Using MTN BIS On Android And PC With Tweakware VPN Simplied

No doubt, Tweakware is the main and simplest VPN you can use on your smartphone right now to have seamless access to free and cheap browsing and the good news is that you don’t necessarily have to root your phone before it can work on it unlike other VPN apps like Droid VPN and Autoproxy app. It is a VPN app that encrypts internet data and bypass site restrictions enabled by some network providers. Followers of this site has being testifying on how coming across this cheat have saved them from spending big on data subscription on daily, weekly and monthly bases.

Today, more than 15 people have already contacted and asked me whether it is possible to use this Tweakware to power MTN BIS on Android phones and PC and the answer is a capital YES. Before now, MTN BIS and even MTN 2go MB was working onandroid phones with the help of simple android server but with some limitations and drawbacks like constant disconnection and slow speed. Tweakware gives you more stable and fast browsing experience on MTN BIS, Etisalat Chat Pack, MTN 2go data and Spectranet network once you get the settings right.
So get ready as I show you how to use MTN BIS on your android with Powerful Tweakware app and remember you can also use the same MTN BIS on you PC with tweakware and brows any site of your choice. Yes it has been working perfectly.

  1. First, you have to subscribe to MTN BBLITED plan by dialing *216*7#
  2.  If you haven’t downloaded Tweakware in your phone, you can click download Tweakware app
  3. Go to APN settings on your phone by tapping on mobile networks, then select Access Point Names and tap on MTN-NG and set it as follows:

·         Name: MTN BIS
·         APN:
·         APN type: leave it at default
·         Proxy:
·         Port: 8080
·         Username: web
·         Password: web
        4.    Now save it as your default APN and go back to locate the downloaded tweakware app.
        5.    Run the tweakware app
        6.    Go to “settings”
        7.    Now select “Bundled settings”
        8.    On the new page that appears, tick “use bundled setting”
        9.    Tap on “select bundled setting”
       10.    Now on the options that pop up, select “MTN BIS 1”
       11. Having done that, go back to tweakware menu and long press “default server”
       12. Then select update server and after updating, select United States as your server(USA    is somehow more stable and faster followed by Netherlands server)
       13. Finally, tap on “connect” and enjoy your MTN BIS browsing with great speed on your android phone.

Do you know you also use MTN BIS on your PC with Tweakware? Come along.
Follow the below steps carefully and you will be flexing bis on your pc.
·         Your MTN BIS SIM
·         Your modem
·         Your laptop
·         And Tweakware software. Click download tweakware for PC
Now follow these steps to set it up on your laptop.
      1.  Subscribe to any MTN BIS plan as follows
·         Text BBCWEEK to 21600 for one week plan (N400)
·         Text BBC to 21600 for one month plan (N1000)
·         Text BBCDAY to 21600 for a day plan (N100)
      2.    Create an account and Register on tweakware VPN here
      3.    Open the tweakware vpn and enter your username and password
      4.    Now click on “tool” and change the template to MTN TCP3
      5.    Click on “Apply Template”

Then go to your modem and set it up as follows:
     1.    Create a new profile with “MTN BIS” as the name
     2.    Click on “settings” it is at the bottom right hand corner of your modem menu     
     3.    Now click on add button menu to create a new profile
     4.    The connection settings should be as follows:
·         APN:
·         Access Number: *99#
·         Username: web
·         Password: web
     5.    Finally click on “Apply”

Enjoy and remember to tap the share button here to share with your friends on social media platforms.


  1. Thank you very much... U have save us from the expensive data

  2. Thanks bro, i haven't tried it yet, but have did all the setting correctly, what i want to ask is ? do i need to verify any confirmation on my mail before its works

  3. Thanks ! does it work with etisalat on PC TOO?

  4. Yes it works but not stable. Always fluctuating and disconnecting. I will update it here immediately I devise a solution to stop the frequent disconnection on PC

  5. great work bro...pls the android tweakware does it require a monthly payment apart from the BBLITED subsctiption??

    1. No. Unless you want to use the premium version of Tweakware

  6. Fmd eatisalat 100 is only for one day. Ñw any new way to elongate d period

  7. for dis bblited is d one abov 4daily flex? OR FOR HOW MANY DAYS

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  9. We were really having a nice time with tweakware back then before the idea to add premium servers were introduced

  10. Musicplus with SAS and autoproxy were best of friends then

  11. We were really having a nice time with tweakware back then before the idea to add premium servers were introduced