Simple Tricks To Fix MTN BBLITED & Etisalat Smart Pack Simple Server Not Working Issues

Both MTN BBLITED and Etisalat Smart Pack, Chat Pack and Social Packs are still blazing and geeks are enjoying and flexing the free and cheap data made possible by the great Simple Android Server app.
However, many users complain of their simple server not being stable and disconnects frequently while they are browsing with it making it difficult to
reconnect again and some don't even reconnect again after being disconnected. Don't worry, its too simple. There is always a way out of a task or problem that seems unsolvable. So come along as I unveil this simple trick.

Recently, I noticed that phones with RAM less than 512MB are the worst affected especially with the old version of simple server app that is red in color. It will surprise you to know that I prefer the old simple server version to the new version because it accepts more IP than the new one. Strange right? Well, I have tested, compared and used the two of them before coming to this conclusion. In fact, some of the IP address that works smoothly the on old version of simple server doesn't work like that on the newer version. Meanwhile, the older version seems to automatically stop working at will more frequently than the newer version so what am going to share with you here is how you can revive and fix your simple server if it stops working

Possible Causes of Simple Android Server Not Working On Your Phone

1. Wrong Configuration
You didn't configure your SAS well. See this post to configure your simple Android server correctly

2. Your phone RAM is too small. This might not be a big issue but in some phones that has lower RAM capacity, simple server seems to force close often

3. Your Battery Saving and Task killing Apps:
Battery saving apps and Task killing apps are there to automatically close or kill any running app in background. Remember, Simple Android Server runs in background when you use it to power other apps and brows so this battery saving apps will always try to close it thereby disconnecting your internet connection

4. Outdated and Wrong IP Address and Port:
Your Simple Android Server will not work if your IP is outdated or wrong also if your previous working IP address suddenly stopped working or becomes to slow, then you should look for another working IP to continue flexing with your cheap and free internet service.

How To Fix The Problem Of Simple Server Not Working Properly and Smoothly
1. First of all, make sure all your settings are correct and check the tricky one(the injection line in simple server) make sure you press the enter key four times and check other settings.

2. Some phones like Tecno M3, and P5 have recorded cases of simple server forcing close frequently and that is because of the 512MB RAM. You can minimize or fix this issue by closing some heavy apps that you are running on your phone like the normal Facebook app, Instagram, Yahoo mail or any HD game that is running so that your simple server can have enough RAM to run on.

3. Insure that you set or add simple server to the ignore list of any of the task killing apps like du battery saber, task manager, greenify, cm security, avast, etc so that whenever these apps are performing their operations, they will skip Simple Android Server thereby leaving your internet connection still running and blazing.

4. 75% of the causes of simple server not working is wrong and outdated IP. Some IP has been used by many people and it causes it to either stop working or works so slow that's why some people's Simple server browses faster than others even when they are in the same room. You may wish to see list of current working fast IP for simple Android Server

Now check out this simple but powerful trick to restart your simple server and make it working again without uninstalling and re-installing it or restarting your phone.

>>>> Just minimize the SAS app or go to app manager in your phone settings and tap on the Simple Android Server.
>>>> Now tap on clear "cache" and look up.
>>>> Tap on "force stop"
>>>> And finally scroll down and tap on "launch"

5. Below are Etisalat socialme and smart pack subscription codes and how fast or slow they are plus their subscription prices.
*343*6*10# weekly for #150... Not advisable for downloading (slow)

*343*6*11# monthly for #500... Not advisable for downloading too (slow)

*343*5*6# daily #50.. Not also advisable to download

*343*6*7# daily #100... Super fast most times

*343*6*8# weekly for #300. Super fast most times too.

The choice is yours

Note: All are totally unlimited.

UPDATE: How To Fix MTN BBLITED Not Working Issue

To make it even more stable or try to force network to appear (if you are in a place that has no strong internet network), switch OFF and ON your data. Check out how stable and fast your simple server will be after this.
Remember to share with your friends by taping or clicking the share buttons and feel free to ask any question in any area you aren't clear of.

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  1. This same issue also occurs when using Simple Server on PC. Could you find a way around this pls? Thanks

    1. First you have to recheck the settings and the IP you are using on your PC just like the way you do on your phone.
      Then, just like your phone, include your PC simple server in your antivirus ignore list and make sure your PC firewall is not set to block Simple Server. Some antivirus sees simple server as a virus.

  2. Correct setting on pc jus download page den connect tru cable best option ever Dan sas nd psiphon on pc