How To Uninstall System Apps In Any Android Phone

First of all, what is a system application? System app is an app that is pre-installed in any Android phone by the manufacturers of the phone. System apps in some cases are important while some are just scrap and used for adverts or partnership purposes and some of these apps might not be important to every user of the phone. The worst part of the whole thing is all the system apps in a phone cannot be uninstalled just like third party or apps you install by yourself. The only thing you can do to system apps is to disable it but I found out that disabling is not actually the ultimate solution.

1. System apps are the major consumer or eater of Android memory and RAM. If you are experiencing very low memory or if your Android phone is always displaying memory full, delete some data or uninstall some apps, then the major cause of it is system apps.
2. System apps make your phone lag and slow
3. Some system apps are useless to a particular person. Imagine and old man that doesn't play mobile games at all having fifa game on his phone. That is useless and upon that, the heavy fifa app will be draining both memory, RAM and battery.
4. Some system apps uses payment methods which means before you can use any of the features of that particular app, you must have to do transaction with the app (in-app purchases). Many people don't like online transactions and some don't even know how to do such so what is the app doing there?
5. Some system apps run in background and eat up your MB (data). This type of system app cannot be hibernated or killed by task killer apps like clean master, greenify etc
6. Pre-installed system apps makes phone ambiguous. 

Before you begin, please make sure your phone is rooted. And the most important thing is that you have to be sure of what you are doing. Don't uninstall any app that starts with com. Don't uninstall any app you are not sure of. Don't uninstall dialer, clock, phone book, gallery, messages etc because it might get your phone bricked or malfunction. Rather remove apps like useless games, news apps or transaction apps.

Normally, you cannot remove or uninstall any system app except your phone is rooted. See how to root phones. After rooting your phone, follow these steps to uninstall any system app on your Android phone.
1. There are other apps that can do it but here I recommend this trusted app called system app manager. Download it here  from google playstore
2. Launch the app and just tap on filter, system apps apps are written in red while user apps are written in white.
3. Tap on any app you want to uninstall and a popup will show.
4. Now tap on manage
5. Choose Unistall and the selected app will be installed from your phone and release memory for you.
1. You can uninstall system or user apps using this application
2. You can disable any application using it
3. You can convert a system app to user app. Yes this is nice. If the system app is important to you but you find out it is draining your phones memory you can convert the app to user app instead of uninstalling it. I did this to most of my system apps and it was cool.
4. You can backup your apps using this great app manager and many more useful things you can do with it.
Now you don't have to continue complaining of low memory again.


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  8. Thanks for posting this awesome app here. I have been using root explorer app to remove my system app but I'm gonna try this out.

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