Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Hidden Truth About Airtel 6GB For #1500 Data Plan (Double Data Offer)

Recently, Airtel officially unveiled the "6gb for #1500" data plan usable on all blackberry, Android, iOS, Symbian, jarva and even PC but most of us decided not to go for the plan probably because it's too good to be real.
Airtel 6gb for n1500
But after subscribing and testing the plan, i confirmed it's real and worth going for. At least it offers more value than the glo 6gb for N2000 data plan. In fact, this airtel plan is one of the best plan from any network provider so far and this shows we are gradually getting to where we want to reach in terms of better data plans.

The Truth About Airtel 6GB For N1500 Plan

1. Eligibility
It's through that Airtel emphatically stated that the package is for "special privileged" meaning that it won't be available for many airtel customers to enjoy BUT let me just tell you the truth; 70% of airtel lines are eligible for it.

2. It's A Blackberry Plan
Again, Airtel said it's a 1+1 blackberry plan BUT the truth is that you can use it on any other device including PC.

3. Unlimited Data
According to activation SMS from airtel, they said the plan is an "Unlimited" plan BUT don't be deceived by the content of the message as it's capped at 6GB
Airtel double data plan sms

4. It's A Night Plan
Noooo! not at all. The plan works both day and night 27/7 and "valid for 30 days"

5. Data Zapping
As a matter of fact, this is the major reason why many people are skeptical about this plan because airtel has been known for "data zapping" BUT i must tell you that this plan zaps data but not much. I mean the zapping might not even be noticeable by you unless you used a data monitoring meter to observe how much data you use. I still prefer this plan than any other at the moment.

6. Speed Throttling
There is nothing like throttled speed while browsing or downloading with this plan. It works like a normal Android data plan and speed is cool.

7. IMEI Tweaking
Someone recently asked me whether he would need to change his phone IMEI to that of a blackberry device before he can use it and i told him NO! All you need is to subscribe and you are good to go.

8. How To Check If Your Sim Is Eligible
You will receive an SMS from airtel like this:

"SPECIAL PRIVILEGE!! Enjoy 6GB worth of data for just N1500. Dial *440*161#. For 30 days, usable on all device."

But if you didn't receive that SMS, you can check your eligibility by dialing *440*16#. Also if you have previously used airtel 3gb for N1000 Blackberry Plan on Android, you are definitely eligible for the plan on that SIM. So go ahead and subscribe.

How To Subscribe For Airtel 6GB For N1500 Plan
Recharge your airtel SIM with N1500 and dial *440*161# and you will receive confirmation SMS about the successful activation of the plan which valid for 30 days.
airtel #1500 for 6gb data
How To Check Data Balance
To check your airtel data balance, dial *140# and you will get reply via SMS

Airtel 6GB For N1500 Data Plan Summary

Subscription Code: *440*161#
Amount: N1500
Data size: 6GB
Validity: 30 Days
Usable Device: Android, iOS, PC (MiFi, Modems), Windows, Java etc
Data Zapping: Not really
Speed Throttling: No
Usable Time: Day & Night

UPDATE August 30, 2017
If you are among the few airtel subscribers that are unable to use this plan, the reason is because you probably used the #200 for 2gb data plan and your SIM was blacklisted. But am here to tell you the solution and this simple trick has worked for some of my pals i used it for. To make your SIM eligible for all data plan from airtel, just visit airtel facebook page here, like the page and send a DM (Direct Message) to them and request for them to unsubscribe you from all data plans as well auto renewals. Once that is done, you are good to go.

Below is the new SMS sent by Airtel in regards to the new "unbeatable double data offer"
GET this unbeatable DOUBLE DATA OFFER! N1500 gives you 6GB instead of 3GB with 30 days validity! Dial *440*161# NOW to enjoy this amazing offer.
I hope this piece of article answers some of the questions bothering you about this plan. Why use N1000 to subscribe for a 1.5GB data plan when you can get 6GB for just N1500? Even if zapping applies. Think about it.


  1. Nice information 👌

  2. Thanks wizzy I got a question to ask can i still do the d night trybe of 25 n 50 naira without disturbing each other please I need ur reply thanks

    1. Yes you can uses it along with this plan but what am not sure of is whether airtel will still charge from ur 6gb data plan instead of the night plan

    2. Ok thanks wizzy ama try it tonight n feed u back

  3. Thanks wizy for the update u're d best

  4. Thanks wizy for the update u're d best

  5. Wow
    wizy thanks this info is cool

  6. Nice work Wizy .... Please also endeavor to always include how to check your data balance !!!!!

  7. don't really need this plan when I can get 1.5gb for #50 night plan bundle. That is just 200naira for 6gb

  8. cool info wizzy, your doing a good job

  9. I called Airtel and they said its not valid

  10. Wizy you said it offers more value than glo 2k for 6 GB. Have you tested both and compared the data usage to see wether it actually does offer more value?

