How To Flash CWM Recovery Image Of All MTK Android Phones

Flashing or installing CWM (Clockworkmod) recovery image as the name suggests is a process of adding a recovery image file that have a .img extension to your Android phone in other to be on the safer side if your phone gets bricked or run into a serious problem. Installing Recovery image of your phone is suppose to be the first thing you do after buying a new
Android phone unless you are afraid of breaching your warranty agreement because installing a recovery image requires you to give your phone a superuser access by rooting it which is a breach of
warranty agreement. So if that won't be a problem for you, you can go ahead with the Clockworkmod (CWM) flashing.

There are tremendous advantages of flashing a recovery image to your Android phone and the long term benefits can not be overemphasized as it gives you control and upper hand over your phone. You can not install or flash a custom ROM to your phone without having a recovery image flashed into the phone because it opens your gateway to booting into CWM recovery mode where you are able to perform custom ROM flashing, system formating, data formatting, cache formatting, delvic formating and backing up of your phone ROM.

Flashing a recovery image helps you to easily recover your phone if at all it got bricked. No one knows what will happen in the next minute and electronic gadgets can misbehave anytime so its advisable to take this good prevention method to avoid stories that touches the heart. Once you have a custom recovery image installed on your phone, you can simply boot into recovery if your phone is bricked and restore or flash another based on your phone brand. This won't be possible if you don't have a recovery image installed instead you will have to go through some rigorous ways with PC in other to try reviving your dead phone.

How To Flash Recovery Image Of Android Phones
1. First of all, you have to root your phone. See how to root Android phones

2. Secondly, you need to download recovery image of your phone brand and make. Remember, every phone has its own recovery image so you don't use recovery image of an Infinix phone on a Tecno phone. You don't even use the recovery image of Infinix Hot on Infinix Hot Note. So try to download the recovery image of your android phone
Recovery image is always about 6MB in size and it is saved with .img file extension so check it well before downloading.

3. Download mobileuncle tool Android app here because you will need it to flash the recovery image

4. Now copy and paste the recovery.img you downloaded in step 2 to the root of your SD card. Please don't place it in any folder. Just leave it at the root of your SD card. You get it right? Okay, let's continue

5. Now open and run mobile uncle tool you just downloaded in step 3 Scroll down and select "recovery update"

6. You will see the recovery.img so just tap on it and wait for some seconds. It will prompt you to reboot into recovery, tap ok and you will be taken to recovery mode. At this stage, you are done. You can now choose to do a backup of your current ROM from that interface.

Hurray!!! You have just opened the gateway to porting different custom ROMs as you like. Even if you mistakenly brick your phone at this stage, you can easily restore it to its previous working state. Enjoy!


  1. The first CWM recovery for my M2 was actually created by my humble self via mtk droid tools back then.

  2. GIONEE M2 had really opened my eyes to lots of things in the Android world