12 Things You Should Not Do As An Android Phone User

Using a smartphone is sweet but using an Android smartphone is definitely sweeter in the sense of easy customization and tweaking but this might turn out to be a thorn in the flesh if you are not careful about it. Especially newbies and novies in the Android world. There are simple overlooked things you must not do on your phone in other not to enter into unprecedented troubles.

In this post I will show some of this simply ignored mistakes that many people make while using their lovely smartphone device.


1. Installing applications from unknown or untrusted sources.
You should only install apps from trusted trusted sources such as, Google Play, Amazon App Store, and F-Droid. This is because, some apps installed from other online stores or sites may be corrupted or infected with virus and Malware

2. Installing More Than One Antivirus Apps.
Antivirus applications are important to your phone and your personal information but many people make the mistake of installing more than one antivirus apps on their phone. The funny thing is that, some think it will protect their device more than when they use only one. So avoid the mistake.

3. Clearing Your Phone RAM On Frequent Basis.
Though it sounds cool and appears realistic as one of the best ways to free up some useless or clogged memory on your phone but the fact is that, it will even make your phone slower after some minutes. It is exactly the same process when turning off your car’s ignition after every stop in traffic. You will notice that the car will take longer or even more effort to start again than when you didn't switch off the ignition. So in the case of Android, clearing RAM or cache memory will make some apps loose the stored memories and would demand them again whenever you want to use the app.

4. Installing More Than One Task Killers.
Task managers are also important as antivirus as they are very useful in speeding up your Android phone and reduces lagging and sluggishness. But when you use more than one task killers, it might worsen the case of your phone sluggishness. I recommend greenify task manager for you as it can make your phone hibernate apps just like the way your PC does. You can download greenify from Google playstore.

5. Installing Applications With Unnecessary Permissions.
Have you ever read all the terms and conditions plus permissions on apps you want to install before. The funny but interesting thing is that some harmful apps with threats to your privacy are clearly written on the permission test but phone users don't have the time to read them. They just tap on install and start using the apps like that. For example, apps like music players shouldn’t demand to have access to your phone contacts. I hope you get me now.

6. Rooting Your Phone Carelessly.
Almost everyone want to root his or her phone and am not against that because a rooted phone is a must for any tweaker and any person that want to enjoy all the benefits from his phone including using free browsing. But people carry out rooting process in a wrong way. Some unlucky ones end up bricking their phone while others start noticing some issues with their phone after rooting it. Make sure you root your phone with the right application and methods.

7. Installing More Than One Battery Saving Applications.
Battery savers are good app tools that help conserve battery juice for our phones and it is a compulsory app in any smartphone. In fact, almost all new devices now has a pre-installed battery saving app. However, like task managers, installing two or more battery saving apps on your phone may cause wahala or casala as they will be struggling and fighting each other for supremacy, thereby draining your battery even more. I recommend battery doctor app and you can download it from Google playstore.

8. Disabling Applications
Many pre-installed system apps cannot be un-installed unless your phone is rooted. The only way to temporarily stop these apps is by disabling it. But this may cause a serious problem if you disable an app that is very useful in your phone. There are some minor system apps that can make your phone crash if you disable them. So be careful and do it only if you know what you are doing.

9. Don't Use Clean Master App
Please am not in anyway creating bad market for developers of clean master app but am writing from experience. The apps is heavy and have ads. It drains your phone battery even more than when not installed. I like other products from Clean master like their CM security and CM browser but their task manager is a wack for me.

10. Purchasing A Phone Carelessly
What I mean by careless is buying phone without researching about it. At least before you buy a phone, you should check specifications and reviews about the phone before buying. You should also check whether the phone supports OTA updates so that you can easily update the latest version.

11. Expecting A Cheap Budget Phone To Get Everything
Some fellas buy cheap phones of N18,000 and expect it to have everything like 4G LTE, fingerprint and 4gb RAM. Not just that, some also buy costly phones and expect it to be perfect without errors. No! Nothing in this life is perfect so you should take your lovely phone the way you see it.

12. Making Transactions On Your Phone Without A Strong Security App
Transaction applications like bank apps and quick teller are very sensitive apps with integration with your bank account details so you must install security apps to avoid another person intruding into the apps. This can be achieved by installing CM security app as it also have a smart app lock and safe browsing features.

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  1. Thanks 😊 so much bro
    May Almighty Allah reward you all goods in this world 🌍 and in hereafter

  2. Hello,
    I must commend you for the above post, it's very educative and informative.
    However i want to ask real quick:
    1.Need i be worried doing bank transactions either through browsers or using bank apps over vpn softwares like psiphon, SAS etc.
    2. If yes how do i protect myself?
    Thanks in anticipation of your reply.

    1. You are safe. Just install CM security app from the link I gave on this post or from Google playstore. Scan your phone and enable app lock features to all your transaction apps

  3. Pls which template did u install on ur site

  4. This particular update has made my day, thanks and remain blessed.

    Now reacting to the points raised, i always download some of my apps from third party sites. It's hard to get premium apps from playstore.

  5. Then on the issue of having more than one Antivirus and task killer programs, I'm currently using 360 security only.

    This is very educative

  6. I'm guilty of most of the points raised but all necessary corrections have been effected.

  7. I'm guilty of most of the points raised but all necessary corrections have been effected.