Android Phone Getting Too Hot? See How To Cool The Overheating

Some Android phones tend to get too hot or overheating on minimal or heavy usage. While Phone heating up on heavy usage is normal at least for the ones with lower specs, if the heating or hotness is too much that you can't comfortably place the phone on your laps without feeling a burning effect, my dear, you need to seat back and read this post very well.

Normally a phone's temperature should increase while operating it because, like any other electronics, it is burning energy from the battery. In fact all the components used in building and designing the phone and its circuits derives power from the battery so the battery is expected to have some chemical reactions which will eventually come out as heat or increase in temperature. 

However, this won't cause a severe burning sensation except in some cases where something is not really as it supposed to be that is why I thought it wise to write this article after I read a complain from one guy that said his newly bought Infinix Hot 2 smartphone gets hotter when using it. That complain is an unprecedented scenario because no one have complained about such for infinix Hot 2.

So after going through his phone, I found out that he was actually the cause of the overheating and the phone got normal after doing some of the basic phone management skills which  am going to table down here.

Reasons Why Your Phone Gets Hotter or Overheating

1. Your Random Access Memory (RAM) is low
Three years ago, a lot of people were using phones with 512MB RAM and below. Even now, there are some phone users that are using 512MB RAM. Am not saying that using such phone is bad ooo but what is bad and unaccepted is trying to use a 512MB RAM Smartphone to achieve or do what a 3GB device is doing.
Some of the Android HD games are better played on a phone with 1GB RAM and above but when you force a 512mb RAM smartphone to play such games, you will find out that the phone won't only get Hotter while playing the game but it will be much slower and this drastically decreases the lifespan of such Android phone.

2. Multitasking
Multitasking is the art of running more than one applications in your smartphone simultaneously. Multitasking is one of the best features in Android phones; we got a little feel and experience of it with symbian Nokia phones back then but with Android, multitasking is more advanced and smoother. However, it is worthy to note that your phone's specs determines how you will multitask i.e. running many apps at the same time.
A 3GB RAM android phone can be used to run almost 10 heavy apps at the same time flawlessly but the same can't be said with devices with lower RAM capacity. So try to run apps according to capacity of your phone clean up apps running in background to minimize your phone getting too hot.

3. Virus or Malware Infection
Do you know that virus can make your phone get abnormally hot? Some viruses, when they get access to your phone, they start multiplying and performing many background activities that you may not even be aware of. These act eventually leads to your phone getting laggy, slower and Overheating.
So you should try and install a powerful antivirus app like CM security to block these potential viruses that destroys phones.

4. Accumulated Junk Files
Junk files as the name indicates, are  the irrelevant files in your Android phone that are accumulated with time. The more we use our phones, the more the phone gather junk files and park them in your phone Memory.
Example of junk file is the app leftovers. Whenever, you remove or uninstall an app from your phone, it will leave some little files unknown to you but you can minimize this by always rebooting your phone whenever you uninstall an application. Again, you can use CM security app to clean up the useless and junk files in your phone and speed up your phone.

5. Hot Environment
This one is normal and you should know that using your phone in hot environment makes the phone more hotter; this is usually experienced during dry season and it might interest you to know that your phone's battery life tends to depreciate or decrease during dry season than in raining season. This is because, the more the temperature increases, the more your battery loses energy. So minimize the time you use your smartphone under hot environment to reduce overheating and prolong your smartphones lifespan.

6. Phone Processor Capacity
Processor is one of the main determinants of how well your smartphone performs. Smartphones with lower processor speed gets hotter than the ones with much higher processor speed.
In conclusion, like I said before, you should feel an increased temperature from your phone when using it but when it gets too hot to the extend of you feeling burning sensation, please apply some of the methods above to minimize the overheating of your phone.

  • clean your junk files regularly multitask according to the specs of your phone
  • Use a powerful antivirus app on your phone
  • Don't expose your phone so long to a hot environment
  • Do some RAM management by cleaning your background apps
  • Don't run many heavy apps in a 512MB RAM smartphone.

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