How To Use Etisalat Chat Pack, 0.0 Cheat, MTN BBLITED, Musicplus On PC With PdaNet

Hello guys, I hope you are still rocking your cheap and free browsing across all networks on your smartphones now. Anyway, if you aren't, that means you are not an  ardent reader and follower of this blog because there are more than enough free browsing cheats released here on daily basis to keep you connected on the internet at a very cheap price and even free of charge. Most people that are using free VPN connection on their phones have find it so challenging and difficult to use that same data on their different PC but worry no more I have a better and nice solution to that with powerful PdaNet app.

You can recall that there is Psiphon and simple server PC version but they are not as fast as PdaNet and also the PdaNet is very easy to setup on both PC and smartphone.
I noticed that many people really want to test these VPN free browsing cheats on their laptops but couldn't and it is somehow annoying so that is the more reason I came up with this.

PdaNet is a powerful app used mainly for tethering internet connections between two devices especially mobile device and a PC. With PdaNet, you don't necessarily need both device to have WiFi technology as it can tether through WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB connections. One great features that makes PdaNet outperform other tethering app is that it tethers even VPN data from your phone which your normal tethering apps on your phone can't do. This app is the solution and the best app to easily use your Psiphon, simple Android Server, jwp, and even Tweakware app cheats on PC.

VPN cheats are those cheats that uses VPN network bypassing technology with the help of bypassing apps like Psiphon, SAS, Tweakware etc to force internet connection to restricted sites and locations. It is the secret behind the use of mtn BIS on Android because it doesn't need IMEI tweaking to that of BlackBerry. Also it is why we can use MTN music plus unlimited and continuously. VPN free browsing cheats are the trending thing in the free browsing planet and more is coming.

Download PdaNet v4 for Android
Download PdaNet v4 for PC
Extract the .ex file you downloaded on your PC using you extracting app like archive, zipchiever etc

You can connect your etisalat Smartpak and socialme cheats including MTN music plus cheats on PC using PdaNet. Just follow below simple steps...
Make sure your data is ON and your Psiphon, SAS or any other app you are using is running. Then follow below steps.

1. After downloading PdaNet on your phone and PC, open it on your  PC, then run it on your Android.
2. In your Android, open the app and tick on the connection method you want to use. There are three methods... USB, Bluetooth and WiFi connection methods.
3. Now on you PC, open the PdaNet app and select the method of connection you just selected on your phone PdaNet.
4. Now click on connect on your PC
That's all, you will see network connection on your PC and you will be able to enjoy your free browsing both on PC and Android.
NOTE: with this method you can easily share etisalat chat pack, mtn bis, bblited, mtn music plus and other cheats on your pc either through wifi hotspot tethering, usb tethering or even bluethoot tethering.

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  1. Tenx Wizy baba. It worked like charm

  2. Add me to ur whatsapp group pls....08052250720.Thanks

  3. It's asking for a full version. Where can I get that

    1. Hi Ademola, to full premium version of PdaNet, you need to purchase the key online but don't worry, I have the key for you and any other person that will be interested to use the full version. Kindly click download PdaNet full version key

  4. Do I have to put on my psiphon b4 connecting to the Internet on my laptop?

    1. Hi Janet, your Psiphon must be connected and working on your phone before you can connect it on your PC using PdaNet

  5. Add me 08076248632
    How can I use etisalat and simple server on Pc what do I need to edit on the mtn simple server I don't have android

  6. Please wizzy help my etisalat 0.00k have stop

    1. Hi Musa, I have a fix for it and Etisalat 0.00 is now working on Psiphon. Check the new settings HERE

  7. wizytech my pdanets plus on my android kepts on dsconnecting after downloading full one you sent in reply