How To Block Unwanted SMS From MTN, Etisalat, Glo and Airtel

If you have a phone and an active SIM, you must know about these unnecessary spamming SMS that network providers and even individuals and organizations constantly bombard our phones with every hour. For me, it's absolutely disgusting receiving messages that I didn't subscribe or requested to be receiving. And the worst part of it is some of these messages are drafted to dupe the ignorant receiver.

A friend of mine once got an SMS alert congratulating him that he just won a sum of N700,000 and his phone number was among the lucky three people that won it in the country. They gave him a number to call and get more information on how to get his money. My guy called the number and do you know what they requested....? Hahahahahaha this people no go kill me ooo. They asked my friend to pay N4,000 for the formalities to be completed. After paying the 4k that they will send the money to him with the bank details he will provide. When my friend told me this, I told him to ignore it because it is a real scam by jobless individuals. That is how my friend was saved. I don't know why people just sit down in a place and all they think is how to dupe their fellow human beings of their hard earned money.

Our network providers are not even left out in this extortion of money from their customers as they usually send messages like free callers tune, free bible and qoran verses for one week and it will surprise you that after one week they will started reducing some amount of money from your SIM. Why didn't they include the money in the SMS they sent? That's why I ignore all those useless SMS.

In fact spam SMS is so disgusting. Imagine a situation when you are expecting a bank alert or an important SMS from someone or your boss and this useless spam SMS keeping banging and vibrating your phone...its very very annoying.

Before now, I have tried different methods to block this spam messages from network providers but non of the methods gave me exactly what I wanted until I devised another method using true messenger app. This app is developed by the same developers of true caller app. I was able to successfully block all those useless numbers that disturbs me through unnecessary SMS

Features of True Messenger
-->You can block a name, block series of number from sending you sms
-->Easily detect spam numbers
-->unveils names of numbers not stored in your phone

How to Block all Spam Messages
==>Download True Messenger apk app
==>Install & run it
==>Set it as your default SMS app and you are good to go.

After these, you will be free with those messages. You know those messages call drain your phone battery. It has other disadvantages too.

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  1. I have been using this app for a while now and the experience is great.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information with us and kudos to you.