How To Get MTN Awoof 300MB IMEI Cheat Plus 1.1GB Data And N50 Airtime

While we are still flexing mtn bis on android and etisalat social pack cheats, let us not forget that you can get free 300MB from MTN which can be accumulated using sms bomber app to get as much as 1.1GB for three months and it works on all devices including android, windows phone, iPhone and PC.
However, you will need and android phone in other to tweak the IMEI and get your free MB before you can use it on non android device. If you are new to IMEI tweaking, learn how to tweak IMEI But if you are using a non MTK smartphone like Samsung, see how to tweak imei of non mtk phones

Tweak Below Emai
Send mifi to 131

Sometimes, you may get a message like this...
“Dear customer, Please be informed that this offer has ended. To enjoy uninterrupted access
to the MTN Network, please recharge with an all-in-one card. Thank you!”

This means that the IMEI you tweaked has been used by another person to get that awuf data.

So what next should you do?
Simple! change the last three numbers in the imei you tweaked before and retweak it.

If you get this message..
“Thank you for activating your device on the
MTN Network. Your special bonus will be sent
to you shortly.”

it means you imei is valid and your 300mb
will arrive soon.

Note that you can accumulate it with SMS bomber app. Download SMS bomber
To Check your data, balance dial...

Now Go To Your Phone APN Setting And Set It As Follows

Save and flex

How To Get Free 50 Naira Credit/Airtime from MTN

For free #50 on your MTN line, text Knorr to 38143... Receive the call from the number and answer just three simple questions. You can press 1 for the three questions...

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