How To Tweak Javago MTN Opera Mini 1GB Cheat

Happy Hmathan to you all. I will share tweak that will let you brows with your phone with 1GB dedicated to only opera mini. With this trick you can flex 1GB and enjoy opera mini to browse and download everyday simply but with the help of simple server, you can use it to brows other sites and power all your apps.

dial *662*7*3*1# everyday on your
mtn sim

You will receive a message that goes like this...
Y'ello, Welcome to JOVAGO 24Hrs
Free Trial, Expires on 2/12/2015
18:09:54. Click on http:// to download
App for Free. Enjoy!

Having gotte this 1GB, it can't browse any
other site apart from that their website which is

Now to make it browse all site on
operamini, configure your simple
server as follows; I will share the Psiphon settings soon.

Use this settings for the simple
Injection query/

Leave other settings and go to your
phone Network settings create a new

P ort..8080

Save, flex and Enjoy....


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