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This Month's Free Airtime Giveaway For Top Commentators

This Month's Free Airtime Giveaway For Top Commentators

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I hope you had a wonderful weekend and memorable holiday. Well, it's that time of the months when I reward most active visitors and readers on this blog with free Airtime. It's just a token to thank you for being part of this great blog.

This month's free airtime will see the very best Commentator enjoy double of the airtime as I now consider how regular and the quality of comments dropped by someone. As it has always been, the top 5 commentators for the month are going to be the beneficiaries.


We make use of an automatic algorithm that takes record of all the visitors and their comments in a specified time. So it's not done manually and there is no room for cheating. The right people wins it. Below are our top 5 beneficiaries this month.


  1. Paul Asuquo
  2. Abdullahi Assalafy
  3. Toheeb Tajudeen
  4. Sir Mike
  5. Olalekan 0OLatinde

blog top commentators


Asuquo is the most active follower of this blog. His comments are also the best in terms of quality and in connection to the particular post he comments on so I decide to reward him more for that.

You too could be the next person by improving. A tip for you is to download our blog official app from google playstore or here on this blog and you will be notified once a new post is published. Don't miss out!

The above names should drop their number in the comments box below to get your airtime sent to you. Note that you must comment with your original google account that appeared above on the list.

Have a nice day and enjoy!

Monday, May 29, 2017

12 Wema Bank ALAT Features & Things You Don't Know About It

12 Wema Bank ALAT Features & Things You Don't Know About It

If you are not yet making use of ALAT App from Wema Bank, you might be missing a lot. Maybe you ignored it because you already had accounts with other Nigerian banks but I bet you, the experience and feeling of being your own customers care service, account administrator, far outways what other regular banks offers.
Alat app features
WEMA Bank ALAT is Nigeria's first full digital banking platform that allows you creat account, manage your account, get your ATM card, Receive and send money without visiting the bank office. Normally, in a regular bank, when you start the process of creating a new account with them online, after filling some data online, you still need to visit the bank physically in person to fully activate the account, the same goes to when you decide to apply for ATM card, but with Alat app, you can do all these and get your card delivered to your house free of charge.

However, I noticed Wema bank is not really publicizing this great platform the way it supposed to be as most people are still ignorant of such service so I want to use this opportunity to enlighten us of the features of this Alat innovation from Wema bank.

Note, before coming up with this, a friend of mine has just created account, got his debit card delivered to his house, he has funded the account as well as withdraw from it all at no cost. The name of the guy is Alex from Delta State. I sight you my guy😁


1. Open an account in less than 5 minutes.

2. Upload or snap your passport with your phone and send

3. Sign your signature on a paper and snap with your phone and send for account creation

4. Your BVN is needed for authentication

5. Schedule transfers and bill payments.

6. Save easily with automated goal saving.

7. Free bank card delivery anywhere in Nigeria. (Get your ATM card delivered to your doorstep)

8. Control your bank card from your phone.

9. Works with all Nigerian bank cards.

10. Pay bills automatically

11. No hidden charges.

12. Up to 10% interest on savings.


First of all, Download Alat App

Therefore if you're tired of regular old banks and you want to take control of your money, ALAT is for you. Join us!

You can get even more information on https://alat.ng. For enquiries and help, send mail to help@alat.ng or call 0700CALLALAT.

Note that you requires a working internet connection. SMS and data charges may apply
How To Enjoy Glo 0.00kb Free Browsing On Java and Symbian Phones

How To Enjoy Glo 0.00kb Free Browsing On Java and Symbian Phones

Though most of us are now making use of Android and Apple devices but I know of some folks that still use Java and Symbian phones. Even some of us that uses Android still have small feature phones (java) as a spare device and would welcome the idea of accessing the internet freely with these small basic handsets.

Interestingly, the good news is Glo users can enjoy free browsing on Java and Symbian phones with Opera Mini or UC mini handler with 0.00kb. Am sure it will be a welcome development because with this basic mobile phones, you can read stuffs online and even do your facebooking and 2go (for those still using 2go😁)


Step 1. Get any Registered Glo Simcard Without Airtime or Active Data Plan.

Step 2. Download Operamini Handler for Java Or Symbian Phone. You can as well download UC browser if you prefer it.

