MUST READ: 15 Latest Amazing Google Search Tricks That You May Not Know

Most of us uses Google search almost everyday to look for one thing or the other on the internet though some phone users rarely visit Google to make some research or to find articles to read. These
type of people uses there smartphone and PC for only entertainment purposes like playing musics, watching offline movies, playing games, taking pictures, chatting on Whatsapp, facebooking and many other things that they do without consulting google.
Anyway, no matter where you belong, this post is for everyone that have an internet enabled phone or PC. After reading this, you will find out that there are somethings that you wish you have known for a long time. These Google tricks will speedup your Google search time and yield you more better and accurate results.
The pictorial explanation I used in this post is from UC browser in my mobile smartphone and the best result can be gotten when you do the searching with a PC; though you will arrive at the same information.

Google Tricks

1. Finding The Current Weather of A Place:

This is an important tool and trick that some people are not aware of. In this tutorial, I used Lagos (Nigeria) as a case study or as an example. To find the weather status and forecast of a place, region, state, or city just type weather and the name of the place. For example, "Weather in Lagos"

2. Checking The Current Time (Clock)
Is your phone date not up to date? Are you in a situation where you only resolve to asking your neighbor or that person on the road what the time is saying? Now with this time checking trick, you will easily see the accurate time at that moment in google by just asking Google what the time is. Example "what is the time in Lagos"

3. Searching For a Particular Product From a Particular Store or Seller:
Sometimes you will like to buy a product from a particular online store and you would not want to get search results of that same product from another online store because normally if you search for a product on Google, it will bring out the result of that product from different online stores, sellers and blogs. For instance, you want to buy Infinix Hot 2 from Konga and you don't want Google to show you that same product on search results for Jumia. What you will do is just type "Infinix Hot 2 Konga -Jumia
You will see that the whole result will center on Konga store and eliminate Jumia. You can also do it with Jumia and eliminate Konga store.

4. Searching for Market Report of A Brand:
You can use this trick to get instant stock report or market reports of a particular brand. For example, if you want to check Google's report, just type "GOOG" and it will display immediately.

5. Getting Definition of a Term:
This one is popular and it has helped and rescued many people especially students in many ways. All you need to do is to go to Google's search box and ask Google the definition of a Term or something. For example, "what is diffusion"

6. Using Google as Calculator:
Honestly there are many hidden features in Google that might surprise you. Can you imagine that you can solve mathematics easily without a calculator or calculator app in your phone or PC? Google search box makes it very possible. Just enter the number or figure you want to do calculation on. For instance, if you want to know the solution and result for 52x8, just type "52 times 8" and the answer will appear immediately including how it was solved. Now try some other mathematical calculations and see.

7. Looking for Map of A Place:
You don't need any mapping application on your phone in other to search or look for Map of a continent, country, region, state, local government, village etc. Just type the ask Google for the map of the place. Example "map of Abuja"

8. Checking for The Time For Sunset:
If you want to know the time for sunset of a particular country or city just asked Google and it shall be shown to you. Example, "sunset Enugu"

9. Checking For The Time For Sunrise:
Just like in the case of sunset  just type "sunrise Enugu"

10. Knowing Your Device IP Address:
Interesting! This is one of the wonders of Google search. The truth is that you can actually know your phone's or any device IP address by just typing "show my phone IP"

11. Checking Currency Exchange Rate:
I don't know for you but as far as am concerned, this feature in Google search is the best. You can covert any country's currency to another country's currency so easily. You can know the correct and latest exchange rate of all currency in the world. Just ask Google and it will pop up. For example if you want to know the latest exchange rate of one US Dollar in Nigerian Naira, just type "$1 in Naira"

12. Checking Country News of A Player Without Displaying His Club News:
Normally if you type a name of a player in Google, you will see that most of the search results will point on his club career and activities but if you really want to filter the search results to show only his national activities or news, just ask Google by puting hyphen before his club name.
For example, "Mikel Obi -Chelsea

Others Are:

13. Voice Search:
Do you know you can also search for something on Google without typing anything? If you are using a chrome browser right now just look at the top of your browser, you will see a mic icon, click it and it will open and you will see " listening", then ask Google by talking.

14. Searching For Somebody Through His Image.
Yes you can search for someone on Google through his image. All you need to do is copy his image URL and paste in Google's camera icon or drag and drop the image in Google's camera icon.

15. To look up For Football Match Live score:
Just type live score and the name of the club(s). Example "live score Chelsea"

I know some of you know some of this tricks but many people may not know about these stuffs. Some are new to Google and some are average in using Google search.
If you know any of this tricks before or you know some that I didn't include here please kindly use the comment box and tell us.


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