Free Data (MB) Subscription Codes On MTN, Airtel And Etisalat

Note, while dialing the USSD codes for MTN and airtel, its better you do it on a SIM with 0.0 naira to avoid stories that touches the heart. The reason being that there is possibility all the credit on your phone if when you dial some of the codes i will list here. So do it on a sim that have no airtime on it so that you won't loose anything. But in etisalat, you will have a minimum of N100 to try the codes.
some of us are familiar with some codes here while some are not even aware that they exist especially the airtel MB codes. Lets go there....

Dial *662*7*3*1# everyday on your mtn
Dial and drop your testimonies!

Dial *101# or *166# to Migrate first to Airtel Club 10.
Dial all these codes
1. *141*13*50# - 50MB
2. *141*13*100# - 100MB
3. *141*13*200# - 200MB
4. *141*11*20# - 10MB
5. *141*13*001# - Free MB
6. *948*1# - FREE 5MB
7. *948# - Browse Free Without Downloading
8. *885*1# - Opera 1month Free browsing
9. *885*0# - Free 40MB
10. *141*13*1# - Free MB
NOTE: Dial above codes with 0.0 naira on your airtel sim

Airtel 250 MB For just #200
To Check Balance dial *123*10#

#300 for 250mb
*440# den select 1.

Still On Airtel
Dial *443*3# as many times as possible to get 400mb upward,
Now dial *443*2# 100mb will be added
Then dial *443*1# 20mb will add which will make you get 520mb
REMEMBER IF THE CHEAT DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU, First of all dial *166# before dialing the code *443*3#

You must have a minimum of N100 on your etisalat Sim before dialing this codes below...
*343*5*6#     Unlimited data for one week on both easy cliq and easy starter lines
*343*6*11     Unlimited data for one month on easy cliq line

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  1. The Etisalat codes you wrote are for chat pack subscription but I got about 350MB from the Airtel codes.
    Though not all the codes are giving me MB

  2. Not working for me pls help Wizy

    1. Hi keep dialing the Airtel codes on a sim dat have no credit. U will surely get free MB.

      One thing about free data is dat sometimes it will try to frustrate u but if u are patient, you will get what you want. Keep trying bro

  3. I have gotten 105mb on one of my Airtel sim
    I have credit on the other one if not I would do it again

  4. Just 50MB for me ooo
    Other codes not working

  5. I have credit on my line

  6. Hi Bro, why do I continuously receive " Dear valued customer, you are not allowed to opt into this service class. Call 141 for available offers," whenever I dial *101# or *166#?

    1. Try dialing the codes five times more.
      If after dat, u don't get MB,dial it on another Airtel sim bcos urs might not be supported