OMG: This Lady Ordered For iPhone 7 But Got This...

How would you feel after coughing out huge some of money to purchase iPhone 7 only to find out that you were sca~mmed?

A Chinese lady by name Mimi Jiang has been sca~mmed after she ordered for iPhone 7 in one of China's online stores.

The woman who tried to Purchase a Rose gold iPhone 7 from an online store. What Jiang got, however, was something else entirely. Inside the package were two iPhones — an iPhone 3 and an iPhone 4 — both of which are all but worthless today. The surprise came with the inclusion of a Yu-Gi-Oh card called ‘Polymerization.’ When played, the Polymerization card combines two monsters to make a larger, more powerful beast.

If you look at it very well, iPhone 3 and iPhone 4 is equal to iPhone 7 lol 😁, mathematically but not specs-wise. It's somehow hilarious and the same time disheartening. Imagine the amount she just lost especially if she can't trace the people anymore.

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This should serve as a warning signal to you and me. We should be careful where we order our gadgets both online and offline because even in physical shops, people are scam~med. I can still remember the case of 3 people that were scam~med in Computer Village last year in the course of purchasing an iPhone 6.