Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Prices Of All Tecno Phones In Nigeria - Buy From Konga & Jumia


Is Tecno fading away? No... in fact they are stepping up their game and one of their secrets is good marketing strategy which made them capture the minds of most Asians and africans. Tecno mobile, though not fancied by some people, have arguably established them self as one of the heavy weights in budget phone production in Asia and Africa. Some of the recent products from tecno suggests that they are giving ear to the critics over there and they are now making some improvements in their new devices with the integration of fingerprint sensor, long lasting battery, better camera, increased RAM, good memory backup and above all, adding OTA updates which they ignored before now. 
Many people usually find themselves in a situation where they don't  really know the price of Tecno phone they want to buy so i decided to share this comprehensive price list of all tecno phones starting
with the oldest and cheapest to the most recently launched tecno phones including the Camon series, L series etc.Below is the list of all tecno phone Prices

  • Tecno T340
    Tecno T340
    Tecno T348
    Tecno T348
    Techno T410
    Tecno T410
    Techno T430
    Tecno T430
    Techno T463
    Tecno T463
    Techno T483
    Tecno T483
    Techno T525
    Tecno T525
    Techno T733
    Tecno T733
    Tecno T420
    Tecno T420
    Tecno T347
    Tecno T347
    Tecno T470
    Tecno T470
    Tecno TV52
    Tecno TV52
    Tecno T462
    Tecno T462
    Tecno T535
    Tecno T535
    Tecno T501
    Tecno T501
    Tecno T511
    Tecno T511
    Tecno T605
    Tecno T605
    Tecno T609
    Tecno T611
    Tecno T611
    Tecno T722
    Tecno T722
  • Tecno D9
  • TECNO F5
    TECNO F5
  • TECNO F6
  • TECNO F6
    TECNO H3
    TECNO H3
    TECNO H6
  • TECNO H6
    Tecno H7
  • Tecno H7
    Tecno L3
  • Tecno L3
  • Tecno L6
    Tecno L6
  • TECNO L7
    TECNO L7
  • Tecno M5
    TECNO M5
  • Tecno M6
  • Tecno M6
  • Tecno P6
  • Tecno Y3 + Free 2GB Airtel data bundle
    Tecno Y3
  • Tecno Y4
    Tecno Y4
  • Tecno Y5 + Free 1GB Airtel data bundle
    Tecno Y5
  • TECNO Phantom PAD Ⅱ (G9)
  • TECNO Phantom PAD Ⅱ (G9)
    Tecno Slimmer Pad S9
    Tecno S9
    TECNO R5
    TECNO R5
    TECNO R7
  • TECNO R7
  • Tecno S3
    Tecno S3
    Tecno V7 Phantom Z mini
    Tecno V7 Phantom Z mini
Tecno Y6
Tecno Y6
Tecno 7C Droipad 7
Tecno Droipad 7 
Tecno 8H Droipad
Tecno 8H Droipad
Tecno Phantom Z (A7) + Free 2GB Airtel data bundle
Tecno Phantom Z (A7) 
Tecno J5
Tecno J5
Tecno C5
Tecno C5
Tecno Camon C8 + Free 500MB Airtel data bundle
Tecno Camon C8
Tecno WINPAD 10 + Free 2GB Airtel data bundle
Tecno WINPAD 10
Tecno Phantom 5
Tecno Phantom 5 
Tecno L5
NOTE: The prices here may change slightly depending on your location that is why i prefer buying from online stores. You can order any Tecno phone of your choice and pay your cash when the phone get delivered to you.

I hope this article will go a long way in guiding you make the perfect choice and buy your perfect Tecno Smartphone. As i said earlier, the prices might fluctuate with time and location. 
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  2. welldone guys for the comprehensive price list

