See Reply PayPal Gave Nigerians For Not Being Able To Receive Money From Their PayPal Account

It is no longer news that Nigerian PayPal users cannot receive money or payments from their clients 
with PayPal account. They can only send money. This has become a worrying issue for most Nigerian online business men and women.
PayPal is one of the safest online payment service. It is a platform that let its users
 to do any type of electronic transactions including buying stuffs online, paying for online services and above all, paying or receiving payments but Nigerians are denied the receiving option.
Below is a message sent by PayPal to one of its Nigerian user this week after he requested to know the reason why PayPal refuse to grant Nigerians access to receive payments

Dear Deen Dabai,
Hi! My name is Miles from PayPal Consumer Support. I hope all is well with you today. Thank you for your kind words about the services of PayPal. I'm glad to clear things up about the receiving payment
feature. We are doing our best to make the payment receiving feature available in the near future. Since PayPal has just recently launched the services in your country, currently, the receiving payment feature is not yet available. This is to comply with local laws and financial regulations in Nigeria. Online safety and compliance is a top priority for us. We continue to work very closely with regulators in your country to ensure full compliance with all applicable regulations.

Don't worry; we have already submitted the application for the option to receive payments with your Nigerian banking regulators. As soon as the application is approved we will inform you right away.

In the mean time,I recommend using or arranging other payment solutions to receive funds from your client (e.g. money order, check, etc.) I'm glad to inform you that sending money or international payment is free. Alternatively, if you maintain an address in a country where the receive payment service is available and if you have financials in the said country, you may register a PayPal account in
any of the following countries:

South Africa

You have my assurance that we're constantly working towards expanding our service to include this feature since it would be beneficial for both of us to offer this to you. When additional features are made available you'll be the first to know. If you have additional questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at
 Monday through Friday
8:00AM to 4:30PM local Nigeria time.

I'm glad you got in touched with us and I get this clarified for you. Your patience is greatly appreciated. We are pleased to have you as a member of the PayPal community.

I hope they fix this as soon as possible and again, let our government or the people in charge of this up their game and do the right thing that will benefit Nigeria in the online business world.
What do you think about this whole issue? Who are really the cause.. The Nigerian online users, PayPal or the government?

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  2. I tried adding my card details but it wasn't successful

  3. I tried adding my card details but it wasn't successful