Step 3. Open The Operamini Handler Or Uc browser on the Phone And Configure it with This Following Settings Below.
Configure Your Mobile Phone Apn Settings

Apn: glosecure
Port: 80
homepage: http://wap.gloworld.com


Primary server: 80
Secondary server: socket://
Proxy type: Real host
Proxy server: redirect.glo.com

After that, Save the Opera mini settings. then wait for initial opera mini installation. Finally, start browsing with the web

Sunday, May 28, 2017

MTN 0.0KB Free Browsing Cheat Settings Via Syphonshield VPN

MTN 0.0KB Free Browsing Cheat Settings Via Syphonshield VPN

Hello guys, MTN 0.0KB free browsing cheat is back again this time on Syphonshield VPN so you now have an extra option to support Glo unlimited cheat and and Etisalat 0.00kb which gives free 60mb on daily basis.

As usual, I will provide the working Syphonshield settings for this MTN cheat so that you configure yours and enjoy like others but before then, I would like to drop a rather disappointing information which is... This cheat is SIM selective! In other words, it doesn't work on all MTN lines so pray yours is among the ones that connects.

For some months now, there haven't been any loopholes on this network as the network ISPs are trying their best to fix issues with their network which results to free browsing tweaks. By revealing some of these loopholes, we are also helping the network providers to buckle up and correct their errors so it's a win win situation.

Having said that, let me remind our new visitors about this wonderful app called Syphonshield (Syphon app). Two years ago, it was one of the best VPN apps we used to rock Etisalat, Airtel and MTN unlimited cheats but it later dropped down the pecking order after the introduction of new tweakware, stark and AnonyTun vpn apps. But right now, it seems the neglected stone will now be the chief conner stone so we will be making use of this great app for mtn free browsing in 2017 once again.


✔ It's totally unlimited
✔ You don't need data or airtime to power it
✔️ Once connected, it works on all apps
✔ Most times, it's very stable
✔ You can use it on PC with the help of PdaNet
✔️ No need for premium servers and premium accounts


✔ It doesn't work on all SIM cards
✔️ Sometimes it disconnects frequently
✔️ The configuration is manual so it's not pre-configured as in Tweakware

But take advantage and try for yourself and see if you are randomly selected to gain access to it. It's not a new free browsing. its an old tweak that doesn't want to give up so it resurfaced again.


✔ Your Android device
✔️ MTN SIM with 0.00kb balance
✔ Strong 3G network
✔️ Syphonshield app


✔ First of all, download Syphonshield VPN (Syphon App)
✔️ Launch the app and configure it as follows:

✔ Tick/mark remove port

✔ Proxy Type: Dual Real Host

✔ Proxy Server: datareset.mtnonline.com/#Xstring

✔ Real Proxy Type: HTTP

✔ Port : 80

✔ Tap OK, a pop up will appear with two options down below it Click the one With "Tunnel Whole Device" .

✔ Now click on "more options" then click connect through http

✔ Then enter host address:

✔ Port 8080

✔ Finally, select United States as your region and connect fast!

Enjoy while it lasts!
Vodafone Unveils SuperDay & SuperWeek, New Cheap Plans In India

Vodafone Unveils SuperDay & SuperWeek, New Cheap Plans In India

Vodafone has unveiled new Plans, and Tariff Packs in two categories called Vodafone SuperDay Pack and Vodafone SuperWeek pack. Surprisingly, Indians don't have to break the bank in order to enjoy it as the tariff plans starts from just Rs. 19 up to Rs. 89. There is only one plan available on Day pack while the Week Pack has 2 plan options.

Vodafone India is one of the top telecom companies in the country with over 200 million active subscribers. Vodafone now offers fascinating services in Mumbai that include Prepaid, Postpaid, Callertune, Roaming, Calls and 4G LTE connectivity. This time around, they have launched yet another set of packages for their customers to flex.


There are two SuperWeek pack options that users can choose from and it starts from Rs. 49. The Vodafone SuperDay pack is valid for 1 day and priced at Rs. 19. With this SuperDay pack Vodafone users get 100MB 4G data and unlimited calling (Local + STD) to Vodafone networks only.

According to Gogi.in, in Vodafone SuperWeek plan there are two options users can go for Rs. 49 plan that is valid for 7 days and it offers 250MB free 4G data and unlimited calling (local + STD) to Vodafone networks only. The other plan is for Rs. 89 that offers the same benefits as Rs. 49 plan but users get 100 minutes of talk time when calling to other networks.

