What If Government Bans Use Of Smartphones

Just think about it; how will it look if government bans use of smartphones. Can you stay a day without a phone? That will definitely mean no more surfing the internet, no more reading newspapers online, no more googling, no more facebooking, no more whatsapping, no more twitting, no more Instagrams and even taking selfies with phone. Ah! No be small thing o. Some people will really run mad
because smartphone is our best friend. 50% of smartphone users place it higher than their wives, fiancé and girlfriends/boyfriends in the pecking order. Smartphones have come to stay and have really eaten deep into our lifestyle to the extend of going to test rooms with it inside our pockets.

Though there are also the bad aspects of smartphones to our life, health and behavior but the advantages derived from the use of smartphones cannot be overemphasized.

>>> it has given tens of thousands of youths employment opportunities as some people are now doing very well with the sales of phone and phone accessories.

>>> Many are doing well and taking care of their family from repairing and fixing damaged smartphones

>>> Also some are data sellers because smartphone uses a lot of internet data and without data, you won't get the full value of a smartphone. So this type of people makes daily dou through data selling and reselling.

And many other advantages that we can benefit from the use of smartphones.

Now the question is how will you feel if you wake up suddenly one day and hear that no one should use smartphones again? What will you do?
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  1. Lol I can't stay without my phone o. After God na phone