Have You Gotten Awoof MTN 100MB IMEI?

Hello guys, a loyal reader of this blog just sent me a message on Whatsapp about how he got free 100mb on her MTN line after tweaking the IMEI I will release on this thread. You can remember that IMEI tweaking is one of the most reliable cheats once you tweak the right IMEI. So just try this new IMEI and you might be among those that just got awuf 100mb.

Though I haven't tweaked and tested this cheat yet myself but I trust the person that sent it to me. I will test it later and right an elaborate post on it and as usual, I will generate more than 20 valid IMEI and post it here as soo as I test this and confirm.it working.

Tweak this imei 353879066000598 Send Tecno To 131.

You can change the last 3 digits of the IMEI if your first attempt didn't work.

Once you have successfully tweaked and gotten the free 100mb, then you will be automatically given another 100 free Mb for the next 12months which is one year.

NOTE: A reader of this blog sent this with the screenshot above. I will test it when am less busy. Try it and give us feedback if it works for you. Use the comment box pls.


  1. Please how to check the data
    Cause I have gotten the message also please

  2. Sir wizy, no mb given oo...it says receive 100mb free for twelve mnths on the purchase of data worth 100mb and above

    1. You can try one more time by changing the last four digits. Remember to reboot your phone or switch on and off airplane mode for the newly tweaked IMEI to be activated on ur phone.

      Also remember that I haven't tested this cheat yet. It was sent by a reader here who claimed it worked for him.

  3. its nt mb chk d message wella, itz a promo if you buy mb dem will gv u 100mb


  4. wrong info. the message states that you'll receive 100mb free once you purchase 100mb or above from MTN