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Airtel Data Plans January 2017 | Best Prices, Codes To Subscribe

I advise all Airtel subscribers to go through these best data plans listed here including the prices, validity period and code to subscribe to each and everyone one of the data plans.
airtel data plans
In Nigeria, when it comes to networks with reliable 3G service across most cities, towns and even villages, Airtel is among. Airtel network is one of the fastest and that's why many people has their SIM just for internet browsing purposes and other online activities.

Am still saying that "recession" didn't affect data plans in Nigeria because i could remember when we used to pay N1000 for just 200MB data some years back from Airtel but now it's a history.

In this article, I will "review" all the Airtel data bundles for 2017. The most important thing is these bundles works on almost all devices - all Android phones, Tablets, iPhones, iPads, Modern, routers, USB dongles and can be tethered and shared via WiFi, Bluetooth and USB chord.

Daily Plans
Before now, network providers used to give just 10MB with N100 but that period is long gone. There are lots of positive changes in the data sector and we the users are enjoying more data with lesser amount of money.

30MB for #100 Plan
Just like MTN, Airtel has increased the size of data allocated to the N100 naira card from 10mb to 30MB. This plan is sure to help you finish up whatever you are doing for the day when you eventually exhaust your data plan. It's the "savior plan" that keeps you going.

This plan is valid only for 24hours and the subscription code is highlighted below.
To subscribe for this plan dial *410#

50MB for #300 Plan
This one is not impressive considering that Glo offers same 50MB for just N100. Also, at Airtel's official website, it was stated N200 instead of N300 which is the actual price.

This plan valid for 3 days but i suggest you check other plans below to make a better decision because this one is a no no for me personally.
Meanwhile, to subscribe for this bundle, just dial *412#

5-Star Pack 25MB (5MB daily) for #100
If you are using a jarva phone, this plan is best daily plan for you. Also if you are using Android phone but what you always do is chatting, this plan is also good for you.

For N100 Naira, you’d get 5MB every day for 5days to surf the internet.
To subscribe for this plan dial *401#

Airtel Weekly Plans
On paper, there are two weekly plans on the Airtel network but I am focusing on the best out of the two.

750MB for #500 Plan
Just like MTN, Airtel offers 750MB for 500 Naira which valid for two weeks. But while MTN gives you one week for this plan, Airtel thinks you should cool down and enjoy your data up to 2 weeks.
To subscribe for this plan dial *418#

Airtel Monthly Plans
Yes Airtel tagged themselves "the smartphone network" after they started offering cheaper data plans that works on Android devices even before other networks started doing same. We have lots of monthly plans from Airtel and I will be reviewing them here one after the other. Although, Globacom still rules when it comes to cheapest data plans in Nigeria.

1.5GB for #1000 Plan
This plan is the most popular plan in the country. Airtel offers you 1.5GB worth of data for 1,000 Naira. This plan is their Android 1.0 plan but as stated on their website, this plan works for all devices. I have tested it, and it truly works and unlike their blackberry plans, the data consumption rate is reasonable. In other words, it doesn't zap like older plans some years back. The plan will last you for one complete month.

To subscribe to this plan, dial *496#

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3.5GB for #2000 Plan
For just N2000, you’d get more than double the amount of the data allocated to the cash equivalent of the previous plan which is also valid for 30 days.
This plan is perfect for the everyday internet user who sometimes stream videos and download clips
To subscribe, dial *437#

This plan is awesome no doubt, but before subscribing, have a look at the next plan.

5GB for #2,500 Plan
It's like, the more the prices the more the data allocation. Smart business trick if you ask me.

When you add another 500 Naira, you get an additional 1.5GB data. What am I saying? With your N2,500, you get 5GB to surf the web anyhow you want for 30 days.
This plan is sure bet for heavy internet users who are always online doing one thing or the other 24/7
To subscribe to this plan, dial *437*1#

7GB for #3,500 Plan
Still on the matter, if 5GB won't be enough for you in a month, my brother, my sister say hello to the 7GB plan which will cost you N3,500 and valid for one month.

To subscribe to this bundle, dial *438#
Although the next 2 plans might not strike you as being “reasonable”, power users (bloggers and internet marketers alike) would find them interesting.

12GB for #5,000 Plans
Airtel offers 12GB worth of data for 5000 Naira. This plan is suitable for bloggers, business owners who uses the Internet for their services, online freelancers and the likes.
To subscribe for this plan dial *452#

24GB for #8,000 Plan
Still on the matter, for more power users, you can get a Whooping 24GB for N8k valid for 30 days.
To subscribe dial *460#

250MB for #300 (Opera Mini Bundle)
Say hello to the cheap opera mini bundle. We all know that opera mini is one of the best web browsers and it conserves data more that any other web browser so thos 250mb is just enough to carry you for the whole one month at the price of just 300 Naira

To subscribe to this opera bundle, dial *885*1#

Airtel Daily Data Bundles
  • 30MB @ ₦100 24 Hours *410#
  • 50MB @ ₦300 3 Days *412#
  • 25MB @ ₦100 5 Days *401#
Airtel Weekly Data Bundles
  • 750MB @ ₦500 2 Weeks *418#
Airtel Monthly Data Bundles
  • 1.5GB @ ₦1,000 30 Days *496#
  • 3.5GB @ ₦2,000 30 Days *437#
  • 5GB @ ₦2,500 30 Days *437*1#
  • 7GB @ ₦3,500 30 Days *438#
  • 12GB @ ₦5,000 30 Days *452#
  • 24GB @ ₦8,000 30 Days *460#
Dial *140# to check data balance

MTN Data Bundles & Prices
MTN, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel Free Browsing Cheats


Airtel WhatsApp Plan
Some people value whatsapp more than any other thing else that's why you see some that don't care about any other plan except the one that allows them chat on whatsapp and follow groups. Airtel is strongly behind you.
To Subscribe for the monthly plan, dial *948# and it costs N100 with 30MB for 30 days. To check remaining MB balance, dial *123*8#

Airtel Night Plan
This plan is one of the favorite plan mainly for students and youths who usually stay awake to do some assignments and school works at night. To see more about these night plans, the prices and activation code, click here

Airtel #1000 For 3GB
This is a blacberry plan but you can use it on your android phone by performing a simple trick. See how to go about it here

Airtel 6GB for #1500
Do you know you can get a whooping 6GB worth of data with just 1500 Naira? Are you surprised? See how to get it here

That's it guys. Which one is your favorite plan. I believe this review will help you make a better choice when it comes to data subscription this month. Happy browsing!!!
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