Just like Psquare would say... I like it!

7. 4G LTE Network Support
Oh no! Why two variants naa? The device comes in two versions; one will feature 3G while the other comes in the glory of 4G LTE technology. Unfortunately Kenyans, the 3G variant is what they had to see first pending the time the LTE version would be unveiled. Till then, a patient dog eats the fattest meet.πŸ– reports suggests, the 4G LTE version could feature an even more Random Access Memory size (3GB).

8. Say Hello To Full Metal Body (FMB)
The days of plastic material design is gradually fazing out. Who says Chines phones are not trying? Lol😁

The Note 3 device is all-metal (aluminium) device unlike last year's Note 2 which carries full plastic build. While this is a welcomed development, it comes with a cross to carry which is the popular disease of non-removable battery which is now ravaging the smartphone industry.

9. Fast Charge, Enjoy More
Infinix said that just 5-minute plug-in will result in you getting enough juice to last you as much as 200 minutes on a call. Although this claim is yet to be verified until i finally lay my hands πŸ‘ on the phone immediately it's launched.

10. No More Overheating With Liquid Cooling Feature
Infinix Smartphones always get bad reviews when it comes to overheating and phones getting hot. Even this device predecessor which is the Note 2 shares this program at intervals but the interesting gist is that it has become a past tens with the new "liquid cooling" features implemented on the device.

Although, Liquid cooling is not an entirely new feature as it’s used widely on desktop gaming rigs (for obvious reasons) and on smartphones. It can be spotted on high-end devices like Samsung’s Galaxy S7, Sony’s Xperia Z5 and Z5 Premium and Microsoft’s Lumia 950 and 950XL.

11. Price
The Infinix Note 3 is priced at KES 18,000 in Kenya and is expected to be priced at N54,000 Naira in Nigeria.

Having seen the pictures, features, Price and basic specs of the Infinix Note 3, what do you think about the device? Is Infinix Mobility on track or behind? Will you rock this device? Personally, it's a nice phone


  1. Wow i can't wait. Beautiful phone i must say

  2. If the LTE version comes with 3gig ram and 1.8 processors at least, it's a great buy for me... 2gig ram and 3g network is so last year...

  3. Infinix is nt a chinise product, it was formerly known as sagem .

  4. The features are mouth watering and everyone out there would be rushing for this phone