Vodafone customer can subscribe to these packs via retail outlets, app or Vodafone website.


✔ Rs. 19 in Nigerian Naira is N92 (for 100MB)
✔ Rs. 49 in Nigerian Naira is N239 (for 250MB) valid for 7 days.

Now compare it to what you have here, what do you think? Well personally, there is no much difference from price of data in India when compared to Nigeria.
3 Nigerian Scammers Get 235-Years of Total Jail Sentence in The U.S

3 Nigerian Scammers Get 235-Years of Total Jail Sentence in The U.S

You may have heard of hilarious Nigerian scams. My all time favourite is this one:
A Nigerian astronaut has been trapped in space for the past 25 years and needs $3 million to get back to Earth, Can you help?
Moreover, Nigerians are also good at promising true love and happiness.
But You know, Love hurts.

Those looking for true love and happiness lost tens of millions of dollars over the Nigerian dating and romance scams. These criminals spend their whole day trolling the online dating sites for contact emails and then send off hundreds of thousands of fraudulent emails awaiting the victim's response.

A US federal district court in Mississippi has sentenced such three Nigerian scammers to a collective 235 years in prison for their roles in a large-scale international fraud network that duped people out of tens of millions of dollars.
3 nigerian scammers in US
The three Nigerian nationals were part of a 21-member gang of cyber criminals, of which six, including Ayelotan, Raheem, and Mewase, were extradited from South Africa to the Southern District of Mississippi in July 2015 to face charges in the case.

  1. Oladimeji Seun Ayelotan, 30, faces up to 95 years in prison
  2. Rasaq Aderoju Raheem, 31, faces up to 115 years in prison
  3. Femi Alexander Mewase, 45, faces up to 25 years in prison

A federal jury found all of them guilty of offenses involving mail fraud, wire fraud, credit card fraud, identity theft, and theft of government property, the US Department of Justice announced Thursday.
Also, Ayelotan and Raheem were found guilty of conspiracies to commit bank fraud and money laundering, which is why they have been given longer prison sentences.

Until now, the justice department has charged a total of 21 suspects in this case: 12 defendants have already pleaded guilty to charges related to the conspiracy while 11 have been sentenced to date.
The gang has been operating since 2001 and ran a variety of online scams, including romance scams, where the criminals used the false identity of love-struck girlfriends on a dating site to establish a romantic relationship with unsuspecting victims.

Once the gang members gained the victim's trust and affection, they would convince them to carry out their money laundering schemes and launder money from other rackets via MoneyGrams and Western Union, or resend electronics and other goods bought with stolen credit cards to countries where they could be sold for a profit.

The gang members were arrested by South African police in a joint operation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service in December 2015.
List Of All 3C HUB Stores In Nigeria - All States

List Of All 3C HUB Stores In Nigeria - All States

3C HUB is a top class and the largest digital products retail store that provides affordable goods of multi brands with high-tech and fashion in Nigeria. They are an offline shop, that have been ranked way behind SLOT, but they are working tirelessly to compete effectively with other rivals and that is showing up as they had expanded the number of stores to almost all states and cities in Nigeria. 3C Hub stores can now be spotted on strategic locations in many Nigerian cities where you can comfortably work into and purchase your favorite smartphone, mobile and electronic devices.

3C Hub Store
The word “3C” stands for Confident, Convenient, Comfortable so they promise to give you a wonderful shopping experience when you purchase stuffs from them. In other words, they claim to offer product, service and good shopping environment in Africa through supplying of products in physical store.

Meanwhile, let's not forget that offline shopping in Nigeria has seen fierce competition from online shops such as Jumia, Konga, DealDey, JiJi, Olx, Gearbest etc as most Nigerians prefers to buy things online due to convenience (no stress involved), home delivery services and ease of payment on delivery of the goods.

However, some people still prefer buying smartphones from physical stores as they want to see and test what they are buying immediately. Also if you happen to be staying in locations where these top physical stores are located, you would prefer buying from them.

So if you’re still a fan of offline shopping, then, this is something to be delighted about as 3C HUB sells quality phones and accessories at affordable prices. Below are the list of all 3C HUB stores in Nigeria so that you can locate the one outlet nearest to you for your shopping.



  • 20 Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos


  • 4 Otigba Street, Computer, Village, Lagos.


