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Tweaking Android Phone IMEI With Mobile Uncle Tool And MTK Engineering Mode

IMEI Tweaking is now a household name for geeks that rock free and cheap browsing in their respective phones meaning that it is no longer a new thing but so many people are still lost and confused on how it is done. Some are afraid of bricking their phone in the course of tweaking IMEI and some don't want to break their phone warranty bond. Anyway you see it, IMEI Tweaking is a requisite if you really want to gain any free or cheap browsing
cheat available and am going to take you through the best and simplest method to change your IMEI with 99% success rate
In this tutorial, we will make use of the popular mobile uncle tool and MTK engineering mode tool. These two IMEI Tweaking apps are like brothers in arm. They work alike with the same user interface. However, I included the mtk engineering mode app because some MTK Android phones doesn't work well with mobile uncle tool so I decided to include the two of them in case one didn't work for you, you can easily use the alternative.

What Are The Benefits Of Changing or Tweaking IMEI?
* You start enjoying Glo BIS on your Android phone
* You now tweak any available free data on new phones into your own phone. For example, getting free 325mb, 3gb, 100mb, 2015gb, 1gb from mtn and 500mb, 150mb from Etisalat. Also 2gb from Airtel and many more free data
* The joy of flexibility from one phone IMEI to another

What Are The Disadvantages Of Tweaking or Changing Phone IMEI?
Everything that have advantage equally has Disadvantages and IMEI tweaking is not left behind.
* IMEI tweaking is unlawful in many countries so tweak at your own peril
* IMEI tweaking automatically voids your phone warranty
* You can brick your phone if you don't follow the right steps while tweaking IMEI

CHECK working IMEI Numbers for MTN 2go 3GB, 100MB, 325MB and Etisalat 150MB

How Do I Tweak My Phone IMEI?
IMEI tweaking is too simple as long as you follow the guidelines carefully. In fact, I have made it more simple in this tutorial with clearly elaborated pictorial explanation so that you won't find anything difficult in tweaking anymore.

* Your Android phone
*  Mobile uncle tool. Download it here
*  MTK engineering mode. Download it here
*  Lastly, your brain


1. Open and run the mobile uncle tool or the mtk engineering mode app you installed

2. On the app menu, tap on "engineering mode"

3. A new page will open, select engineering mode (MTK)

4. Another page will open, now swipe right to connectivity page in the mobile uncle or mtk engineering mode app

5. Now select "CDS information"

6. On the new page that opens, tap on "radio information"

7. Another page will open containing two options. This two options appears in phones with dual SIM but if yours is only one SIM, you will see only one option. Now select the preferred SIM you want to do it.
Phone 1 is for SIM one

Phone 2 is for SIM two.
In this tutorial, we are making use of SIM one. So tap on phone one

8. Place your cursor just after the AT+ and type this EGMR=1,7,""

9. Now enter the IMEI number you want to tweak just between the two quotation marks " "

10. After typing the IMEI, recheck and see if it is 15 digits and tap on "Send at command"

11. You will see a small pop up message saying that your command has been msent
That's all. Now to check the IMEI you just tweaked, dial *#06#

Feel free to share this with your friends and remember to ask us anything if you need a more guideline. Thank you
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  2. This doesn't work for Gionee Marathon M5

  3. This doesn't work for Gionee Marathon M5

    1. For changing Imei of Gionee M5 and other new devices, just put a space between AT and + sign.
      It should look like this AT +EGMR=1,7,""

  4. It says at command sent but there is no change in the imei

    1. Hi Gab. Reboot your phone or simply switch On and Off your flight mode.
      Den check ur imei

  5. I tried to change my phone imei with MTK, but I keep getting a message saying This command is not allowed in userbuild. Am using techno camon c8

  6. I tried to change the imei stuff with MTK, but I keep getting a message saying This command is not allowed in using Tecno Camon C8

  7. I tried to change the imei stuff with MTK, but I keep getting a message saying This command is not allowed in using Tecno Camon C8

  8. I tried to change the imei stuff with MTK, but I keep getting a message saying This command is not allowed in using Tecno Camon C8

  9. Should I just generate any 15 alphabet and put as the imei I wanna tweak?

    1. No u will use the imei of the phone you want to tweak. Assuming u want to tweak blackberry imei for glo bis or airtel bis on android, you should use a valid bb imei number.

      I hope u get it now

  10. wizzy pls help with samsung devices on mine its only that (android) own thats showing

  11. See how to change imei of Samsung Galaxy devices HERE

  12. Is it for rooted phones only?

  13. How can i change my itel 1407 imel? Please

  14. Pls I tried tweaking my infinix hot s follow the steps you procured but after clicking on CDS information on step 5 the next page that opens doesn't contain radio information but has the other 8 options pls I've tried the both apps both still the same results..
    pls help..

  15. I do tweaking for people then with money (ego) no money no tweak