Use This Code To Check Your BVN Status On Your Phone Without Internet Connection

Bank Verificationion Number is mandatory number for all bank users across Nigeria so I believe by now you must have yours with you. Remember to save it in your mail, diary, note application on your phone or any other place that will come in handy whenever you need the number.

Before now, you must go to the bank you bank on in other to very if you have successfully registered for the BVN but the good news now is that you can easily check your BVN status right there from your phone no matter the type of phone you are using even Nokia touchlight phones. In fact, as long as your phone can send SMS, you can check your BVN from there.

Now to check your BVN status, just dial *565*0# on your phone and you will receive a reply in seconds notifying you of you whether you have registered and whether the registration is complete.

Have you done this before? If you haven't this is a wonderful opportunity for you to do it right now. Share with your friends.


  1. Tenx.. I just checked mine

  2. Thanks for reminding me of this code. Have noted it down somewhere safe