Invalid Username And Password On Tweakware? Use This Alternative

HTTP Injector is a great Tweakware alternative for those experiencing difficulties like invalid username and password which is caused because you haven't purchased the premium version of Tweakware; and proxy socket connection failed issue on their TweakwareVPN app though some are still using the free server which have limitations of just free 5MB on daily basis which is as bad as nothing. So as usual, I can't leave you stagnant or complain of data once you are a loyal fan of this great blog.

There are many alternatives to Tweakware like Simple Android Server, Psiphon, Proxydroid, Open VPN and others which are already in this blog for you to choose from but today am bringing a new one that maybe you haven't heard of it before. HTTP Injector is a nice network bypassing app that will let you comfortably brows as you like using MTN BIS and Etisalat chat pack. Am still working on other cheats from airtel and glo that I will use this app with. For the moment, it only supports MTN and Etisalat so keep checking on this blog as am going to update it as soon as I devise the means.

Now over to the business of the day. Below is the step by step method on how you can configure HTTP Injector and brows unlimitedly with it.

Procedures To Setup HTTP Injector For Free Browsing

STEP 1. Click here to download http injector apk android app

Step 2. Visit and select EUROPE AS CONTINENT

Step 3. Select any of d country in European continent either France, Germany, England e.t.c

Step 4. Fill in your username and password and the simple maths question and another username at the right. Click create account.

Step 5. The details will look like this e.g

Your Username has been
successfully created !
Username SSH :
Password SSH : hello
Host IP Addr :
Date Created : 11-October-2015
Date Expired : 18-October-2015
Account will expire on 18-October-2015.
You allowed use this account up to two (2) multi-bitvise,
else you will be automatically disconnected from the

Now Go to your phone settings and  create another access point as follows
Name: etisalat injector
Apn: etisalat
Leave other field blank
- launch your http injector
-locate where you see something like column:
-import config
-locate d folder u save the file and import
+ click on setting

*connection mode- select any both ipbtablet(root) is for rooted device
*SSH HOst- select your host due to your country e.g nl-public.serverip.Co is for neitherland
*username- username
*password put your password.
Go back and click start.
wait for few seconds...when connected good, you are good to go

Here are the configuration files for the different cheats you can use this http injector cheat on:
Etisalat chat pack subs

Mtn Bblited sub

Mtn 2go mb

Mtn Music plus mb

Anyway, if you find the above method too complicated for you, you can still continue using your Tweakware but you have to do some tricks to solve invalid username and password issue. Just
 clear the Tweakware  data and cache..

Reload the app and remove the username and password prompt and leave them blank...

Go to the usual channel that you used to connect

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  1. Pls what file should I import???

    1. Hi Ismail, choose Configuration files according to the plan you are using like MTN BBLITED, Etisalat Smart pak, chat pak and so on

  2. Thanks,never knew I was going to download it

  3. After undergoing all the steps above it is showing cannot connect to the host when I clicked on start

  4. Tenx Wizy Am rocking this cheat with my Mtn BIS on my Infinix Hot Note Pro Android phone now.

  5. @IB Zakas did you use the etisalat apn for the mtn also???

  6. No use MTN APN if you want to do the BIS cheat. I used as APN and then downloaded the Configuration file for Mtn BIS

  7. please does it last just 7 days? i mean the http injector?

    1. Hi Olly, it depends on the particular sub that you did. There is one week sub, one month sub ans one day subscription on etisalat social pack bundles. Also applicable to MTN BIS which have one day, one week and one month subscriptions

  8. correct guy .all cheat working. I dey gbadu u.

  9. correct guy. all cheat dey work . I gbadun you

  10. I'm on etisalat smart pack I try importing the configuration from the folder I saved it, it was saying incompatible configuration file that I should update. Pls help

  11. I hate http injector, it's too difficult
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