Psiphon Settings For MTN BIS And BBLITED On Android Devices

Most people have been flexing MTN BIS on their respective Android phones at ease using Simple Android Server and tweakware vpn but now that these two apps have gone premium and requires extra cash to purchase the premium version in order to continue enjoying browsing with them flawlessly; what next, will you go for the premium versions when you have wizytechs around? As long as this site exist, there must be free and cheap browsing cheats for its readers so I decided to share this one as an alternative to using MTN BIS (BBLITED) on Android with Simple server and Tweakware apps. You might have heard or used Psiphon handler before especially with Etisalat socialme and chat pak browsing but here you will see a complete setting on how you can use Psiphon on Mtn BIS. The process is simplified for you and
am also around to guide you or answer any question on free browsing tricks here.

It is worthy to note that there is daily, weekly and monthly BIS subscriptions on Mtn so you have wide range of options to begin with. You can test this cheat with the daily BIS which goes for N70 only and it is unlimited.

For daily sub, dial *216*3*1# or *216*7# (costs #70)
For weekly sub, dial *216*3*2# (costs #350)
For monthly sub, dial *216*3*3# (costs #1000)
Alternatively, *123# and follow instructions

First of all, you must have Psiphon handler Android app on your phone if you don't have it already.
Launch Psiphon Handler
On the handler menu.

Tick "remove port"
Proxy type - real host
Proxy server -
Real Proxy server -
Real Proxy type - inject
Host address
Port 8080

Scroll down and tap on "save"

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You will see a pop up message immediately, just tick on "tunnel whole device"

Now you will see a new window which is the main homepage of Psiphon. Have you seen it? Good!

Now tap on "option"
And select...
Region : United States
Still on the option page, look down you will see more options at the left hand side
Just tap on it and tick "connect through an HTTP"
Now tick on "Use system network setting"

Finally, go back to Psiphon homepage and tap on "connect"

Wait for few seconds and you will see a key and Psiphon (P) icon at the top of your phone showing that it is connected and you are ready to use your MTN BIS on Android phone flawlessly.

To check your MTN BIS data balance, simply send "STATUS to 21600

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  1. Pls Sir Wizy, is simple server still working?

    1. Yes Simple server is working but not stable at the moment. Remember it has gone premium. You can continue enjoying all the features by getting the premium version or switch over to Psiphon

  2. pls the psiphon settings is not working in my phone, im using infinix hotnote2. what do i do?

    1. Do you have 3g network?
      What is the response you are getting when you click connect?

      Are you doing it on Psiphon Pro Lite?

    2. Please has dis psiphone stopped working for bblited

  3. Thr psiphon keeps connecting and disconnecting

  4. Please is dis psiphone still working cos av bin using it as well but just of recent it stopped working is my prediction right

  5. Psipone has stop conecting for mtn bblite after exhaustion of ur 10 mb