Best 3 Methods To Clear GOtv EO16-O Error Message On Your TV Screen

GOtv is simply the most affordable version of the digital Television (TV) network brought by MultiChoice Africa which needs no satellite dish professional installation technique. GOtv is simply simply a cheaper version of DSTV.  The GOtv service is available in Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Uganda, Malawi,  Kenya, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and still expanding. GOtv have gotten into the homes of most people who couldn't afford the high subscription prices on DSTV. GOtv decoder is very cheap to buy and the subscription is also affordable but startimes offers the most affordable subscription as of the time of writing this, with their Nova Bequeath plan which goes for only N600.

The EO16-O signals that your decoder has been disconnected because of failure to recharge your GOtv upon expiration of your current subscription.  The annoying thing is that this EO16-O error message may continue showing on your TV screen even after you have successfully renewed the subscription. The major cause of this is because your GOtv account is not fully activated after the successful payment and this happens most when you pay through online methods. Many GOtv users have complained about this especially when you have an important progarm to watch and this disturbing error EO16-O appears in your screen. Now am going to show you how to get out of this mess and clear the error so that you can continue enjoying your sweet programs on the GOtv network.

NOTE: Make sure that you have subscribed. That is your subscription is still active or valid before using the below methods if not, the error won't disappear because it is an error that shows the expiration of you current subscription.
1.  Send "RESET IUC NUMBER as a message to 4688" for example RESET 2022361285 to 4688 (where2022361285 is your IUC Number)
2. NB: This method works faster during the day
3. The IUC NUMBER are those digits on the red label under the decoder. Check it out!

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1. Goto GOtv africa Nigeria website if you are from Nigeria, Locate the Clear Error Code at the Right hand side, 

2. Write your IUC Number, Select the GOTVE16
3. Input the Code Display. And click on Clear Error.
4. Remember to insert your IUC and make sure your decoder is powered ON.

After using the first and second method and you didn't get the result you wanted, you can call the GOtv customer service lines to clear the error for you from their end.

 These are the phone numbers you can use to call GOtv customer services and agents  08039044688012703232, 08039003788

You can also recharge or subscribe your GOtv with quickteller app.

I hope this guide help you in clearing the disturbing EO16-O error. Share with your friends by clicking the share button below. you might help someone out there.


  1. I am using Startimes

  2. Lemme bookmark this page immediately for future reference.

    I have really been enlightened as a result of reading this particular article.

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  3. Lemme bookmark this page immediately for future reference.

    I have really been enlightened as a result of reading this particular article.

    Thanks bro

  4. This is very helpful because i usually do satellite installation at my spare time and have been seeing some of these errors.