iPhone 6S: Chinese Men Told To Donate Sperm To Get The Latest iPhone 6

Wonders surely shall never end. Few years ago, when the iPhone madness started, people were doing some crazy and unbelievable things including donation of their kidneys in other to own an iPhone 6 or other iPhone products but this week an advert from sperm banks in some areas in china like Jiangsu Shanghai and Hubei urged Chines men to donate their sperm in other to win
the latest iPhone 6S which is due to be released today 25th September, 2015 went viral in many social media platforms, newspapers and blogs in China.

The advert read thus “No need to sell a kidney ... Shanghai sperm bank can make your iPhone 6S dream come true,”
Chinese men are told to forget about donating their kidneys anymore but their sperms to gather money to own an iPhone 6S. The funny but interesting thing is that many people welcomed this development saying that it will at least save them the risk of playing with their life by donating their kidney as previously done before now.

One man reportedly lost his life in the course of donating kidney to own an iPhone sometime ago and other health complications that were recorded. But people in China are saying that donating sperm is saver than donating one's kidney.
Checkout what some Chinese men  are saying; “Wow I hope it’s real, no need to give away a kidney for any Apple products now!” said by someone on social media
“I need the address to Hubei Sperm Bank now please” another man said
On weibo, China's twitter, another man said “This is going to make me really suspicious of anyone with an iPhone 6S”

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The sperm bank in Shanghai, China said that they will pay 6,000 yuan for 17 millilitres of semen donated by anyone and men are running crazy because of this offer.
However, there are some requirements to qualify for this sperm donation.

Requirements To Qualify For Sperm Donation In China To Own iPhone 6S
1. Potential sperm donors should be university graduates
2. Donors must be free of any kind of disease like HIV AIDS, sickle cell, cancer or any other health issues
3. A donor must be over 5 foot tall

I can recall in the year 2011, a 17 year old school boy sold one of his kidney 22,000 yuan which is £2,224 to buy iPhone and iPad

The question now is can you donate your sperm or even kidney in other to own an iPhone 6?

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