How To Tweak IMEI Number Of Infinix Hot 2, Innjoo Max 2 And Innjoo Max 2 Plus

One question that users of Infinix Hot 2 and Innjoo Max 2 smartphone always ask is how to change these phones IMEI Number to be able to benefit from what others are enjoying like free data. But i understand that most people find it very difficult to change innjoo max 2 and infinix hot 2 IMEI using the popular mobileuncle tool and even Chamelephon app which have helped people change their phone IMEI in recent times. But you don't need to worry because there is always a solution to any problem. I will show you how to easily change this phone;s IMEI by just dialing a code. This means you don't need to install any app to carry out this process.
There are many advantages of tweaking imei which one of the is the ability to repair a faulty IMEI Number and the most important one being the ability for you to tweak any available IMEI that have free data allocated to it just like in MTN 2go IMEI data, Tecno Phantom 5 IMEI, Samsung S5 IMEI and so on.
However, imei tweaking has its own disadvantages because you can brick your phone and render it completely useless in the process of tweaking if you don't follow the procedure carefully.

WARNING!!! IMEI tweaking is unlawful in some countries and it can damage your phone if you don't do it in a proper way. This tutorial is in no way encouraging breaking of laws. Tweak at your own risk.

Infinix Hot 2 was the first smartphone in launched in Africa with android one operating system before other devices like Innjoo max 2 came out with the same android one version and it seems some of the phone running on android 5.1 lollipop (android one) refuses to be tweaked with mobileuncle app and mtk engineering mode app except this code i will show you here. Just follow me as i take you through the easiest and simplest way to successfully change the imei number of your innjoo max 2, innjoo max 2 plus and infinix hot 2 smartphones so that you will follow others and enjoy maximum free browsing cheats gotten from imei tweaking.

 1. In your phone dial pad, dial *#*#3646633#*#*
2. You will see a pop up screen immediately you dialed the code above. Now swipe to the left and tap CDS information

3. In the new page that opens, tab on Radio Information

4. Another page will open showing you two phones which means two sim cards. select the SIM you want to tweak the imei number. If it is sim 1, select phone 1 and if it is sim 2, select phone 2.

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5. Now the place that you will tweak the imei will appear, just place your cursor on the edit section and type any number; press your backspace button and you will see options. Select the first option AT+EGMR=1,7,””  if you chose phone 1 in step 4 and select the second option AT+EGMR=1,10,””  if you chose phone 2 in step 4.

6. In between the two "" type the imei you want to tweak. 
e.g. AT+EGMR=1,7,”353289652494528“ 

7. Now place your cursor just between AT and + sign and press the space key just once to create a space there.
8. Finally, tap on Send AT Command you will receive a successful message that the AT command is sent. Just reboot your phone or switch on and off your airplane mode. That's it.
In case the code didn't display the engineering mode on your phone, download mtk engineering mode apk app and use it
Feel free to ask any question using the comment box and i will guide you.


  1. Can it be done without rooting

  2. Can it be done without rooting

    1. Yes it can be done without rooting your device

  3. please i want you teach me how to generate imei to tweak Vodafone data

  4. Well constructed and straight to the point.