How To Root All iTel Android Devices; Itel IT 1501, IT 1502, IT 1503 , IT 1452, IT1453 IT 1403, and IT 1701


I don't know why itel phone users always feel excluded or very active when it comes to phone tweaking just like every other person rocking Android phone is doing. I have received countless requests to teach how to root iTel Android devices including but not limited to 
Itel IT 1501, IT 1502, IT 1503 , IT 1452, IT1453 IT 1403, and IT 1701. Well, it is very easy and very simple because you don't even have to install a flashable root zip file on your phone before rooting it. 

 All you need is the awesome latest Kingroot app. Follow below steps to root your itel phones...
By default, every Android phone is set not to allow installations from unknown sources so if you are not downloading the Kingroot app from Google playstore, You need to allow your device to Install From Unknown Sources by following below procedures:
1. Go To Settings.
2. Navigate To Security.
3. Finally Tick the Unknown Sources Option
Download Kingroot from Google playstore or download it here
In case you are new to Android world, see how to install apk apps you downloaded from unknown sources

1. Once you have downloaded the apk app,
2. Be sure that you have allowed installation from unknown source buy ticking the box on the settings tab.
3.  Use your File Manager to navigate to the location of the apk on your phone or SD card memory
6. Tap on it and open the app
7. Select Install to begin the process of installation
8. Tap Package Installer  if you see any pop-up. Some phones have this feature and some have more than one packet installers.
9. The process wil be reading and once the installation is completed,
Close your File Manager.
10. Finally, open the app from your phone's app drawer and see the App to confirm whether it was successfully installed.

1. Go to your app drawer and launch the King Root app.
2. It will open with some Chinese language. Just tap the Big Green circle on the screen.
3. Wait till a large blue bar shows
4. Click the Blue Bar.
5. The rooting process will begin. After that, reboot your Phone.
6. Go to your app drawer and you will see a new app installed called KingUser. This shows that you have rooted your itel phone.

However, to confirm totally that you have successfully gotten the root and superuser access to your phone, go to playstore and install root checker. Launch it and hit verify root. It should show you the root status of your phone.


  1. please I need the rooting apps for HTC salsa,those king root and one root are not working.pls I need it ASAP.

    1. Hi you can root your HTC Salsa with kingo root app on PC.
      Check my post on how to root phones with kingo root app

  2. Brief And Educative Post; Itel Users Take Note.

  3. Wiztech plz I need ur help I can't root my Gionee e7 3gb 32gb. I av tried using I root king root both on gone an PC. Plus toqelrpot but they all failed saying device not compatible.

    1. Hi you can root ur Gionee E7 with this tutorial I shared on this blog. Check it how to root Gionee e7

  4. Plz I also need or help I can't update my is from 4.2.2 jellybean to 4.4.2 kitkat on Gionee e7e7.

  5. Thanks, it works for me but how can I use the Airtel 3gb bis on the root itelnote and I the Android version of itelnote be upgraded?

  6. When I tried rooting my itel 1502 using this app it was didplaying root access is unavailable. What should I do? Please!

  7. Rooting and flashing of stock ROMS has now become a part of me.