  • 55 Kofo Abayomi Avenue, Apapa, Lagos.


  • 182/184 Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos.


  • 227 Agege Major Road, Mushin, Lagos.


  • 7 Idimu Road, Ikotun, Lagos.


  • 78, Lagos Road, Ikorodu, Lagos State


  • 94, Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere, Lagos


  • 28 Shasha Road, Iyana Dopemu, Lagos


  • 25 Oki Town, Iyuana Ipaja, Lagos


  • 376 Old Abeokuta Expressway, Lagos


  • 34/36 Bisi Afolabi Street, Beside Wema Bank, Alesh Hotel, Ajah Lagos State


  • 25 Lalubu Road Oke Ilewo Abeokuta, Ogun State


  • Plot 750 Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 11, Abuja


  • 27 Watheral Road, Owerri Imo State

Didn't see a shop close to your state or city? Don't worry, am sure they are still spreading their tentacles to other locations just like Slot Nigeria. So instead of waiting 2-5 days for Jumia or Konga home deliveries, you should consider patronizing 3C HUB and get it as e de hot😀

SEE ALSO... List of All Accredited Infinix Smartphone Stores


NOTE that 3C HUB offers 12 + 1 month warranty on goods purchased from them, this is similar to SLOT SCREEN insurance cover when you buy a phone from SLOT. Jumia on the other hand, have expanded their pickup stations, you might want to take a peek to know if your states have a pickup stations now. Enjoy shopping in Nigeria 🇳🇬!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

5 Reasons Why Ladies Block Their 'Last Seen' On Whatsapp

5 Reasons Why Ladies Block Their 'Last Seen' On Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a popular messaging app owned by Facebook. It has helped to a very large extent in bridging the communication gap among friends and persons who are dating. This said you must have observed that many girls block their last seen on the messaging platform. Have you ever wondered why? Well, i share reasons why ladies block their last seen.


1. To prevent fights

This is perhaps the main reason why girls block their WhatsApp last seen. They want to prevent fights with their boyfriends who have become detectives and make all sorts of assumptions, which are usually incorrect, based on the last seen. Hence, they prefer to block it.

2. She may not be interested in chatting with you

If you are pestering her and she is not interested, she may block her last seen. Perhaps, if you do not know the last time she was online, you will give up and move on. If you continue messaging her, she will not respond.

3. To stop unnecessary questions

Why didn't you respond immediately? I saw you online. So, to prevent this and other types of questions, she prefers to block it. At least, if you do not see it, you won't question her.

4 She does not want you to know the last time she was online

Yes, some girls just do because they do not want you to see the last time they were online.

5. For Security Reasons

Last year, a lady was tracked by the bad gangs through her online status on WhatsApp and she nearly lost her life from the incidents but thanks she is still alive today.

Via Jumia Travel
Techy Age: See How Kids Now Learn ABCD

Techy Age: See How Kids Now Learn ABCD

Jet age has affected virtually everything around us. Even our behavior has changed to that of technology. All we now think and do each day is traced on one technology or the other to the extent of changing the usual "A" is for Apple to "A" is for ATM. Lol...

Though it's still correct but after reading the below ABCD learning guide, you will definitely find it funny. All the latest tech word are represented with an alphabet.

No wonder kids of nowadays like holding and pressing phone like crazy. Yesterday, I saw a 9 month old kid dragging a handset with her mummy. Hahahaahaha. Immediately her mum released the phone to her, she placed it straight on her ear. Imagine a kid that have not started talking and working. That's the age we are now.

A is for ATM
B is for Bluetooth
C is for Chatting
D is for Download
E is for Email
F is for Facebook
G is for Google
H is for Hotmail

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I is for instagram
J is for Java
K is for Konga
L is for Laptop
M is for Mtn
N is for Nokia
O is for Opera mini
P is for Pixmix
Q is for Quick time
R is for RAM
S is for Skype
T is for Twitter
U is for USB
V is for Vista
W is for WhatsApp
X is for Xender
Y is for Yahoo! and
Z is for Zuma
How to Apply for Federal Fire Service Recruitment 2017

How to Apply for Federal Fire Service Recruitment 2017

Federal Fire Service Recruitment 2017 – On this article you will get latest updates on Federal Fire Service 2017 recruitment, requirements, qualifications, guidelines and other important updates for free.

