Top 8 Reasons While Telegram Is Better Than Whatsapp. My Opinion

Let me ask you, do you know that there is an app that works like Whatsapp and even better than Whatsapp? Yes I know that some people are not aware that this app exists while others know about it and are currently using it. Well, Telegram is a social app that lets you send messages in seconds just like you do on Whatsapp. You need your phone number to create account just like the way it is done on Whatsapp also. Technology have really changed the look of things in the world to the extent of fazing out short message service (SMS). Now any person can simply send a message to his friends, relatives, and colleagues all over the world at a speed of light free of charge using any of this two awesome apps.

Telegram have even more features than the popular Whatsapp and I believe the only thing that needs to be done to expose people to telegram is creating awareness. Once many people start using it, Whatsapp will be dumbed one day unless they make improvements and add some more features. Below, I have explained some key features that made telegram better than Whatsapp.

1. You Can Send Any Type Of File Format On Telegram
This is not achievable on whatsapp which allows you to only send images in JPG format, video and audio, Telegram has more features which makes it more useful than whatsapp because it allows sending of almost all file formats. The file formats that are supported in telegram includes , but not limited to Pdf files, apk files which are android apps, .exe files which are windows/pc apps, Zip archives, Docx files and many other file formats..

2. More Secured Account’s Control
In a situation of Losing or having your phone that you use for telegram or Whatsapp stolen can be a real setback which may eventually expose you to attacks unless there is an app you installed where you can delete and wipe your phone totally including the catch. If not, any person that gains access to your handset will be able to see everything, including your conversations, transaction and even your secret passwords and pins. While Whatsapp won't allow you to delete your chat history from the web, Telegram allows its users to delete their accounts on the web app and remove everything. By utilizing this option, you are more secured and have rest of mind even when you loose your phone. All you need to do is to just go to the web version of telegram and delete all chats. Whatsapp have web version too but you can't login without opening the Whatsapp on your phone. That means there must be internet connection on both devices for it to work flawlessly.

3. You Can Hide Your Phone Number
Unlike in Whatsapp where everybody can just see your phone number and copy it, with Telegram, your privacy is completely secured as you can replace your phone number with the username selection option so that only those you wish can have your phone number will have it. It is so annoying to be receiving irrelevant calls from people on a group with you on Whatsapp and there is no way to make your number invisible to this type of people on Whatsapp but it is not like that on telegram.

4. Larger Group Chat Sizes
Telegram gives you a huge space of 1000 available slots for group members which is really okay to accommodate most of your friends and colleagues but it is not like that on whatsapp where you are only allowed to add 100 members to whatsapp group only. You know the larger, the group members, the more interesting it becomes because every person will be contributing his or her own quota and experience.
5. Photo Sharing From Web
while whatsapp only allows you to upload pictures from your phone’s gallery except direct picture upload from phone’s gallery, Telegram made it more easier and diversified the process by allowing users to upload photos directly from the web. This means you don't have to download and save any picture you wish to upload on whatsapp on your phone first before uploading it. Uploading directly from web will save some space on your phone and it will be a relieve for those that their phone is running out of memory space. 

6. Screenshots
Do you know that Telegram lets you know when someone takes a screenshot of your chat with him or her? This great feature is too important to streamline you to be cautious of how you chat with a particular person that always takes or grab pictures of your conversations with him or her.

7. Telegram Is Totally Free.
Though you can use Whatsapp without paying a dime by regularly updating it but there are some people that still pays one dollar each year to use Whatsapp. But telegram is absolutely free and doesn't allow any sort of payment at all before you can use it.

8. Telegram has a better desktop app
The desktop version and interface of telegram is more beautiful than that of Whatsapp. There is versions for Windows, Linux, and OS X. If you don’t feel like installing any software, you can simply access it from the Web or Chrome.

Having said this, Telegram is better than Whatsapp. The only beautiful feature on Whatsapp that is not on telegram is the video call feature. Apart from that, I believe telegram is more advanced and more friendly than Whatsapp just that, many people are not aware of the app.
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Guys what is your take?