Checkout iPhone 7 Clone By Chinese Guys With 4GB RAM, 258GB Internal Memory

I trust Chinese guys and China will always remain one of my most admired countries in the world. The reason for my love for Chinese people is not far fetched because of their industrial, entrepreneurship and creativity skills. This have placed them among the world giants in technology. iPhone 7 is not yet launched but this Chinese techy guys have already produced a clone of the iPhone 7 with spectacular specs that will just wow you.

You can recall that they did the same thing when BlackBerry released their BB10 devices. This guys produced a cloned version of powered with an mtk processor which made me like it even more than the original bb10 devices because it was very easy to tweak and customizable.

iPhone 7  (i7) is one of the flagship devices that will rock this 2016 and it is expected to be released this first quarter of the year. But the cloned version is already on the way with features that you won't resist though the price is not yet known for now.

Imagine a phone with an internal memory of 256gb... Uhhhhh! That's huge mehn! Not just that, it also have 4gb RAM. Now imagine the speed at which this device will execute operations. This will arguably be one of the fastest phones in the world because of the amount of both virtual and real memory allocated on it.

The iPhone 7 clone is known as GooApple i7 is powered by Helio P10 processor with Micro SD-Card support. This crazy device also sport a huge 16 megapixels primary camera (back camera), NFC.

And in terms of battery capacity, the phone is not lagging either as it is equipped with a normal 3100mAh battery with fast charging technology which can serve you up to 14 hours of heavy usage and can be fully charged under one hour thirty minutes. It also have audio HIFI integrated in an all in a slim metal body design.

GooApple i7 runs on latest Android Marshmallow android 6 OS with an iOS 9 UI (user interface) which will trick you to believe it is the real iPhone 7 with iOS operating system.

I hope and believe this device won't cost much as we all know that Chinese products are really cheap no matter the specifications and features. Chinese has been doing great things since time immemorial and they will remain my focal point in terms of technology, self employment and creativity?

Now if this phone is made available in the market, will you buy it?


  1. I need latest working ip for etisalat 0.0 tanks in advance

  2. We keep on downgrading Chinese products and they keep on moving up the technology ladder

  3. they're even the best as at now