Happy Christmas To All WizyTechs Readers And Tweakers

From the dept of my heart, I wish all the WizyTechs readers, tweakers, followers, visitors, business partners, associates a very beautiful Xmas. I pray that you have a wonderful Yuletide celebration and I pray for safe journey to most of us traveling from one location to the other all over the world. There will be more free browsing tweaks coming up here.
The year 2015 has been a very successful year for us the tweakers as we canceled the notion of "Android devices uses too much data" through series of free and cheap browsing tweaks across all major networks. Before this year, some people were running away from Android because of high data consumption but now Android is even cheaper than BlackBerry and other operating systems in terms of data subscription because of numerous tweaks available to choose from.

1. IMEI tweaking
We started the year with different IMEI tweaking on MTN, Etisalat and Airtel. MTN offered the highest as the data can be accumulated by tweaking as many as valid IMEI you can. Many people here tweaked more than 400gb free data. Yes! And the expiring date of the data was 6 months. The MB was usable on all devices including PC once you have tweaked it on your phone. It was the best cheat of 2015 for me. Apart from MTN, there was Etisalat 500mb and 1.5gb tweaking also. Airtel was not left out too with their 3gb free IMEI tweaking.

2. Etisalat Chat Pack
Etisalat introduced a data subscription that lets you chat unlimited on Whatsapp Facebook and 2go alone. This means you can't use your internet browsers or access the web or download from Google playstore but it was broken down with the help of VPN apps like Psiphon, Simple Android Server, Tweakware, JWP and so on to bypass the restrictions making it usable on all apps and even on PC

3. MTN 2go MB Tweak
This is another IMEI tweaking that gives you 3gb free data but only to be used with chatting on 2go social app. Again, with the use of VPN apps, we were able to use it to power all applications and also on PC.

4. Etisalat 00 Tweak
This is another Etisalat tweak that make breakthrough in the year 2015. This is just a trick that let you brows on your phone with just 0.00 in your SIM. Don't load any money on it.

5. MTN Music Plus Tweak
This promo was introduced by MTN for its subscribers to download music at just one site which is the music plus website but it was broken by tweakers with the help of VPN again. Meaning that you can use it on all apps and websites as you like and you can make it unlimited with SMS scheduler app.
However, yesterday, there was change in the database and the codes to subscribe and cancel it was changed. Now it is still working but not on all SIM as testified by readers of this blog. Some are still renewing while majority of people can't renew it again after using the initial free 150mb

6. MTN Jumapp Tweak
Another Mtn free browsing tweak that made way this year. So many people weren't away of this cheat but I shared it here some months back and sharp guys grabbed it and still using it.
There are some other tweaks I can't remember for now but they are all here in this blog. Just visit wizytechs.com free browsing page or just type wizytechs free browsing on google

You can see, it has been a very successful year for tweakers and I am very sure next year will be even better. As long as am concern, we must brows cheap and even free since our network providers are not helping matters by reducing internet data subscription to be affordable to the common man.

I once again I wish you all a happy Christmas celebration. Keep commenting on this blog as the best and top person that usually comments will be awarded and made public here. Cheers!!!
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  1. Tenx Wizy
    This blog made my year. God bless the day I entered here

  2. yoga wizy pls I just subscrib eti social me 500# monthly and I use the configuration u post its not coonecting pls help me out

  3. yoga wizy pls I just subscrib eti social me 500# monthly and I use the configuration u post its not coonecting pls help me out

    1. Hi Abdul, was your #500 deducted?
      If yes, which of the configuration did u use? SAS or Psiphon?

  4. am using psi phone and my money is deducted and I followed your settings pls I don't know what's wrong

    1. Hi Abdul, select USA as the location and ur money won't be deducted again. If it still deducts, change your phone apn settings with this...
      APN: Etisalat
      PORT: 8080

      Happy browsing