More Than 70 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Has Exploded In The US Alone

More cases of overheating and blowing up of latest Samsung's Flagship device, the Galaxy Note 7 has been reported in the United States of America. Over 70 units of the smartphone has now overheated and burnt 🔥

This latest report was revealed by Health Canada (the Canadian government department responsible for national public health) with which the tech giant has partnered to start the Note 7 recall in the country.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a very beautiful Smartphone with some sophisticated specs and high-end features and of course it costs a fortune to purchase one but this recent unprecedented disaster visiting the owners of the phone is getting worse by the day and it's really a threat to the live of buyers.

Some weeks back, a total of 35 explosions were recorded globally by Samsung and 17 of it was from the US but now it has escalated to a whooping 70 units in US alone which shows it's becoming more serious. But why is Samsung Galaxy Note 7 overheating and blowing up? See the reason Here

Meanwhile, in Canada, Health Canada says that around 21,953 defective units were sold in the country from August 19 to September 1. However, there has only been one report of a phone battery overheating in the country so far.

"Samsung continues to ensure that consumer safety remains our top priority," said Paul Brannen, COO and Executive Vice President, Mobile and Enterprise Solutions, Samsung Canada. "We are working with Health Canada and our carrier and retail partners to alert Note7 users of the issue."

We are asking users to power down their Galaxy Note7s and exchange their devices through the Canadian Product Exchange."

The South Korean company is telling the buyers of the device to exchange it as there is currently an exchange program for the phone here. I think it's the best alternative and consolation for people who spent hundreds of dollars to buy an overheating phone unknowingly.

Hmmmm, if it's a Chinese phone now people will start calling China all sorts of name like "Chinko," "Chichi," etc. I rest my case here.


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  2. This was a very serious issue and had it been that this same thing happened to other brands, the entire world would have condemned them