How To Root Tecno Phantom 5 With SP Flash Tool

Not only Tecno Phantom 5 but majority of all devices running on Android 5.1 are hard to root with the normal methods we are used to, though, latest version of Kingroot try and root some Android one devices but a lot of work still need to be done on the app to make it root all Android 5.1 devices without hitches.
While we wait for that, our trusted Hovatek team that are known for their development and phone tweaking expertise just released a ported TWRP file to be used in rooting Tecno Phantom 5.

You know that the beauty and usefulness of Android devices comes out when rooted. Without rooting, you will be limited to some extent in customizing and tweaking your phone so this is the right tutorial for those that has been finding difficult to root Tecno Phantom 5 and other Android 5.1 devices.
This phone is the highest phone from Tecno as at the time of publishing this post and it was tecno's flagship device in 2015

1. A good PC
2. Internet connection (on the PC)
3. SP flash tool
4. Good USB chord
6. Ported Tecno Phantom 5 TWRP
7. Your brain
8. Patience

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1. You will need to download the for Tecno Phantom 5 and save it at the root of your phone's SD card (not in any folder)
2. Now download the ported TWRP for Tecno Phantom 5 by Hovatek team by clicking here
3. After downloading it, Unzip the TWRP zip file and flash the recovery image to your phantom 5 phone using SP Flash tool on your PC. If you don't already have SP flash tool lick download latest SP flash tool for PC

To learn how to flash zip files with SP flash tool on your PC, click here
4. Now boot your Phantom 5 phone into TWRP recovery mode (by Holding the Vol+ and Power button for 5 seconds)
5. In TWRP recovery, Choose install zip from sdcard to Choose zip from sdcard use vol up and down scroll up and down then choose the file from the root of your sdcard.
6. Finally, scroll to yes and install, after a successful flashing go back and reboot your phone

Hurray!!! You have successfully rooted your stubborn Tecno Phantom 5 that refused to be rooted with other rooting apps. Now you can customize your phone to your liking and you are welcomed to the tweaking world.
To check the root status of your phone, kindly download root checker from Google playstore and click on verify to know your root status.

All credit goes to Hovatek team for creating and porting the TWRP recovery.

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  1. Nice one but the phone is costly

  2. Yea Evans, Don't think i can purchase a Phone As Cost as #15000

  3. plz oga wizy can u help me with how to root gionee E7 3gb 32gb just like u did for tecno phantom 5. also help me i av tried to upgrade my os from 4.2.2 to 4.4.2 kitkat but couldnt [lz help i know u can bcos i av seen wot u av been doing u re indeed a guru.

  4. Page successful bookmarked cos it's related to what i like doing.