Have You Seen This New Samsung 18 Inch Smartphone? See Specs

Samsung has recently announced the Samsung Galaxy View, a “tablet” which has probably one of the biggest screens in the market today. As everybody is going huge in screens in tablet and tablet-like devices– quite like the Apple iPad Pro and the Microsoft Surface devices– Samsung is determined to give everybody a taste of their own tablet device with a massive display. The Galaxy View is all of 18.4 inches and, in theory, should give you and your family a lot of entertainment time.

This is the purpose of the Samsung Galaxy View, a tablet device distinctly marketed for its entertainment and media uses. The ginormous 18.4-inch Full HD (1080p) display should take care of great and vibrant
images. That will be powered by a yet unnamed 1.6Ghz octa-core processor, supported by 2GB RAM. You can purchase this huge tablet in 16GB and 32GB internal storage variants, but there is a microSD slot for expansion.

Being literally too big to carry around, this will not work as a device you bring with you every day. Samsung recommends that this device will live in your house, a media hub for your family. The device runs a version of Android 5.1 Lollipop, and has webcam and communication features as well.

The 5,700mAh battery should give you around 8 hours of usage, at least that’s what Samsung tells us. It also has its own speakers, although quite naturally, you may want to pair this with your Bluetooth speaker system at home. There’s a NANO sim slot for LTE connectivity, and all the usual WiFi connectivity provisions. No news on the pricing yet but we guarantee this will not come cheap. 

This Tab is bigger than most of your Tv 

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  1. Is there anything in the technological world that Samsung hasn't produced?