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  4. GLOBAL TELECOMMUNICATION.......07051244067
    Offer you new and uk used tecno,infinix,Nokia,htc,Samsung products no give aways price, call to book down yours,we make delivery to the 36 state in Nigeria. Delivery is free but in some state delivery fee Apply, price list..... Tecno 7C Pro: ₦27,500..Tecno boom j5: #21,000
    Tecno boom j7: #23,000.. Tecno boom j8: #30,000
    Tecno Phantom 5: ₦95,000
    Tecno C5: ₦33,500
    Tecno C8: ₦34,500
    TECNO F5 ₦18,000.00
    TECNO F6 ₦29,500.00
    TECNO H3 ₦12,500.00
    Tecno H5 ₦14,500.00
    Tecno H7 ₦29,500.00
    Tecno M3 ₦12,000.00
    TECNO M7 ₦23,500.00
    Tecno P5 ₦17,500.00
    Tecno Phantom A III (Three) ₦45,500.00
    Tecno Phantom PAD mini (P9) ₦29,000.00
    TECNO Phantom PAD Ⅱ (G9) ₦35,000.00
    TECNO Phantom Z ₦59,000.00
    TECNO R7 ₦41,000.00
    Tecno V7 Phantom Z mini ₦38,000.00
    (INFINIX PRICE LIST) Infinix Hot 2 X510 (2GB RAM) :#27,350
    Infinix Hot X507 : NOT AVAILABLE
    Infinix Hot 2 X510 (1GB RAM) :#24,000
    Infinix Hot Note X551 :#28,000
    Infinix Zero 2 : #42,000 Infinix Note2 :#39,500
    Infinix Zero 3 :#58,000
    Infinix Hot 3 :#33,000
    Infinix Hot S : #45,000
    (NOKIA PRODUCT)......................Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM : #47,500
    Nokia Lumia 620 : #26,000
    Nokia X2 (Android) ; #20,000
    Nokia Lumia 925 : #59,000
    Nokia Lumia 920 : #40,000
    Nokia Lumia 820 : #23,000
    Nokia Lumia 520 : #19,500
    Microsoft Epix Mega Two Tab : #48,000
    Microsoft Lumia 625 : #23,500
    Microsoft Lumia 1030 : #84,000
    Nokia Lumia 640 XL : #36,000
    Nokia Lumia 1320 : #38,000
    Nokia Lumia 540 : #27,000
    Nokia 105 Dual Sim ; #5,000
    Nokia 220 : #11,000
    Nokia 130 : #6,000
    Nokia 215 : #8,000,
    Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +: ₦225,000
    Samsung Galaxy Note 5: ₦195,000
    Samsung Galaxy J5: ₦52,000
    Samsung Galaxy A5: ₦113,000
    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: ₦232,000
    Samsung Galaxy S7: ₦196,000
    Samsung Galaxy A7: ₦130,000
    Samsung Galaxy A8: ₦142,000
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: ₦164,500
    Samsung E2222: ₦7,000.00
    Samsung Galaxy A5: ₦68,500.00
    Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lite (G313): ₦23,000.00
    Samsung Galaxy Alpha G850 + Free Wrist watch, Power Bank and T-shirt (Limited
    Offer): ₦110,000.00
    Samsung Galaxy Core: ₦26,500.00
    Samsung Galaxy Core II (G355): ₦25,000.00
    SAMSUNG GALAXY CORE PRIME G360: ₦28,000.00
    Samsung Galaxy Gear Two: ₦50,000.00
    Samsung Galaxy Grand 2: ₦45,500.00
    Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo: ₦35,500.00
    Samsung Galaxy K zoom ₦74,000.00
    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition (16GB) ₦95,000.00
    SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 2014 EDITION 32GB ₦108,000.00
    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ₦136,000.00
    Samsung Galaxy Note3 ₦91,000.00
    HTC One M9: ₦140,000
    HTC One A9: ₦139,000
    HTC Desire 820: ₦86,000
    HTC One M8: ₦92,500
    HTC One M8 Eye: ₦112,000
    HTC Desire 626G+: ₦52,500
    HTC Desire Eye E1: ₦105,000
    HTC One M9 Plus: ₦131,000
    HTC One M7 Gold ₦73,000.00
    HTC One M7 Single SIM Blk & Slv ₦70,000.00
    HTC One Gold (32GB) ₦79,000.00
    HTC One M7 -Dual SIM ₦73,000.00
    HTC One E8 Single ₦80,000.00
    HTC One E8 Dual ₦82,000.00
    HTC One (M8) Gold ₦103,600.00
    HTC Desire 816 Dual ₦58,000.00
    HTC Desire 616 ₦42,500.00
    HTC Desire 610 ₦45,000.00
    HTC Desire 600 Dual ₦56,000.00
    HTC Desire 300 ₦29,000.00
    HTC Desire 500 Dual ₦40,500.00 All product are available while stock last call 07051244067 to book down your today thanks via GLOBAL TELECOMMUNICATION.

  5. Thanks for this well compiled list. Page successfully bookmarked