    1. I have tested them. That's why i revealed the hidden truth.

      Glo plan would have been better if the network is as good as airtel but considering that airtel is cheaper at 1500 naira and the zapping is not much, it's preferable

  11. This airtel 6gb for 1500 is very interesting but sadly many people don't know abou it

  12. This is the reply i get "sorry you are not eligible for this offer.."i went out and bougt a new sim card to test it,still i m not eligible,what shoud i do oga

  13. It keepS telling me im not eligible for this offer,i try the code on my two airtel sims same response i get,any solution?

  14. The plan is for those that recently subscribe for airtel bis.

  15. pls oga wizzy i need a working ip for my etisalat socialme pak cos am still managing it the way it is

  16. pls oga wizzy i need a working ip for my etisalat socialme pak cos am still managing it the way it is

  17. pls oga wizzy i need a working ip for my etisalat socialme pak cos am still managing it the way it is

  18. Wizy boss, did airtel has any plan that you can recharge nd get bonus to make phone call before using the main balance to subscribe

  19. Ok guys i am currently on this subscription on and i am here to share my experience for others benefit...

    1st to know if u are eligible simply dial the subscription code *440*161# and if u get in insufficient balance error then u are game otherwise try a different sim.

    I am using mine on a modem on my PC and as far as browsing(renders pages swiftly) and downloading(average 250kb/s as at this evening) its been awesome..

    About whether it zaps, Yes it does.. EXACTLY TWICE AS MUCH (remember i said i am using on a modem). The plan is for BB but its been allowed to work on other devices as well. Maybe it may be different on the its original device which is the BB. But Airtel clearly warned in the activation msgs that "...experience and charging may differ in other devices." Perhaps someone with a bb device can try it and share thier experience here too.

    For me, i think a #1500 plan for 3gb(half of the 6gb) data after zapping has been applied is a fair deal and probably the best especially coming from a FAST and constantly upgrading network like Airtel.


  20. Hello bro I already finish my airtel 6gb for 1500 but I want to no if I can sub another one right away bfr d expiring date I tried it already without credit it is saying am not eligible for the plan

    1. Hi Bioyo, if you received "not eligible" message without airtime, don't load your phone with the airtel as it might not work again for you but if you received an insufficient balance message, it means you can go on with the data subscription when you load your card.

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  22. This plan is actually the best. Thanks baba Wizy

  23. I just subscribed to the plan, the speed is ok

  24. Oga wizy, pls can the airtel Night plan of N25 be renewed?

  25. Oga wizy, pls is airtel night plan for 1.5gb #200 or it is now #50?

  26. Thanks for telling us wizy
    Av known now

  27. Why my sim always not eligible I don't know, I have been using it over 3years now

  28. This plan is meant for all kinds of phones and not Blackberry only

  29. oh wow this stuff still works? well here's an alternative since glo decided to f*** us over.

  30. I dialed the code to know if I was eligible and it said insufficient balance, what's that about?

    1. You are eligible for the plan my brother. Go ahead and recharge your line.

  31. OGA wizy please in d name of GOD please how do I use airtel youtube data plan with psiphon. abeg I don try as u post am. but it's not working. please help

  32. It is more cheaper
    Thanks wizytech for the info

  33. good news to airtel subscribers, i would have love to enjo it with you guys, but the limitation is that we have no airtel mast in our area. All the same thanks for sharing

  34. wizy bro..when i dailed *440*16# they will show me that i have insufficient balnce for this plan but when i dailed *440*161# they will show me that am not eligible for this offer.....please what does that mean...

    1. The first code gives 3gb while the last one gives 6gb.

      From you posted, you are not eligible for the 6gb plan.

    2. The first code gives 3gb while the last one gives 6gb.

      From you posted, you are not eligible for the 6gb plan but you can easily use the 3gb data plan.

  35. Glo is known as the "Grandmaster of data plan" but truly, their data plan are very cheap and affordable. Their network is as slow as snail in some locations. For MTN, they offer cheap data plans but not as cheap as Glo data plans and their network is very good for browsing and calling in some locations. Airtel Nigeria also offer affordable data plans with good network in almost all locations, same with 9mobile but 9mobile data plans are are not affordable as of the other networks.
    With their data plans, you can browse, stream videos, stream online games, download and access any thing online. They offer night plans, daily plans, monthly plans, weekly plans and some other additional bonuses. Some bonuses based on the tariff plan you activate.

  36. You can now get double the data you purchase when you recharge your glo line through quickteller....
    Let me just cut to the chase, every data you purchase from quickteller will get doubled.
    All you have to do is Download the Quickteller appOr
    Log on to their website: QuickTeller
    Or Use the Quickteller Ussd code : *322#
    What to do once you get to the website
    1. Register and Login
    2.Click Data And Internet Services
    3. click Glo Data Bundle
    4. Then Purchase any plan of your choice and you would receive double the data courtsey of Quickteller

    1. Oga the thing no work,i didnt get double

  37. Any data zapping in the airtel *440*16# 3gb plan?