Federal Fire Service Recruitment has been anticipating in the country till date, I have received numerous requests by aspirants on various platforms yearning for legit information about the 2017 Federal Fire Service Recruitment form. Many applicants have been asking us questions like;
federal fire service vehicle
How can i apply for federal fire service recruitment 2017/2018?
Where can i obtain the 2017 federal fire service form?
Is the federal fire service 2017 recruitment form out?
When will federal fire service recruitment start?
I need federal fire service updates, etc.
Is federal fire service recruitment real for 2017 etc.
Federal fire service application deadline 2017/2018.

Rumors has been spread that the Federal Fire Service Recruitment 2017/2018 is out and ongoing, some even provide phone numbers in order to be called by the innocent aspirants to offer the Federal Fire Service recruitment form in exchange for cash or any other form of gratification. – “ALL THIS INFORMATION’S ARE FAKE – BE WISE”

The Federal Fire Service is the nation’s largest fire and rescue service, working 24 hours a day to keep the it safe from fires and responding to emergencies. The current structure of the Fire Service in Nigeria is based upon the legislation of the Fire Services Act of 1981.

The Fire Services in Nigeria are managed at local authority level, with the Department of the Environment and Local Government playing an advisory, legislative and policy-making role. The Fire Services are operated by 37 Fire Authorities, which are managed by State Councils, and Town Councils around the states.

Federal Fire Service Recruitment 2017 | How to Apply for Federal Fire Service Recruitment – portal.fedfire.gov.ng.

They help to reduce the outbreak of fire and related emergencies to a minimum level through Training, Policy and regulation, Public Enlightenment, Research and Capacity Building. Also ensuring the safety of lives, property and environment through adequate preparedness.

IMPORTANT! Currently, Federal Fire Service Recruitment 2017 Application is not yet out online, DISREGARD any form of advert you come across. This page will be updated immediately the form is out.

To be ascertain if the Federal Fire Service Recruitment 2017 has officially started, reach out to the official federal fire service website: https://portal.fedfire.gov.ng or Visit this page frequently for we shall update anytime the Federal Fire Service Recruitment form is out.

Federal Fire Service Recruitment Application Instruction:

Interested applicants for who are interested in applying for the Federal Fire Servicerecruitment 2017 should adhered to the following instructions below:

  1. Log on to the Federal Fire Service employment portal
  2. Applicants who meet the required qualifications will be considered for ONLINE Aptitude Test. Applicants selected for Aptitude Tests will be provided a Unique Test ID Number.
  3. Applicants will only be considered if they submit an online application, attach a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (CV), and other necessary support documents. The following documents are required and should be scanned and uploaded onlinewhere required:
  4. N/B: Below are Documents to be submitted for Federal Fire Service Recruitment 2017:

  • A comprehensive CV
  • All certificates from Primary School to the Highest Level of Education Obtained
  • Certificate of Local Government of Origin
  • Certificate of State of Origin
  • A Government Issued ID such as the National Identification Number (NIN), Nigerian International Passport, Valid Driver’s License
  • A recent Passport (sized) Photo
  • Only applicants who fully meet the requirements will be duly considered for application and are to be considered for Aptitude Test will be contacted.

Federal Fire Service Recruitment Academic Qualifications


  • West African School Certificate (WASC) or Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSSC) with Credits in not less than three (3) subjects including English and at least passes in two (2) other subjects; or
  • National Examination Council (NECO)/General Certificate of Education (GCE) Ordinary Level with passes in four (4) subjects obtained at one sitting or five (5) subjects obtained at two sittings including English Language.)


  • ND obtained from a recognized institution.
  • National Certificate of Education (NCE) from a recognized institution; or
  • General Certificate of Education (Advance Level) in two (2) subjects obtained at one sitting or three (3) subjects obtained at two sittings.)
  • B.Sc./HND obtained from a recognized institution.

How to Apply for Federal Fire Service Recruitment – Apply Now

Application is online, Interested and qualified candidates should:

Click here to Apply

Aptitude Test will be granted to candidates whose application satisfies the online recruitment process.


Multiple application will not be entertained. Candidates are to apply for one job position. Candidate who attempt to apply multiple times will have their application will be disqualified
No fee is required for online application, test or interview
N/B: Any false information provided during or after the application process will lead to the outright disqualification of such candidate(s).