How To Bypass Etisalat Chatpak, Smart pak, And Social Pack Speed Throttling

It is no more news that Etisalat Smartpak, chat pack and social me pack are somehow slow once you attain the speed limit set by Etisalat. You will notice that once you have used about 35MB from your chat plans, you will get a message that you have attained data speed usage and speed throttling restriction now applies. Before now, I have been managing the less than 100kb/sec speed on Etisalat chat pack cheats as it is almost a free stuff once you get your configuration right. But recently, I figured out how to bypass and stop this speed throttling on Etisalat cheat with
Psiphon, Tweakware and simple server. I  also noticed that the browsing speed of social pack is faster than chat pack so you may port to social pak instead.

Check if you are on Easycliq by dialing *244*3#, if not dial *244*1# to migrate to easycliq.
Then subscribe for either of these two plans –
Dial *343*5*6# for weekly plan at N150 or
Dial *343*6*11# for monthly plan at N200

1. First of all, download Android version of Instagram app here and also download internet speed meter
Whenever you get the message, “You have attained Smartpack data usage, speed throttling restriction now applies, this will work for you.

2.      Put the phone into airplane mode or simply turn off your data.

3.      Go to Settings>Apps locate Psiphon and force stop the psiphon, you can also clear the cache.

4.      Switch on the data again and open the Instagram App.

5.      On the Instagram App, tap on the “Search” button and keep refreshing it while monitoring your speed meter.

6.      Make sure it goes above 100 KB/s as you refreshed, if not, switch off the data and it it back on again.
7.      Keep refreshing the search button again until the speed surpass 100 KB/s with speed meter.

8.      Once you exceed 100 KB/s on the speed meter, run your psiphon or tweakware or simple server and rock the super fast speed of Etisalat social pack on your phone or PC

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  1. please which of the IP is working now?

    1. Hi James, use this fast IP and port

  2. Is it the same for tweakware .it's white slow for streaming

  3. If you use psiphon then the Instagram method only works if you change the server to . Sometimes its that's fast.So you could change the servers depending on the on the one that's fast. And also you don't need to use a proxy server to make it fast.

  4. Oga wizy add me to the whatsapp group
    Abeg how do I use etisalat with simple server on pc and what is the latest ip

  5. Add me 08076248632
    How can I use etisalat and simple server on Pc what do I need to edit on the mtn simple server

  6. If and only if these cheats can be brought back again, then life will be splendid