How To Use PdaNet Paid Premium Version For Free Without Paying For It

Recently I shared a trick on how to use PdaNet to share etisalat chat pack cheats on PC including mtn BIS, music plus and in fact every other free browsing cheat that refuses to be shared through wifi tethering on your phone or any other wifi tethering app. The tweak is still blazing as of the time of writing this post and readers of this wonderful blog are still rocking it on their PC but there is one thing that some people keep on complaining from different part of the world. What are they complaining about? well, if you are using PdaNet, you will notice what am about to say and it is not cool at all.

Many of us got frustrated sometimes while browsing on our PC through the PdaNet Wifi we shared to our different laptops and desktops because it keeps disconnecting on several occasions especially whenever you have used up to 50MB of internet data. The PdaNet app is a free version which have some limitations like a minimum of 50MB per connection. This simply means that the connection automatically stops immediately one uses that amount of data.

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Now imagine how frustrating it will be if you are downloading heavy files or if you are streaming videos online just like me that loves streaming live matches on my phone and PC. With the constant disconnection and request from WT (WizyTechs) readers for a way to stop PdaNet from disconnecting, I decided to generate this brand new method to get the paid version of PdaNet for free.
This method will give you unlimited internet connection on your PC once your phone internet data is active. If you don't know how to use this app, check my article on how to use PdaNet on phone to share Simpleandroid server, psiphone, and tweakware VPN network on PC

1. PdaNet app on PC and android. Download them here and here
2. FoxFi Key on android. Download FoxFi Key or download the latest version of FoxFi Key Here
3. Your android phone
4. Your PC
5. Original USB data cable

You must download and install both the android version and PC version of PdaNet which i provided download link above for you. The PdaNet above is the free version which disconnects often But i have provided FoxFi key which is a paid app but you don't have to pay for it anymore. The FoxFi  key is used to unlock the premium version of FoxFi wifi tethering app but it can also be used to unlock PdaNet premium version which is exactly what i have done.

It is very simple. This trick i just generated it without much hustle. Once you have gotten the foxfi key installed in your phone, you are 89% done. Yes it is as simple as that.
After installing the FoxFi app, simply launch it and it will automatically detect the PdaNet app on your phone and open it through the app thereby unlocking it.
Now no more disconnection. flex as you like.

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