Do You Know That Infinix And iTel Phones Are Owned By Tecno Mobile?

I know many people reading this will argue but the fact is that virtually all phones bearing Infinix or iTel as its name are managed by Tecno mobile. So the guys in charge at Tecno mobile are not really concerned what you think about them like many customers persisting they won't buy the new Flagship Phantom 5 because of the
outrageous price. The reality is that even the Infinix smartphones that is highly rated by phone users of recent is also managed by Tecno.

Checkout the an excerpt from  an article written March 4, 2013 by Mr Mobility  of  Mobilityarena
"...Tecno and Carlware make up a conglomerate mobile brand called Infinix. The Infinix brand produces and sells self-branded android smartphones…"
Wait, there are other proves like this other excerpt from an article Sept 15, 2015 by same author
… Whether you buy a TECNO phone or an Infinix phone, your cash ends up in the same coffers. In other words, they are siblings. TECNO and Infinix have the same parent company.
The strategy at work is that Infinix addresses the budget end of the smartphone market (the bottom of the pyramid), while TECNO makes a pitch for the high end.
TECNO and Infinix are not competitors. They are two sides of a coin targeting two different segments.

Another excerpt from an article written Nov 2014 by Seyi Albert of Thebleet
… It paid off for Tecno and more opportunities were even spotted. Soon, there was speculation that Tecno had acquired a part of Mobiwire, a company that is an offshoot of Sagetel (Sagem Mobile’s Manufacturing plant). The company is today called Infinix Mobility, and the goal was simple. Tecno was to service from Lower end up, while Infinix did Mid range down, taking up two disparate markets. The Infinix name is in fact axiomatic to be more high end.
If you had checked before it was redirected to, you’d have noticed a portfolio widget by the footer that included Infinix as one of the brands owned by Tecno. So it is like the Toyota-Lexus/Honda-Acura/Nissan-Infiniti plot. The later is the high end or luxury version of the former.

So why are we still complaining about Tecno when they are applying a secret strategy that many customers are not aware of. This means that your Infinix Hot Note, Hot Note Pro, Infinix Hot 2 and many others including itel devices are managed and controlled by the Tecno we rain abuse on.

Now that you know that Infinix and itel devices are from Tecno mobile, will you also continue devaluing your awesome hot note pro?
Credit to Mobilityarena and thebleet for the excerpt

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  1. I was shocked to my bone marrow when I came across this caption. If we are to accept these claims, then why is TECNO not always releasing updates?