Latest Syphonsheid 101 Configurations For Etisalat 0.00 Cheat

Syphonsheid101 is the latest version of Psiphon which can be used for tweaking as well and there is no much difference from other Psiphon apps only that Synphonsheid 101 doesn't disconnect often like other Psiphon versions. But I still prefer the pro lite version because it is working best for me. So all you have to to is to try them and select the one that works best for you.

Below is the settings for Etisalat 0.00 on synphonshield101 app

Make sure you are having any of the previous psiphon handlers on your phone.

Set as follows...

Download synphonshied101 apk app here 
Don't stress yourself to tick Remove port

Proxy type- Reverse proxy

Proxy server- or

Close and move to option

For region u can choose either Best performance or USA

After move to more options

Select use system network settings then close d app do not connect yet.

After that go to ur phone settings

Create a new apn as followbr />
Apn-etisalat or etisalat wap

Proxy and port use any of the below ips

After that, download your syphonsheild101, install it and it will automatically replace the previous one and your settings are intact and exactly the same.

 Life is sweeter with free browsing!!!


  1. pls my own is not connecting...... i eed help wiztech

    1. Do u have a previous version of Psiphon installed before installing this Synphonshied101?

      Remember u must install any previous version then install this one as an update and it will be automatically configured

  2. My etisalat #0.00 cheat is no longer connecting on any of the psiphons. Oga wizy, abeg help ur boy.

  3. My etisalat #0.00 cheat is no longer connecting on any of the psiphons. Oga wizy, abeg help ur boy.

    1. If it is no longer connecting, you need another IP

      Give me ur email

  4. Pls how do I select use system settings??I Cnt find it in d app

    1. Hi Abdul, to find system settings on your Android device,
      Tap your menu button
      Select system settings
      Click on more
      Select mobile networks
      Tap on Access Point Names
      Select the SIM you want to change the APN
      Dats all

  5. Oga wizy, here is my email: thanks

  6. Wizy, I make mistake of installing b4 changing the settings but I can't locate more option. Any help?

    1. Uninstall it and install any version of Psiphon, then install this Synphonshied101 while that one is still on ur phone

  7. Wizy, I try all d IP but is one that is sending but not receiving. My email if there is another IP, thanks

  8. It's not working for my browsers

  9. Plz i need an IP for etisalat chatpack. My email is

  10. my psyphonsheild 101 not conecting what happen sir..tnx